Tyler Bramlett - The 0-6 Pack Abs System [2014, фитнес, DVDRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Tyler Bramlett - The 0-6 Pack Abs System [2014, фитнес, DVDRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Tyler Bramlett - The 0-6 Pack Abs System

Страна: США
Тематика: фитнес
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Продолжительность: 08:09:21
Год выпуска: 2014

Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует


Интересная программа от Тайлера Брамлетта для развития мышц кора. Состоит из двух фаз, первая реабилитация кора, вторая собственно упражнения - 14 уровней прогрессии с 4 вокаутами - 56 видео файлов. Отдельно записаны mp3 файлы для удобства, можно взять с собой и слушая заниматься где угодно без видео. Так же есть pdf файлы с фото упражнений и таблицами для печати и записи ваших результатов.
Hi, I’m Tyler,

But my friends call me The Garage Warrior. I run a popular fitness website where my articles and videos have been seen by more than 150,374 people in the last 30 days alone.
I’ve had a hand in transforming the bodies of over 12,576 people and I’m also the creator of 3 highly acclaimed fitness programs. But today…
I wanna share with you how this little baby girl…
Led me down a path to discover
the truth about how the most popular
ab exercises, workouts and even
“EXPERT” advice is WRONG!

Even worse… I want to make sure you know that if you make the 2 BIG MISTAKES I’m gonna share with you, there’s ZERO chance for you to actually shrink your waistline and build toned or even 6 pack abs.
And more importantly, I’ll introduce you to my new friend Dr. James Vegher. The brilliant physical therapist that’s been using elite European Movement Research to develop a new method to activate your core muscles using his unique series of ab exercises that you’ve likely never seen before.
Plus, I’ll show you the most popular and emerging fitness trend that top trainers, coaches and therapists are now beginning to use AND teach you EXACTLY how to use it in your ab training workouts to finally get the results you want.
Sounds good?
Now, I get it if you think you’ve seen or tried every ab exercise and technique out there. I did too…
That’s why, before I share my story about the series of painful events I had to go through to discover this information, I want to make sure you knew that…
This information has NEVER been revealed to the public and has only been available to professional athletes, celebrities, Olympians and the extremely wealthy
So keep reading, because I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this article up. The reason why is, I’ll be dropping some serious truth bombs that these elite circles probably don’t want me to share with you.
And once they realize that I’m giving away their secrets, I’m likely to get some real pressure to shut this page down.
Ok… Now that I know you are serious, I wanna share with you the close, personal and painful story that explains the dazed and confused look on my face in the picture above.
Stick with me, because this story is what led me to discover the 2 BIG MISTAKES everyone is making in their ab workouts and the 2 breakthrough techniques you can use to shrink your waistline and build toned or even 6 pack abs!
My story starts with me standing alone in a hallway.
It was almost 1am in the morning and I was
engaged in the emotional conflict of my life
Nothing was as I had expected and the dark irrational thoughts swept over me as I shook uncontrollably, sobbing like never before in my life. I was uncertain of what was to come, I was uncertain about the safety of my wife and I was uncertain as to the health of my unborn child.
But it didn’t start out this way. In fact, just 48 hours earlier, I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.
You see, since I’m a fitness professional, I do my best to live a natural life. I like eating natural foods, I enjoy performing and teaching natural (i.e. functional) exercises and more than anything, I love to grow and learn.
My wife is a wise, beautiful and strong woman who shares many of my values and together we made the decision to have a natural child birth (supervised by a midwife of course).
Now… Stick with me, because this story, although emotional for me to share, is important for you to hear…
It was Wednesday night, near midnight. I was sound asleep, until suddenly… I was woken up to the sound of my wife breathing heavy and moaning. With a deep sense of excitement, I got out of bed knowing full well what this meant…
I was about to have a baby!
We called the midwife and we began to prepare for what was to come.
My wife bravely worked over the course of 33 hours to make progress, but nothing seemed to happen. We had watched 2 sunrises already and although exhausted, we knew that the end was in sight.
It was time to gear up for the final go, she worked, she worked so hard it brought tears to my eyes. I watched for several more hours and noticed the subtle shift in the look on our midwives eyes as progress seemed to stall.
It became evident that our dreams of having a home
birth were not to be realized… Not this time
We were disappointed, but both of us knew it was the right choice to seek medical intervention because as I’m sure you can agree, the health and safety of our baby was always #1.
I rushed her to the hospital where we were going to give it another go and see if we could still have the natural birth that we both wanted.
As the minutes turned into hours I again noticed the same look on everyone’s face. We were coming up on 48 hours and the decision was made in the best interest of the baby to do birth by a cesarean section.
I had never seen my wife so deflated, so filled with pain and sorrow. I would have given anything to take that away from her in that moment. At that exact moment, I realized that everything that can go wrong already had.
Or so I thought…
She was wheeled away and I was prepped for the Operation Room where I would be able to join her and finally experience the birth of our child.
As I approached the O.R. she looked at me. I will never forget the look that nurse from the OR had in her eyes. I knew something was wrong…
She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry.” For some reason, the local pain meds they tried to give her were not working. So… They chose to put her under general anesthesia for the operation and I was not allowed to join her or see the birth of my child.
I broke…
Through a series of unexpected events,
my natural home birth had turned
into a Personal Nightmare!
Which brings me back to the beginning of this story…
There I was… Alone in a hallway. It was almost 1am in the morning I had slept maybe 5 good hours in the last 60+ and I was engaged in the emotional conflict of my life. Nothing was as I had expected and the dark irrational thoughts swept over me as I shook uncontrollably, sobbing like never before in my life.
I repeated the words, “is it a boy or girl” over and over, hundreds of times in a row as a way to distract myself from the dark thoughts that were entering my mind. But for some reason, I couldn’t help but wonder…
Perhaps I was being given this lesson for a good reason…
In just a sec, I’ll share with you how this painful experience did in fact happen for a good reason but first let me finish the story…
The doors opened, a loud roar screeched through the stale hospital air and I spoke with a soft whimper, “is it a boy or girl?”
The nurse looked at me and said, “it’s a baby girl!”

That was a rough story for me to share, so just for good measure and to make sure you know that everything turned out ok, here’s a pic of me, my wife and our little baby girl today…
Now… I know you might be wondering to yourself what this personal story has to do with you slimming your waistline and building toned or even 6-pack abs, right?
These seemingly tragic events ended up
leading me to Dr. James Vegher
You see, after my wife went through her unexpected cesarian section, she had a hard timerecovering. Like many women (and men as I’ll show you in a sec) her abs seemed to stop working.
When this happens, the result is what women often refer to as their pouch belly or muffin top and what men call their beer belly. The pics below are a few examples of this condition…
Now remember… At this point in my life, I was a highly sought after personal trainer who charged over $1,000/mo for personal guidance and even had trainers fly from across the country to learn my training methods.
That’s why, when I couldn’t help my wife using my regular techniques, I decided to think outside the box and look elsewhere.
That’s when I met Dr. James Vegher.
James is a brilliant Doctor of Physical Therapy with nearly 20 years of experience where he specialized in the field of Neurologic Rehabilitation.
What this means is that James IS NOT your ordinary Physical Therapist. He’s developed a series of unconventional ab exercises that completelyre-educates the muscles of your core.
I’ll admit that when I first
saw the exercises and routines
James teaches, I too was a skeptic

But my skepticism changed when I saw the results James was having with his patients.
In fact, slimming your waistline and building toned or even 6-pack abs was only a side-effectof the routines James had developed.
Here’s just a few examples of what James hears on a daily basis:
The TRUTH is, his clients were: Shrinking their waistlines,
fixing back pain, relieving digestive issues, toning their
core muscles, improving their posture, eliminating achy
hips and shoulders and even building 6-pack abs!
The reason why the exercises and routines James teaches are soo much more effectivethen the typical ab training you see, is because early on in his career James identified 2 BIG MISTAKES that every workout enthusiast, fitness magazine and personal trainer is making.
The 2 BIG MISTAKES that every workout enthusiast, fitness magazine and personal trainer is making…


You’re Core Isn’t Working Properly
James pointed me towards a pile of NEW research being done in Europe that proves, your core (i.e. all the muscles of your midsection) are at the foundation of every movement you make.

In fact, did you know that the first group of muscles to fire during ANY movement are your core muscles? And that if these muscles aren’t working properly, it doesn’t matter how many ab exercises you do because you will never get the waist shrinking results you really want.
The study to your right, basically explains that simply trying to strengthen your ab muscles using conventional exercises has ZERO effect on your abdominal development and that doing so can even worsen your posture and make your existing joint problems hurt more.
Even worse, if I’ve spent my life studying fitness and this isthe first time I’ve ever seen this information! To me this confirms that only a very small group of individuals (James being one of them) understands how to correctly apply this information.
The good news is… The study goes on to say that if you retrain your core muscles to be the first to fire and you train them to work together like James teaches in his unique sequence of exercises, every movement you make whether in the gym or out will be improved.
This means reduced issues in your existing injuries, less chance of getting injured again and even better… The side effect for having a properly functioning core is a slimmer waistline and toned or even 6-pack abs!
But… The only way to fix mistake #1 is to understand mistake #2…


You’re Using The Wrong Exercises
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but tons of workout enthusiasts, fitness magazines and personal trainers are starting to tell you to avoid things like crunches and sit-ups.
These so called “EXPERTS” are repeating this information from a handful of studies done years ago and are suggesting that you take up exercises like the plank or Pilates based floor exercises instead.
What James pointed out to me was that simply changing from one ab exercise to another will NEVER work if your core muscles aren’t working properly!
Instead he takes an entirely different approach…
The study to your left is complex and I don’t expect you to understand 75% of what it means. Instead, I’ll explain to you what James explained to me in a simple and easy to understand way.
Because, what James explained to me and what the study to your left proves makes perfect sense, even if you have ZERO experience in the gym and no scientific knowledge.
You see, from birth, your body was designed to go through a series of movement progressions that eventually will lead to you being able to stand, walk and even run.
In fact, just like the baby in the pic below, your body has to go through an EXACT sequence of exercises in order to properly activate your core muscles…
The trick is… When your core stops functioning properly the only way to reactivate it is to use these primal and basic exercises in a specific sequence. When you do this properly, you will reactivate your core and finally get the results you want!
It sounds so simple and I’m sure that at this point, you might be asking yourself…
How do I know if my core isn’t functioning properly?

Since you’ve read this far, you probably want to know if the reason you aren’t getting the waist shrinking results you want is because your core isn’t functioning properly, right?
The good news is… There’s a few obvious reasons your core can stop working properly and all you have to do is ask yourself the following questions…
If you answer “YES” to even just one of them, there’s a good chance your core is NOTfunctioning properly and you’ll need to reactivate it before seeing the results you want:

• Have you trained your abs using conventional crunches and sit-ups?
• Do you sit more than 2 hours a day?
• Have you had a bone, joint or tissue injury (even a small one)?
• Is there room for improving your posture?
• Have you ever had a surgery performed on you?
• Do you ever workout using weight machines at the gym?
• Have you ever experienced any sort of head trauma?
• Do you have a noticeable lack of self confidence?

If you answered “YES” to just one of these questions above
then keep reading, because I’m about to share with you
2 breakthrough techniques you can use to shrink your
waistline and get the ab results you really want!
But first, let me bring back my little baby girl and tell you why she is such an important part of this story…
You see, after meeting James, studying his methods and reading the scientific literature he gave me I had an ahh-haa moment that brought everything together.
This ahh-haa moment, made me realize how essential the exercises and sequences James teaches are and why you’ve been mislead and disappointed with the results you’ve gotten from your ab workouts.
It also motivated me to find the best way to share this unique ab training method with the world so you can use it to finally get the results you want!
The ahh-haa moment came to me when I was watching my baby girl on her back. Thoughts of the conversations James and I had ran through my mind when out of nowhere, she began doing the EXACT exercise in the EXACT order James had described.
Her primal brain, was essentially training and activating her core muscles right in front of my eyes! It was so simple, but no one seemed to know about it and even fewer seemed to understand it.
As the months went on, I watched as she went through each and every step James had described, all along realizing that these basic movements were the key to activating your core and getting the results you really want.
After seeing the results James routinely gets
for his patients I decided that I would stop at
nothing to bring this information to the world!
At first, I arrogantly thought I would be able to learn everything James had to teach and I would then unveil it to the world.
However… After talking with James and reading the studies he sent me I quickly realized that there would be no substitution for the real thing.
I twisted his arm for months until finally, James agreed that I could film all of his exercises AND 4 of his classes where he would teach his entire core activation sequences to the world!
Which means…
This program is not only
Dr. approved,
It’s Dr. created!
James and I took his unique Core Activation Sequences and hit the drawing board to design this as the ultimate one-stop resource for people who were fed up with the results they’ve been getting from their current ab workouts.
Even more… We wanted to make sure that people just like you could use this comprehensive system to not only shrink your waistline and sculpt toned or even 6-pack abs, but to also help fix your old injuries, improve your posture and make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.
After the dust settled and we looked at what we created, we both realized that this would bethe single most comprehensive ab training program ever invented!
The great news for you is…
We not only created the most comprehensive
ab program ever, we also made it
extremely simple to use!
That’s right!
The last thing James and I wanted was to create a complex and confusing system that contained all the answers but was too difficult for you to use.
That why, we jumped through hoops and left no stone unturned to make this so easy that all you have to do is press play and follow along.
Literally, 3 minutes from now you could be working with James thorough his unique sequence of exercises, reactivating your core and seeing the instant benefits that come from knowing you finally have the perfect ab workout solution.
The truth is, as of right this second…
Everything you need to shrink your waistline
and get toned or even 6-pack abs is contained
in this easy-to-use NEW system we call…0-6 Pack Abs!

With everything above, this package should cost you
$239.70 but you’re NOT gonna pay anything close to that…
Keep reading because I’m gonna tell you
how to 
activate not only your core but also
an INSANE discount today only…
Before I show you how to ACTIVATE this discount…
Let’s recap what you’ve learned so far:

• The problem is that most people do not understand the role your ab muscles are supposed to play. And since your reading this right now, there’s is a very likely chance your core muscles aren’t functioning properly.
• The #1 thing that’s preventing you from getting the waist shrinking ab toning results you want is you being told to do more reps of the same old ab exercises. In fact, if you follow this bad advice, you can even make the problem worse and end up injured in the process.
• The solution is to learn how to reactivate your core by turning to simple but extremely effective exercises that not only shrink your waistline and build toned or even 6-pack abs, but to also help fix your old injuries, improve your posture and make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.
• These unique core activation sequences were intuitively created by mother nature and now perfected by science. James has used them to help 100’s of people in his own practice and right now is the first time these exercise sequences have been made available to the public!

James and I are supremely confident that this system is the most comprehensive ab training program ever created. All ego aside, there’s NEVER been anything like this before.
But we decided not to stop there. We wanted you to be so over the top thrilled about investing in the NEW 0-6 Pack Abs system that we decided to hit the drawing board and create a second program that takes over as soon as you master the exercises that James is gonna teach you.
This “PHASE 2″ program features a NEW workout method that I’m calling “Micro Progression Technology.” It picks up where James’s Core Activation Sequences left off and takes you through a series of 56 progressively harder ab workouts strategically designed to take you from 0-6 Pack Abs!
And YES… I did just say 56 video follow along workouts that will only take you between 2-8 minutes to complete. It’s the perfect complement to what James and I already created. Check it out…
When you order today, you’re gonna get the complete
“PHASE 2″ Program which contains 56 follow along
workouts using my “Micro Progression Technology”

as our 100% free gift to you!
Here’s the rather extreme BONUS package
you’ll get today…
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