Видео Kodak: Art of Lighting for Film. Интерактивный CD-ROM [Видеосъёмка]

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Kodak: Art of Lighting for Film. Интерактивный CD-ROM
Жанр: Видеосъёмка
Язык: Английский
Описание: This educational CD-ROM provides a fundamental knowledge of lighting types, principles, techniques, and applications used to produce a desired “look.” The course is broken into four key components and a glossary of terms, each section ends with a self-check exercise. Topics covered include:
Introducing Lighting
- Naturalism and pictorialism.
- Motivated lighting and lighting planes.
- Soft and hard lighting sources.
- How a lighting source and it’s direction impact "look".
- Key light, fill light, backlight, and background light.
- Top light, eye light, and accent light.
- The color of light
- The value of the film datasheet and use of filters.
- Warming filter, soft-focus filter, color grad filter, and special effects filters.
Controlling Light
- Define the lighting crew on the set.
- The principle light sources used by the lighting crew including open face tungsten, tungsten Fresnel spotlights, tungsten PAR, HMI Fresnel, HMI PAR, Soft, Kino Flo, Ellipsoidal, carbon arc lights and practical lamps.
- Accessories that are used to control light creatively including diffusion materials, reflector board, scrims, barndoors, flags, dots, and cookies and gelatin filters.
- Positioning of key lights (low angle key, side light key, high angle key, far side key, ear side key, backlight key, and butterfly lighting).
- Backlight positioning (rim light, kicker, liner, and glow light).
- High-key lighting and low-key lighting.
- Window light, back cross key lighting, checkerboard lighting, and "Godfather light".
- Define lighting ratio, "Fill to Key’ lighting ratio in low key and high key shots.
Lighting the Scene
- Identify light source position used to illustrate illumination in a low-key, a high-key, and a mixed lighting scene.
Determining Exposure
- The results of over-exposure and under-exposure.
- How to use incident and spot meters to determine normal exposure.
- Using the Gary Card Plus in various lighting conditions.
- How to adjust exposure when using filters on the camera lens.
Glossary of Terms
Видео кодек: Flash
Аудио кодек: WMA




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