Видео EMC CELERRA 5.6 & EMC CLARiiON Video Training [2008, ENG]

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EMC CELERRA 5.6 & EMC CLARiiON Video Training
Год выпуска: 2008
Производитель: EMC Corporation
Сайт производителя: http://www.emc.com
Продолжительность: 4CD + 3CD
Тип раздаваемого материала: Интерактивный диск
Язык: Английский
EMC Celerra
Course Overview / ILT Agenda
This course focuses on configuration end sdrrinislrative operations of EMC Celerra and its most commonly used features using Celerra Manager. Management tasks (file system creation, export, permissions, security, and availability) for Celerra platforms In Windows and UNIX environments are covered. This revision currently supports Celerra version 5.6 and is intended for anyone who configures, manages, or architects EMC NAS solutions with EMC Celerra. The ILT is made up of 50% instruction and 50% lab time.
Course Objectives
• Describe the functionality of Celerra Manager
• Implement Data Mover failover
• Implement Basic network configurations
• Configure and manage Celerra file systems
• Export Celerra file systems for NFS and CIFS access
• Implement Virtual Data Moveis
• Implement file system quotas on the Celerra
• Implement ClFS features
• Configure Celerra Networking features
• Implement Celerra in an iSCSI environment
• Implement SnapSure
• Implement Celerra Replicator
EMC CLARiiON Celerra
Course Overview
This training is the EMC Proven Professional Specialist level class, which covers basic CLARiiON management concepts, as well as the management and functionality of the CLARiiON Replication Software - SnapView, SAN Copy and MirrorView.
Captured lab exercises are included to illustrate the management process
Course Objectives
• Revise and reinforce concepts related to CLARiiON
hardware features
• Revise and reinforce concepts related to CLARiiON
software features
• Integrate open systems hosts into CLARiiON
• Use EMC ControlCenter Navisphere Manager and other
components of the EMC ControlCenter Navisphere suite
in a practical environment
• Successfully complete the lab exercises
Course Agenda
• Introduction
• Module 1 - Overview of prerequisite modules
– CLARiiON CX-Series Architecture
– CLARiiON Features
• Module 2 - Basic CLARiiON Management
• Labs
• Module 3 – Access Logix
• Module 4 – PowerPath
• Module 5 – Windows Integration
• Labs
• Module 6 – Solaris Integration
• Module 7 – Advanced LUN Management
• Module 8 – Event Monitor
• Module 9 – Navisphere Analyzer
• Labs
• Module 10 – SnapView Snapshots
• Module 11 – SnapView Clones
• Labs
• Module 12 – SAN Copy
• Module 13 – MirrorView
• Labs
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