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LinuxCBT Sendmail Edition
Издательство: LinuxCBT
LinuxCBT Sendmail Edition, a component of LinuxCBT Mail Edition, focuses on the leading Linux/UNIX Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs); Sendmail v8.
Linux/UNIX systems are responsible for moving the overwhelming majority of electronic mail across private and public networks. Sendmail is the most widely-deployed MTA across Linux/UNIX systems. Consequently, savvy Systems Admins. are expected to have a solid foundation in Sendmail and ancillary components for general and automated mail-based applications.
Let LinuxCBT SendMail Edition help to solidify your understanding of the Sendmail MTA and ancillary components.
Recommended Prerequisites:
Familiarity with electronic mail concepts (MUA/MTA/etc.)
Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to install the MTAs and ancillary components used
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