Yoga Tune Up: Athletic Stretch Routines With Jill Miller / Джилл Миллер - Посттренировочное восстановление [2010 г., фит

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Yoga Tune Up: Athletic Stretch Routines With Jill Miller / Джилл Миллер - Посттренировочное восстановление [2010 г., фит

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Yoga Tune Up

Athletic Stretch Routines With Jill Miller

Год выпуска: 2010
Производство: США
Жанр: фитнес терапия, йога, восстановление, стретчинг
Продолжительность: 105 мин.
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует

Описание: The Yoga Tune Up Post Athletic Stretch Routines от Джилл Миллер поможет вам улучшить осанку, раскрыть плечи и грудную клетку, а так же снимет посттренировочное напряжение с поясницы и бедер.
Это даст вам возможность тренироваться в любимом виде спорта или фитнеса результативно и без травм.
Релиз содержит около 100 минут узкоспециализированных тренировочных сегментов, ориентированных на тот или иной вид спорта, - для всех уровней подготовленности. Это - не йога как таковая. Это адаптированный для определенных целей стретчинг на основе йоги. Он поможет вам предотвратить специфические проблемы и травмы определенных видов спорта и улучшить спортивные показатели. Сегменты четко определены - бег, велоспорт, плавание, теннис и гольф. Но это не значит, что они не подойдут для тех, кто тренируется в других направлениях. Стоит только задуматься о проблемах любимого вида спорта и провести аналогии с тем, что предлагает Джилл.
В качестве небольшого бонуса в DVD присутствует 11-минутный сегмент разминки, так что Вам не придется думать: "С чего же мне начать?"
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео : 720x400 (1.80:1), 23.976 fps, XviD build 65 ~1659 kbps avg, 0.24 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg
Все благодарности за подаренный форуму DVD - Феечке [/b]

Аннотация на англ. языке
The Yoga Tune Up Post Athletic Stretch Routines DVD with Jill Miller will open your shoulders and chest, unwind your lower back and lengthen your hamstrings - decreasing soreness and helping you stay in the game for years to come. The DVD includes over 105 minutes of highly specialized post athletic stretch routines that are integral for athletes at all levels. Routines have been specially created for the following: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, and Golf, focused on lengthening, strengthening and balancing your shoulders, back, hips, core, and hamstrings; helping to avoid a range of problems, from bursitis to I.T. band syndrome. The DVD also includes a bonus pre-athletic warm-up routine.
Отзыв-аннотация -
According to the DVD case, these new routines from yoga instructor Jill Miller are designed to "Improve Performance - Recover Faster - Prevent Injuries - Be Your Best." Although targeted towards athletes and broken down by specific individual sports (see below), these routines are really appropriate for anyone looking for short, yoga-inspired practices which will assist in improving flexibility and preventing injury.

Despite the "Athletic" part of the name, these definitely ARE yoga practices. Jill uses Sanskrit names for many of the poses (although she generally repeats the English name as well), and even the transitions between exercises are mindful--pausing in mountain pose before moving to the next standing pose, remaining briefly in dandasana, child's pose, or crocodile before coming to seated or lying, etc. Jill also includes various "mini vinis," or brief, often quickly moving vinyasa sequences. Given all of the above, I think that this DVD is best suited for those with at least some prior yoga experience.

Running (19.5m)
This routine starts with standing postures: tadasana, runner's lunge, revolved side angle, and wide-angle standing forward bend with the hands clasped. Jill then performs an asymmetrical forward bend (1 foot on a block) and down dog with the heels touching. Next, she moves to a wall for 1/2 happy babies pose and 1/2 apanasana. Jill follows with the reclined leg series, performing all three variations of reclined leg pose (a strap is optional here). She concludes the segment with a brief (1.5 minute) savasana.

Cycling (20.5m)
After starting in tadasana, Jill begins this practice with prasarita lunges combined with a shoulder roll. She then moves to the floor for a dynamic version of revolved stomach pose #2. This is followed by bridge pose and then leg stretch #3. Coming to a face-down position, Jill demonstrates cobra with a block between the thighs. Next is "open sesame," a nice chest opener which Jill has performed in previous DVDs, and then Jill flips back over for leg stretch #2. Coming back to standing, Jill performs "twister," a twisting version of wide angle pose. She returns to the floor for equal angle/lateral splits, wide-legged lunge, and leg stretch #3 with the buttocks on a block. A short (1.5 minutes) savasana finishes the practice.

Swimming (20.5m)
Jill begins here with shoulder strap opener #1 (fans of Erich Schiffmann will be familiar with this!); this is followed by an easy wide-legged forward bend and dolphin pose. Next comes an eagle squat mini vini, stepping from side-to-side in eagle, reversing the cross of the arms and the legs. Jill then performs a standing posture, twisted side angle, before moving into another mini vini, the table mini vini (moving from table pose to an abs tucked position). She then comes down to the floor for locust, face-up pigeon, side-bending head-to-knee, and finally, double pigeon. A short (1.5 minutes) savasana concludes this practice, which was one of my favorites.

Tennis (20.5m)
This routine begins in a lying position for the "half happy baby mini vini"--here Jill has you move between a 1/2 happy baby position, reclined leg stretch #2, and reclined leg stretch #3. This is followed by a nicely held frog pose and then upright runner's lunge with a side bend. Standing poses include triangle and eagle, and then it's back to the floor for "holy cow at the troth," a shoulder stretch performed with a block between the hands (Jill also does this move in her Yoga Link Shoulder Shape-Up DVD). She comes up to seated for a 1-legged seated twist and then returns to the floor for reverse crucifix and open sesame. For the final savasana, Jill has you touch your index finger and tune into your heart beat. This practice was another favorite!

Golf (19m)
Jill begins here on the floor in child's pose; this is followed by gate pose. She then instructs "bridge arms" in a standing position. Continuing with the shoulder work, she performs shoulder strap opener #1. This is followed by triangle pose, with the modification that the feet remain parallel. You'll then need two blocks, first for the moon rises mini vini, where you lift in and out of half moon (with the hip) while the hands remain on blocks, and twisting triangle. This is followed by a brief standing backbend, and then EXTREME twisting triangle, where the feet are positioned in opposite corners of the mat. The finishing seated postures include seated wide angle with a twist and full seated forward bend with the toes out. Jill concludes with a short (1.5 minutes) savasana. The pace of this practice seemed a bit quicker than the others to me, and for that reason, this one wasn't a favorite.

Bonus Stretch: Pre-Athletic Warm Up (11.5m)
In the DVD insert, Jill notes that dynamic stretching is the best way to warm-up prior to any type of sports or workout. Here she begins on the floor in ardha savasana (half-relaxation), coming from this position into moving bridge. Returning to standing, she performs a "pranic bath," a breathing exercise which involves the arms flowing around the head (this is another exercise that appears in her prior media). Next are "monk walks," aka walking lunges. Coming back down to the floor, Jill performs bicycles and revolved stomach pose #3. She finishes standing with a grapevine crawl, sort of a lunge side-to-side while grapevining the feet.

In summary, Jill is extremely likable--warm, friendly, and down-to-earth. Her knowledge of the body in general and anatomy in particular is admirable; I would love to take a class with her! However, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this DVD to someone who is new to Jill's work, as she moves rather quickly at times in these practices, and she does not mirror cue. Otherwise, I highly recommend this DVD and all of the practices on it to use as post-workout stretches, regardless of your particular sport or fitness activity.
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