Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo) Modern marketing [2009 г., Бизнес-семинар, DVDRip]

Открытие, развитие и стратегия введения бизнеса.
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Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo) Modern marketing [2009 г., Бизнес-семинар, DVDRip]

Сообщение Stepan » 19 сен 2016, 08:40

Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo) Modern marketing

Год выпуска: 2009
Страна: USA
Жанр: Бизнес-семинар
Язык: Английский (без перевода)
Продолжительность: 1:27:09 + 1:32:22 + 1:33:08 + 1:21:06 (итого 6 часов)

Оригинальное описание: This is eben pagan's modern marketing. Times have changed and so has marketing since the get latitude seminar. Thsi dvd will teach you how to design your business in a certain way to increase your profit. There is one segment of the dvd where he has q and a very great questions that you need to learn. I find most business websites and business forget the most common and simple things that can double or even triple their income.
The majority of the part of the dvd is mostly aobut how to. In other words, modern marketing focuses on practice on the theories provided in get altitude. I think learning how to is much more valuable than what is. If you want to learn how to make your business better, have more sales, more conversion rate, bigger profits then this is it.
If you want to learn what is theories and philosophies, tehn this probably is not for you. I will then apply modern marketing's how-tos to boost my company. I thought i should share one thing i learned from modern marketing so at least this way you know if this is the type of dvd you are looking for. One of the thing he atlks about is titled low rates.
When a customer comes to your business online or a physical store, he will probably want the best deal. For instance, in the mortgage industry most people seek for low rates.
But what if your mortgage company just cannot beat the low rates the other mortgage companies have. Well, eben teaches that customers are not seeking for low rates in mortgages they want to own the house, settle down in other words customers are more for the long term goal (makes sense, nobody gets a mortgage to live for short term). So if oyu are in the mortgage company, you can see what the customer's long terms goals are and use that to set your company apart from others.

For instance, you can say your company's priority is not in mortgage rates, but on how the customer can pay off the mortgage much faster. In the long term, this is much more beneficial to the customers they were seeking low rtae to pay less, right? So by paying of off faster helps them. The mortgage company owners would go through twice a year in their mortgage stage. This two free mortgage sessions to custmoers do two things 1 build relationships, 2 they'll do a word-of-mouth for your company of how the services help them.

The basic practice your business should do is take advantage of what the customer wants in the long term and use that (such as settling down), not what they want now (such as low rates). hTis only took five minutes meaning there are much more information such as this.

Другими словами (русскими)
Это продолжение программы-семинара Get Altitude (есть на трекере тоже на английском языке). Только здесь более все приближено к практике "в реале". Выходят на сцену товарищи. Разбираются их сайты (дизайн, мясо, косяки..) Даются советы - над чем подумать, что подлатать, в чем ошибки...
Короче - те, кто знает язык - наслаждаются. Кто плохо учился в школе (или изучал не английский) - расслабляются и отдыхают. А потом покупают или ищут курсы от отечественных "гуру". Но позже.
Автора представлять вообще нет смысла. Кто в теме, тот знает его наработки.

Ставим "спасибо".

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео кодек: XviD
Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: 640 x 360 (16:9) 29,970 Гц
Аудио: 44100 Гц, Стерео, 128 Кбит/сек
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