Sylvia Favela - Body Weight Pilates [2012 г., фитнес, DVDRip, ENG] (Видеоуроки)

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Sylvia Favela - Body Weight Pilates [2012 г., фитнес, DVDRip, ENG] (Видеоуроки)

Сообщение Stepan » 19 сен 2016, 00:51

Sylvia Favela - Body Weight Pilates
Strengthen Your Core and Reshape Your Physique, anytime, anywhere

Год выпуска: 2012
Страна: США
Жанр: Фитнес
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
Продолжительность видео: 13:14

Откройте секрет тренировки с весом собственного тела! Это - Система Тренировок по Методу Пилатес с весом собственного тела, разработанная таким образом, чтобы вы быстро могли нарастить силы и выносливость корсетных мышц, улучшить общее состояние мышц тела и полностью изменить его всего лишь за 3 недели!

От тренера:
"Привет, я - Сильвия Фавела, и когда-то я была толстой девчонкой с грушеобразной фигурой, широкими бедрами, длинными и долговязыми руками и ногами. У меня были костлявые руки, толстый живот и рыхлые ягодицы. Наверное, вы думаете, что я съедала с дюжину кексов каждый день. Нет, я просто хотела похудеть. И это очень плохо. Я хотела плоский пресс и сильное упругое тело. И я делала все, что я могла сделать для того, чтобы добиться желаемого... Я посещала бокс-клуб и делала изо дня в день одну и ту же старую тренировку... кардио - около часа после силовой тренировки. День за днём я делала сотни и сотни скручиваний на пресс, но заполучила только острую боль в спине. Зачем я все это вам рассказываю? Все просто. Теперь моя формула успеха такова: "Сильные корсетные мышцы - сильное тело - должны развиваться параллельно, наравне друг с другом, исключая травмы.

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI

Видео: 720x400 (1.80:1), 23.976 fps, XviD build 65 ~1743 kbps avg, 0.25 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps

31 Core Body Weight with Pilates Exercises - PDF, 38 стр.
Lower Body Weight with Pilates - PDF, 18 стр.
Upper Body Weight with Pilates - PDF, 17 стр.
Bonus - Ab-Challenge - PDF, 10 стр.
7 Day Nutrition Plan - PDF, 16 стр.
On-The-Go Grocery List - PDF, 14 стр.
Pilates Ab Blueprint - PDF, 20 стр.
Discover A Secret ZERO Equipment Body Weight Pilates System Designed To Quickly Strengthen Your Core, Tighten Your Physique And Redesign Your Body In Just 3 Short Weeks!

Dear friend,

Take a second right now and look at me in the picture to the right. Would you believe just a few years ago I was 43 pounds over weight?

Miserable, sad and on the verge of giving up I hurt my knee.

In the process of rehabilitating I stumbled upon a new method of body weight Pilates. I strengthened my knee, sure. But to my surprise I also got the fit, lean and sexy core I’ve always dreamed about.

Now, before we get to fat let me introduce myself and let you know how I came to be called the “queen of Pilates”.

Hi, I’m Sylvia Favela, and I was the chunky girl with a pear shape body, wide hips, long and gangly arms and legs. With my scrawny arms, chubby belly, and squishy butt. You would think I was eating a dozen cupcakes a day.

I wanted to lose the weight. Badly. I wanted a flat core and tight body so I did what everyone did…

…I headed to a big box gym and did the same old workout day after day…cardio for 1 hour then lifted weights. I was doing hundreds and hundreds of sit ups to strengthen my core because of serious low back pain I suffered from.

My Formula

Strong Core
Strong Body
Reduced Injuries
Better Performance in the gym
Keep up with Daily Activities
Lean Toned Physique
After years of running and practically killing my knees I had to stop and squatting weight for years but some serious strain on my low back. By the time I had my son, my knees were shot, my back a mess. And I wasn’t 30 years old yet!

Then to make matters worse, I was in a severe car accident that caused a life long injury to my shoulder! I was done for…I thought how in the world can I get in shape with these injuries and I refused to take any sort of pain medication.

I dabbled in Pilates as rehabilitation for my knee and back pain and was shocked with the results. Not only was my pain gone but my physique changed drastically.

After working out in a gym for years my midsection was square, I didn’t want to look like a square box and I couldn’t believe the changes. My Abs changed, no more square box. I had definition like I never had before but that was just the result. The true benefit was a strong core.

But It’s Easy, Right?

No, it’s not Easy by any means… I’ve heard many people say, “Oh Pilates it’s easy and not a real workout”. That’s what they would say until one workout with me and that all changed. When you are focusing on utilizing all the different muscles that accompany the correct body positions it’s empowering.

I’m not here to scare you or be abrupt and force Pilates on you. I am, However…going to tell you that all the working out you are doing, (that is if you are currently exercise) having muscle endurance and a strong core is the foundation of a strong body.

Let my break this down, what if you lived in a house knowing that there was no foundation built. There is only a bottom frame, bottom frame and 3 x 4′s holding up the side of the walls.

Would you feel safe? The walls can cave in on you at any time.

So, why would you build muscle and not address or focus on core strength?

Before I continue, building core strength and sustained muscle endurance to speed up your metabolism doesn’t mean banging out 100 sit-ups!
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