Видео LinuxCBT Classic Edition [video, Eng]

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LinuxCBT Classic Edition [video, Eng]
Издательство: LinuxCBT
Traditional training outlets do not compare because they tend to deliver canned certification courses, which means little to serious IT-professionals and savvy hiring managers. Our Linux training solution, LinuxCBT, is unparalleled in content, depth and expertise. LinuxCBT prepares you or your organization for successfully deploying and managing business-critical RedHat® Linux-based desktop and server solutions. Let LinuxCBT teach you what traditional training outlets and other CBTs do not; real RedHat® Linux skills!
LinuxCBT Classic Edition includes both Client Management and Server Management Components.
Recommended Prerequisites:
Open mind & determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
Basic MS Windows skills
Basic understanding of networking concepts
Access to a spare PC to perform all of the installations and exercises in LinuxCBT Classic Edition
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