[Udemy] Website Traffic Mastery: Build A Huge Audience Without SEO [2016, ENG]

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[Udemy] Website Traffic Mastery: Build A Huge Audience Without SEO [2016, ENG]

Сообщение Stepan » 19 сен 2016, 08:42

Website Traffic Mastery: Build A Huge Audience Without SEO

Год выпуска: 2016
Производитель: Udemy
Сайт производителя: www.udemy.com
Сайт производителя: 02:13:43
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Часть 2система трафика для привлечения людей на ваш блог или сайт без неустанных усилий SEO

Want to generate traffic to your blog but hate doing SEO? Or is SEO not working for you? Or do you want something to help boost your SEO strategies?

This is the course for you.

For years I struggled with getting traffic to my site, trying all kinds of SEO strategies which eventually got my site banned by google.

I was 16 years old trying to make some additional income online and started building up a website which was going pretty well. I'd had spent hours and hours on building content on it, a lot of money on SEO software, hours spent chatting with other bloggers and building a good relationship with them, and one day out of the blue all my traffic disappeared. Google updated their search algorithm and my website pretty much fell off the face of the earth. All that time spent doing SEO and writing content gone.

Not just for me, but for everyone.

The thing with SEO strategies, especially for a beginner - is that they can eventually get your site banned if you don't know what you're doing.

I want to show you a better way to build a tonne of traffic to your site without getting it penalised by google. In my opinion, the best way to do SEO is to let it build naturally, not force your site to rank with some cheap tactics.

Build a tonne of traffic to your site with the strategies I'm about to share with you and you'll start ranking well in google naturally.

I'll take it one step further and say that you won't even need google's help to send visitors your way. You'll have hundreds of thousands of visitors flooding your site from other avenues.
├── 01 Introduction
│ └── 001 Introduction.mp4
├── 02 Website Traffic - Launch
│ ├── 001 Building Relationships With Other Bloggers Part 1.mp4
│ ├── 002 Building Relationships With Other Bloggers Part 2.mp4
│ ├── 003 Social News Viral Strategy.mp4
│ ├── 004 Guest Posting Niche Blending.mp4
│ └── 005 Facebook Growth Hacks.mp4
└── 03 Website Traffic - Long Term
├── 001 Create Killer Content.mp4
├── 002 Social Media Strategies.mp4
├── 003 Infographics.mp4
├── 004 Forum Marketing.mp4
└── 005 Repurposing Articles.mp4
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