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LinuxCBT qmail Edition
Издательство: LinuxCBT
LinuxCBT qmail Edition, a component of LinuxCBT Mail Edition, focuses on the second most popular Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), qmail, and ancillary components.
qmail is used by some of the biggest names on the Net such as Yahoo!, for moving large volumes of mail, rapidly. Its design is entirely modular with an emphasis on security and rapid delivery. Additionally, many tasks in qmail can be accomplished via standard Linux/UNIX shell constructs: Pipes & redirection. Consequently, advanced Linux/UNIX Admins are comfortable with its DIY approach.
Let LinuxCBT Mail Edition help to solidify your understanding of the qmail MTA and ancillary components.
Recommended Prerequisites:
Familiarity with electronic mail concepts (MUA/MTA/etc.)
Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to install the MTAs and ancillary components used
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