[Pluralsight.com / Tommy van Schaik] PRINCE2® - Тема качества / PRINCE2® - The Quality Theme [2016, ENG]

Открытие, развитие и стратегия введения бизнеса.
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[Pluralsight.com / Tommy van Schaik] PRINCE2® - Тема качества / PRINCE2® - The Quality Theme [2016, ENG]

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PRINCE2® - Тема качества / PRINCE2® - The Quality Theme

Год выпуска: 02/2016
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: pluralsight.com/courses/prince2-quality-theme
Автор: Tommy van Schaik
Продолжительность: 2:36
Степень сложности: средняя
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: This is the fourth course in the PRINCE2® practitioner learning path and it presents you with a detailed rundown of the PRINCE2® quality approach. This is a step-by-step approach to quality that will allow you to create a system that ensures that your project will deliver the right quality products and services for your project's products. After this course you will not only be familiar with the PRINCE2® quality concepts but will also be able to apply these concepts in your own projects to increase the customer satisfaction and ultimately the success of your projects.

Это уже четвертый курс как prince2® практикующий путь обучения и представляет вам подробное изложение как prince2® качество подхода.
Course Overview
1m 44s
Course Overview 1m 44s

Introduction to the Quality Theme
27m 46s
Course and Module Introduction 3m 47s
The Quality Theme 4m 52s
Approach to Quality 7m 6s
Quality Planning Steps 4m 5s
Quality Control Steps 4m 15s
Module Lookback 3m 38s

The Customer Side of Quality
50m 0s
Module Introduction 3m 16s
Why Get the Quality Expectations? 2m 42s
Getting the Requirements Right 4m 23s
Customer's Quality Expectations 8m 14s
Acceptance Criteria 8m 17s
Project Product Description 3m 50s
Example Project Product Description - Document Context 5m 22s
Example Project Product Description - The Quality Aspects 8m 17s
Module Lookback 5m 36s

Quality Management Strategy
25m 1s
Module Introduction 1m 47s
Topics in the Quality Management Strategy 4m 56s
Placement of the Quality Management Strategy 3m 42s
Example Quality Management Strategy - Quality Choices 5m 53s
Example Quality Management Strategy - Administration 6m 34s
Module Lookback 2m 6s

Product Descriptions
25m 8s
Module Introduction 1m 26s
Product Descriptions 4m 50s
Example Product Description - Placement of the Product 5m 1s
Example Product Description - Product Information 3m 38s
Example Product Description - Quality Attributes 3m 39s
Example Product Description - Skills and Responsibilities 3m 52s
Module Lookback 2m 39s

Quality Control
26m 40s
Module Introduction 2m 27s
Quality Planning and Quality Control 2m 51s
Quality Methods 4m 49s
Quality, Approval, and Acceptance Records 6m 11s
Quality Register 6m 40s
Course and Module Lookback 3m 40s
Tommy van Schaik spent most of his academic and professional career as a linking pin between business and IT. His focus areas are: project management, IT governance, business processes, IT architecture, requirement engineering, and business rules.
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