Classical Stretch The Esmonde Technique: Season 6 - Part 2 Back To Jamaica [2009 г., фитнес, стретчинг, DVDRip, ENG] (Ви

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Classical Stretch The Esmonde Technique: Season 6 - Part 2 Back To Jamaica [2009 г., фитнес, стретчинг, DVDRip, ENG] (Ви

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Classical Stretch The Esmonde Technique

Season 6 - Part 2 Back To Jamaica - Miranda Esmonde-White
#7Страна: USA
Тематика: пилатес
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
Продолжительность: Указано отдельно
Телевизионные выпуски уроки стретчинга, выпущенные на 2-х дисках. В данном релизе - диск второй. Это 15 выпусков ~ по 24 минуты каждый. Фокусировка - на различных сегментах тела, красивые съемки, грамотный инструктор. Но главное - не это. Главное - подход к стретчингу, как к серьезной дисциплине, развивающей подвижность суставов и выравнивающей осанку. И, как следствие, - укрепляющей наше драгоценное здоровье!
CLASSICAL STRETCH 2009 TV SERIES (SEASON 6) The full 30 show series of Classical Stretch 2009 is available on 2 separate DVD sets; 15 episodes each. In 2002 Miranda launched her second season on PBS which was primarily filmed in Jamaica; it was one of her most popular TV Series' and DVD series' including our bestselling Full Body Workout Vol. 1! This year our main sponsor Iberostar invited us to film at their new Jamaican resort and we jumped at the chance! In honor of our return to Jamaica, Miranda has created 30 TV shows that are reminiscent of those first effective and popular workouts. These shows are a perfect combination of stretching and strengthening at a fitness level that all can participate in and enjoy! Each workout is a full body routine with a slight additional focus on stretching or strengthening a target area. Whether you use Classical Stretch to limber up, tone your body or do a bit of both, you will surely find what you're looking for on these 2 DVD sets.
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Видео : XviD, 672 x 368, 16/9, 25.000 fps, остальное указано отдельно
Аудио : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3, 128 Kbps, CBR, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch.

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BACK TO JAMAICA PART 2 - 2 disc set / Episodes 16 to 30 from 2009 TV SERIES - Эпизоды 22 - 30
7: 622 Make your Leg & Hip Muscles Long & Lean
8: 623 Full Body Stretch with Focus on Shoullders & Upper Spine
9: 624 Long & Lean Legs
10: 625 Abs, Butt & Back
11: 626 Shins, Calves & Posture
12: 627 Scar Tissue & Fascia Release
13: 628 Hip, Feet & Range of Motion
14: 629 Deep Hamstring & Hip Stretches
15: 630 Focus on Posture
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About Miranda Esmonde-White
A ballet dancer who had to cut her career short in her early twenties due to a foot injury, Miranda developed Classical Stretch about 20 years ago to heal her own lower back pain. After testing it on herself and feeling results, she shared it with the public. Her students showed remarkable improvement: some were regaining lost mobility and experiencing less body pain, with some reporting superior pain relief benefits than what they were experiencing with prescription medication. Miranda also started to notice people were losing inches from their waist, arms were no longer jiggling, even wattles and saddlebags were disappearing. Her students were developing longer, leaner bodies. Some exercises even seemed to promote staying regular! Eventually, Miranda signed a deal with PBS to present her stretch and strength program on television. And that's when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, with surgery scheduled just six weeks before the show was to begin taping. After the mastectomy, Miranda couldn't raise her arm above her waist so she used her own exercises to regain mobility in time for the show. It worked! She's since developed programs specifically designed to help breast cancer survivors going through the same trauma. Visit Classical Stretch's breast cancer rehabilitation website for more information.
Аннотация на англ. языке
Season 6, Part 2, Disk 1

616 Full Body Stretch:
Miranda alone in a garden setting. Warmup features arm circles, which segues into a set of arm exercises. Next is a long series of side to side stretches, adding on more moves each time, TIFT style (really works the core!). Gentler standing low back and hamstring stretches follow. Chapter point at 11:02. Barre work using a chair (note that Miranda uses both the seat and the back of the chair in this one). Deep quad, groin and hamstring stretches, then standing leg lifts to the front, side and back. Miranda sits in the chair for the final stretches.

617 Strengthen & Slenderize:
Miranda alone on a balcony overlooking trees and the ocean. The warmup includes side to side lunges, adding in figure 8 arms. After standing leg and calf stretches, Miranda moves into “eccentric” strengthening of the core, followed by gentler stretches. Next is a killer second position plie sequence (only about three minutes but it felt much, much longer to me!). Chapter point at 15:49. Barre work (Miranda uses the balcony railing) includes standing seat work, and hip cleaners, and concludes with barre stretches for the hips and hamstrings.

618 Strengthen Feet & Body:
Miranda alone, dockside. Warmups feature side touch variations, then adding in arms. A flowing stretch sequence is next (I found this particular sequence a little hard to follow). Balance is challenged during an alphabet sequence (standing on one leg, drawing out the alphabet with the lifted leg). Chapter point at 11:35. Barre work (Miranda using a railing) begins with hip, quad and hamstring stretches. Heel and toe raises (on both feet, then just one foot) to strengthen the calves, shins and feet. Deep side stretches complete the workout.

619 Lower Ab & Core:
Miranda is on the beach with Brendan and Sahra (there’s lots of wind noise in Miranda’s microphone). Warmup leads directly into arm exercises. Standing leg raises to the front and side also challenge balance. A flowing stretch sequence also works the core. Next are “squash lunges” which turn into “clock lunges” as Miranda moves in a circular direction. Deep calf stretches are followed by a flowing stretch sequence.

620 Upper Body:
Miranda is on a dirt road near the beach. Warmup features figure-8 moves with the arms, followed by hip circles. Next is a long plie sequence. After a flowing stretch to loosen the upper back Miranda segues to side-to-side lunges, adding in reaches (which work the back and core). Arm exercises follow, then forward lunge stretches incorporating twists.

621 Slenderize your Waist/Floor Workout:
This episode is titled Slenderize Your Waist on the DVD cover, but on the DVD itself it is labeled Floor Workout. In fact, the entire routine is done seated/lying on the floor (my cats love this one!). Miranda is solo near the beach. After seated warmup stretches, the workout begins with foot articulations and groin stretches, then seated spinal twists. A crunch sequence follows, which begins with regular crunches and adds in leg movements. After supine hip and hamstring stretches we do side-lying leg lifts, then the workout concludes with seated forward bends (at the end of which she sneaks in a couple of seated quad lifts).

622 Legs & Hips:
Miranda is on a deck near the ocean with Brendan and Sahra. Warmup features plie squats, side-to-side touches and kicks. Miranda begins with held plies, adding in arm movements (to distract you LOL!), followed by a flowing spinal stretch that transitions into some front lunges and waist rotations. Chapter point at 11:51. We move to the floor for seated quad lifts/stretches, then a long crunch sequence (Sahra demonstrates some less intense variations here). Supine hip and hamstring stretches conclude this episode.

623 Shoulders & Upper Back:
Miranda is near the beach with Brendan and Sahra. Warmup features arm rotations and circles, then some plies. Standing side and front kicks challenge balance and work the core. A flowing stretch loosens the upper back, then we transition to a lunge sequence that combines both strengthening and stretch. Next is an arm exercise sequence, followed by deep stretches for the hamstring and adductor muscles. Miranda concludes with nice upper back and shoulder stretches.

Season 6, Part 2, Disc 2

624: Legs Workout (23m)
Miranda works out alone inside a hotel lobby, using a chaise lounge for the lying portions. The warm-up includes arm and ankle rotations as well as little kicks. Next comes balance work on the toes, including plies. The active standing stretch includes pulling of the arms and windmills. With 10 minutes left, Miranda moves to lying for both outer and inner thigh work. The episode concludes with reclined leg and hip stretches.

625: Abs, Butt, & Back (24m) tough lower body workout!
This episode features Miranda exercising at ocean’s edge. She begins with a warm-up which includes spinal twists and then moves into an extra-long plie segment which includes hand/arms movements. This is followed by another strong standing stretch segment emphasizing the back, chest, and shoulders. With 12 minutes left, Miranda moves to the floor for abs work. Following this, she stretches the abs & back in a prone position and then finishes with brief kneeling and extended seated stretches for the back.

626: Shins, Calves, & Posture (23.5m)
Here Miranda is on an oceanside dock in the early a.m.; she starts with a warm-up that includes arm throws. Next comes articulation of the feet with kicks plus a brief side lunge series; this is followed by the standing flow segment. With 13 minutes to go, Miranda transitions to barre work, beginning with balance moves and toe ups. She then performs stretches for the calves and quads. She works the hips with cleaners and kicks, and she concludes the episode with a spinal twist.

627: Scar Tissue & Fascia (23.5m) uses a barre (chair) throughout
In this workout, Miranda is poolside with Greek-like columns behind her. There is no real warm-up; instead, she starts right in on feet articulation work and calf raises. She then performs hip cleaners and twists before moving into a standing series stretches for the back using the chair. This is followed by movements on the toes to stretch the shins and then more traditional stretches for the hands, triceps, and shoulders. Miranda concludes this episode with hip and hamstring stretches using the arm of the chair.

628: Hips, Feet, & Range of Motion Note: Review is of second half of episode only.
For this episode, Miranda is alone on a veranda with the ocean in the distance. The second half of the workout begins with barre work. Miranda starts with stretches for the hips, quads, and soaz before moving on to work for the feet and ankles. She then performs three sets of triceps dips, combining this with some light arms/shoulders work.

629: Hamstring & Hip (23.5m) entire workout is performed standing
For this workout, Miranda is on the beach, where she is joined by Sahra and Brendan. The warm-up includes arm circles and the moves right into arms work. Next comes a kick series which includes side leg lifts and which gradually picks up the pace. The standing stretch segment is brief, and it is followed by plie work in which the plie position is held at length while arm movements are performed. Miranda states that “essentrics” are coming next; what follows are side lunges with torso twists. The episode concludes with standing calf and hamstring stretches.

630: Posture (23.5m)
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