Глобальный саммит гипнотерапевтов / Global Hypnosis eSummit 13-15 March 2009 [2009, Гипноз, WEBRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Глобальный саммит гипнотерапевтов / Global Hypnosis eSummit 13-15 March 2009 [2009, Гипноз, WEBRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Глобальный саммит гипнотерапевтов / Global Hypnosis eSummit

Страна: США
Тематика: Гипноз
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Продолжительность: 78,3 часов
Год выпуска: 2009
Оффсайт: http://hypnosummit.com/

Язык: Английский
: Отсутствует

Описание: Plan now to attend the first Global Hypnosis eSummit. It will stream over your favorite web browser March 13-15th, 2009. There has never been a hypnosis event like this one! Top speakers from around the world will present one-hour lectures on a wide variety of topics for beginners to advanced practitioners. Learn new techniques, new topics in the field of mind/body interactions. There will also be a variety of topics for those who are simply interested in hypnosis so you can invite your friends, students and family to participate as well.

All lectures will be archived and held on the servers for two full weeks. So, if you missed Brian David Phillips lecture from Taiwan or Adam Eason’s class from the UK because it is airing at 3am your time, no problem. We have a library built right into the site where you can watch the videos at your convenience.
1-2-3 Phobia Free - Mark Babineaux
Combine fractionation and compounded suggestion in this three step hypnosis session to help your client overcome unfounded fears. In the first step, autosuggestion is used as both a suggestibility test and primary induction. The second step is a conventional hypnosis session involving future pacing.

3 Past Life Regression Demonstrations - Anne Spencer
Live from the classroom, Dr. Anne shows you exactly how to do a past life regression session for a client. As she works with two different clients you get to experience multiple ways to achieve the same outcome- for all those clients who do not follow the script!

5 Phases of Regression - Roy Hunter
Client centered regression therapy helps the subconscious to discover the core cause(s) of a client's problem, enabling the hypnosis professional to facilitate release and subconscious re-learning (or reprogramming). Roy has organized regression therapy into a logical learning process with five phases, and guides his students through a step-by-step process. It's also important to know the difference between guiding and inappropriate leading, in order to minimize the risk of false memories.

7 Proven Steps for Selling Hypnosis to the Corporate Market - Don L. Price
The one Secret to having wealth, power and success is in the marketing and how hypnosis is used in coaching people to succeed in their business and personal life. Over the last 40-years of using hypnosis in the corporate market place we isolated the secrets that have created millions of dollars in business. And, we are now passing that on to YOU!

17 Most Powerful Hypnotic Principals - Adam Eason
Do you know how to make people think an inanimate object is communicating with them personally? Do you know how to ensure you elicit a trance within someone who resists as much as possible? What about this, how do you alter people's perception of time within a sentence to alter their perception of you?

A Christian Defense of Hypnosis - Brian Hooper
Many fundamentalist Christians believe that hypnosis is dangerous and leads to demonic oppression or possession. This presentation will offer an alternative perspective based on canonical Scripture.

An Interview with Shelley Stockwell - Ormond McGill
The Dean of American Hypnosis Ormond McGill is legendary. He wrote 35 books on hypnosis and conjuring and his final work reflecting his 80+ years in the field resulted in the amazing "McGill's Hypnotherapy Encyclopedia".

Are you Ready to be Slender? - Roger Moore
Are you ready to take off your excess pounds and leave the weight forever? Are you ready to experience living life to the fullest? Think about this: Are you really ready to be different than 655 of the US population who is overweight? If your answer is YES!"" then this presentation if for you. If you aren't sure, then participate and find out. If your answer is ""no"" then just continue your yo-yo dieting."

Attract the Love of Your Life with Hypnosis - Debra Berndt
The quality of your relationships is directly related to the beliefs on the subconscious level. If you struggle with attracting a healthy relationship, come join this one-hour talk on how to uncover false beliefs deep in your mind that could be sabotaging your love life. Join this presentation and experience live hypnosis techniques to clear the way for attracting the love of your life.

Being Hypnotic - Interviewing for Success - Rev. William Mitchell
It all Starts or Stops in the Questions and Hypnotic Seeding of the Pre-Talk. The Hypnotist effectively combines the Motivational Interviewing that Elicit the Clients own Arguments for Change and the Hypnotic Seeding of Suggestions for Change in the PreTalk, the Combination results in Releasing Client Potential and Increasing Practitioner Effectiveness. This gives the Responsibility for Change back to the Client, because Properly Seeded Hypnotic Suggestions Create a Belief in their Ability to Change!

Brian Plasticity - Rayma Ditson Sommer
It was once believed that our brain becomes fixed as we age. We have been led to think that an aging brain is a result of getting older. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the last 20-years, large amounts of research have proven that the brain never stops growing when learning, changing and adjusting to new activities. These activities actually produce new neurons that connect.

Building a Profitable Private Practice - Richard Nongard
It's all in the details! Richard will share his secrets for success - from selecting office location and furnishings to low-cost print and radio advertising, how to structure fees and differentiate yourself from the competition, and so much more.

Cellular Cleanse - Patti Conklin
Throughout your lifetime, your body has kept a perfect copy of your every word, thought and emotion. They are stored as cellular memory. As a result, you have become what you say, think and feel. Over time, many layers of these memories developed into blockages. They interrupted the flow of subtle energy within your body. This is what produces dis-ease. Patti shows you how to release those blockages and return to health.

Conversational and Covert Hypnosis Part 1 - David Synder
This fascinating program explores the study and use of covert and conversational hypnotic techniques. Covert Hypnosis is the study and se of "hypnotic operators" that act upon the mind of the subject, predisposing them to think or act in a certain "often predictable" manner.
Conversational and Covert Hypnosis Part 2 - David Synder
This fascinating program explores the study and use of covert and conversational hypnotic techniques. Covert Hypnosis is the study and se of "hypnotic operators" that act upon the mind of the subject, predisposing them to think or act in a certain "often predictable" manner.

Court Mandated Anger Management - Ron Eslinger
You will get the Who, What, When and Where as part of this workshop on court mandated anger management and stress reduction. This program was created to give you the tools needed to create and develop profitable and needed court mandated anger management programs for your area.

Creative Mind Method for Love - Debra Berndt
Learn a new method of working with clients who wish to have better results in love and relationships. Debra Berndt developed the Creative Mind Method with partner Robert Maldonado, Ph.D.

EFT for Releasing Limiting Beliefs - Marla Brucker
Observe a session utilizing EFT and Muscle Testing to help uncover a confidence issue stemming from childhood. Experience firsthand, the power and effectiveness of easy-to-use- tools to created immediate and permanent changes.

Eliminating Fibromyalgia with Hypnosis - Melissa Roth
Fibromyalgia strikes 10% of the general population and 25% of those who suffer with this mysterious illness will become totally disabled. This therapy approach has been in extensive worldwide use since 1997. Over 80% of users become and remain symptom free. Over 97% get significant and, sometimes, dramatic relief while simuntaneously being able to eliminate or reduce their FMS medications.

Exploring the Hypnotic Brain - Tim Brunson
Psychologists, social workers, hypnotherapists and psychiatrists are the only healing professionals who rarely look at the organ that they treat. Achieving even a basic knowledge of the structure and functioning of the brain will open possibilities for deep, lasting transformation and healing.

Find and Resolve the Root Cause of Any Issue within Minutes - Debbie Papadakis Debbie Papadakis will show you the steps to finding the ISE of any client's presenting situation. You will learn how to discover it, examine it, resolve it, & clear it. By removing the charges of the original events, you can help your clients to achieve their goals in a matter of a short time.

Find Your True Self - Katherine Zimmerman, PhD
Is there something missing from your life? Perhaps you are missing a recognition of your true self. Who are you under the labels that others have placed on you? Do you long to take risks, stretch and grow but do not know where to start? Some of your questions may be answered in the stories from the heart that are included in this book.

Free your Mind from the Prison of Limiting Beliefs with Psych-k - Rob Williams PSYCH-K is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, where nearly all human behaviour originates, both constructive and destructive. Its overall goal is to accelerate individual and global spiritual evolution by aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom from the world's great spiritual and intellectual traditions.

Gentle Speed Hypnosis Inductions - Brian David Phillips
Participants will learn and experience a number of variations of approaches to Rapid and Instant Hypnosis inductions that use a "gentle" approach paradigm. The gentle orientation is a bit different from the shock and awe approach often used with rapid or instant inductions. Gentle approaches are a bit less flashy but they accomplish the same goals and are just as effective.

Headache Destroyer - Norm Caldwell
Pain disrupts the thought patterns of the brain causing the whole mind and body network to lose focus on anything other than the pain itself. Hypnotherapy can help you to alleviate your pain and regain control of emotions surrounding it. You can take back your life when you incorporate hypnotherapy into your pain management routine.

Healing the Inner Child - Alice A. Amos, LMHC, CH
Working with the inner child is like healing the past from the present. Hypnotherapy that focuses on Inner Child work has a deep healing effect on the adult self. The inner child is a metaphor for parts of us that were created and came into being early on in the development process. While working with the inner child you'll learn how to re-connect the parts of the "self". Introductory, discussion and demonstration.

Healing Present Life Issues Using Past Life Regression - Georginna Cannon
An Introduction and demonstration of Past Life Regression Journeys facilitated by the author of the best seller, RETURN - Past Life and You. In this one hour lecture/demo you will be able to see the extraordinary power of past life regression work.

How to Get $10,000 Worth of Free Publicity - Craig Eubanks
Insider Secrets for getting your press release noticed before the fax machine even stops printing! You'll learn: the main purpose of a press release, foolproof formulas for writing a press release that gets noticed, three huge benefits you and your business get from free publicity, how to avoid the cardinal sin of free publicity, a simple tweak you can make to increase press release readership by 80%, the snowball effect.

How to Get Stage Hypnosis Show Bookings in the next 14 days even if you have no experience - Geoff Ronning
You will learn how to get stage hypnosis show bookings instantly. This session is designed for the pro that wants to fill in dead time as well as the beginner that is just getting started. With this strategy you don't need promo, experience or money to get your bookings flowing. Geoff has used this strategy around the world with big success.
How to Get your Books and Articles Published - Carol Adler
Learn how to publish your articles & books and use these products to promote your practice. Tell your success stories; share your special techniques. Everything you need to know about publishing, marketing and selling your written materials.

How to Make Post Hypnotic Suggestions Stick - William Mitchell
Participants will be given the results of research by Weitzenhoffer, Berrigan,Evans and Staats, Wojcikiewicz and Orlick and the teachings of Erickson on Posthypnotic Suggestion. Learn how Posthypnotic suggestion is based on the Principle of Association.

How to Start a Hypnotherapy Practice - Mark Babineaux
Practical and legal considerations in starting, maintaining and promoting your hypnosis practice. Learn to practice protection by developing protective practices.

How to use Internet Video to Get More Clients - Craig Eubanks
If you aren't using video in your marketing online, you are leaving money on the table. It's that simple. This session will discuss the power of using online video, and how you can easily get started using video. This session won't covet technical stuff, because you don't need to know it to do video marketing. Instead, you'll learn the different ways to use video, get your video out online, and how to create video quickly.

Hypno Scripting - Jim Duncan
In this program, James Duncan will guide participants through key components of formulating effective hypnosis scripts that clients enjoy embracing. Components such as: how to create a predisposition for client success; how to avoid common mistakes in suggestion; how to create belief that improvement has already occurred for the client; how to break down resistance while the client enjoys the process. How to maximize implied suggestion.

Hypnoanesthesia for Surgery - John Butler
"Dr. John Butler presents some of his cases of hypnosurgery. Patients are interviewed prior to surgery, talking about the reasons they chose to use hypnotherapy to help them with surgery and the preparation they are having with Dr. Butler. Film is shown of the preparation for hypnoanaesthesia and also of patients undergoing surgery.

Hypnosis for Children - Ted Benton
Ted demonstrates the ease of using hypnosis with children to overcome a wide variety of problems. He demonstrates different inductions and the use of both direct suggestions and Ericksonian type indirect inductions.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance Improvement - Anne King
3 ingredients crucial to all sports. Why visualization is necessary and how to implement it properly. How to avoid the pitfall of saying "too much". How to adapt any sports script to fit other sports. How to anchor confidence & that winning feeling.

Hypnosis for Youthing, Anti-aging - Bee Epstein Shepherd
Do you want to live with less stress, get a good night's sleep every night, restore sexual energy and interest, be healthier, more energetic, have more control over your weight, have a more youthful outlook on life, be happier with yourself, feel and look younger than your age? You can--with Youthing: A Hypnotic Approach to Anti-Aging.

Hypnosis-Your Secret Weapon for Sales Motivation - Don Price
Sales people don't fail because of their lack of training, product knowledge, motivation, and active sales strategies. They fail because they don't implement what they know how to do, could do and should do because of the lack of motivation, unproductive habits, unconscious blocks, procrastination, stress and fear. Hypnosis goes beyond the symptoms to solve the problems.

Hypnotherapy for Immune Disorders - Tim Trujillo
Immune related disorders are an increasing concern in healthcare. Individuals are seeking greater natural and self-care oriented methods for the management of conditions ranging from cancer to HIV/AIDS, lupus, diabetes, etc. Seminar attendees will learn the basics of immune system disorders and effective evidence-based approaches to resolve psychosocial factors in disease management.

Hypnotic Language Intensive with Jamie Smart
This entertaining & informative program will give you powerful insights into the nature of language, & how you can use your language to get instant results in all areas of your life. Better still, Jamie uses NLP & Hypnotic language to teach the patterns of hypnotic language, so as you watch & listen, it's like the patterns are being downloaded into your mind.

IBS - Melissa Roth

Ideomotor Effect Processes - Brian David Phillips
The ideomotor effect is so often underutilized or misunderstood. It is a simple psychological effect that can be used in such a wide range of hypnotic contexts -from inductions to session utility to artistic expression.

Indirect Hypnosis Part 1 - Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks analyses archive video recordings of his work with Ericksonian Hypnosis at Sussex University England. The lectures are based on studio recordings of Brooks working with a patient in the 1990. Brooks intersperses the hypnosis demonstration with a running commentary on the indirect hypnotic language patterns, indirect inductions and indirect therapeutic interventions he is using throughout the session.

Indirect Hypnosis Part 2 - Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks analyses archive video recordings of his work with Ericksonian Hypnosis at Sussex University England. The lectures are based on studio recordings of Brooks working with a patient in the 1990. Brooks intersperses the hypnosis demonstration with a running commentary on the indirect hypnotic language patterns, indirect inductions and indirect therapeutic interventions he is using throughout the session.

Internal Feng Shui - Timothy L. Trujillo
Feng Shui is a system that promotes health facilitating free flow through environments modeled on the movement of wind and water. This philosophy is at the center of Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. Where there is free flow, there is no pain. While the practice of Feng Shui is primarily focused on external environments, similar principles can be directed to internal landscapes in order to promote greater health.

Introduction to Hypnotic Coaching - Zoilita Grant
Expand into Coaching: Learn the difference between hypnotherapy and Hypnotic-Coaching- with a focus on the coaching relationship. Working with people who want "success" in their lives. Students will learn how to use hypnosis with the core competencies of the International Federation of Coaches and how to conduct coaching conversations.

Key Note - Scott Sandland
An introduction to the Global Hypnosis eSummit. This is a brief and important lecture everyone should watch.

Life's a Project, Project Manage it - Reg Blackwood
Project management is about the structuring of a series of tasks and the schedule and resources associated with those tasks to achieve an outcome. In this presentation Reg Blackwood shows how the tools and techniques employed by Project Managers can also be used to manage personal schedules.

Light Switch Self-Hypnosis - Roger Moore
Light Switch Self Hypnosis: In this hour you will learn what hypnosis is and isn't and how to give yourself hypnotic suggestions, take yourself into trance and be back up in one minute. The Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is what sets the Slender For Life hypnotic weight loss program apart from other programs. 100% of clients who maintain their ideal healthy weight for two or more years use Light Switch Self Hypnosis.

LIVE Question & Answer Session - James Wanless, Ph.D.
Have a question? Receive information from Voyager Tarot's Captain Pic-a-Card himself-- James Wanless Please type in your Question and the tarot information card you pulled. James will then discuss the interaction between the two, during this live lecture. OR James will pick a card from his Voyager Tarot Deck for you. You can also go to voyagertarot.com and click on "Card a Day" While thinking about your question and when it feel right-- click on the back of the large card and you will receive a random card from the Deck face up. OR, have James pull a card for you from his Voyager Tarot Deck.

Magic Hands: Ideodynamic Processes in Hypnotherapy - Michael Watson
Learn about Erickson's "Dreaming Arm", Ernest Rossi's "Magic Hands" and other easy to learn hypnotic processes. This gentle, client centered approach invites the wisdom of the unconscious to guide the way, and can best be used to facilitate your work in any context with any issue. This presentation will include live demonstrations and handouts for you to use afterward.

Making $$$ Relieving Anxiety - Kathy Moore
Let Kathy Moore show you why specializing in anxiety will allow you to build a thriving practice.

Management of Anxiety in Client and Therapist - Brian Hooper
This presentation will focus on minimizing anxiety in both parties by the development of proper intake tools, knowing when the presenting concerns are beyond the competence of the therapist and referral or adjunct therapy is required, sensing how to "pace" the client so that abreactions.

MD Mind and Body Communication and Healing - Bernie Siegel
Discussion on how our bodies and genes respond to the messages received via words which become translated into feelings and our internal chemistry.

Mindfulness, Relaxation and Hypnotherapy - Richard Nongard
This workshop will overview common modalities of hypnosis, meditation, mindfullness and relaxation training, to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Complementary and alternative therapies in clinical settings clearly reflect success in treating both medical and psychiatric conditions.

Music for Meditation and Healing - Daniel Kolbialka
He has partnered with Bernie Siegel, MD and Joan Borysenko, PhD to bring the magic of healing with sound to the forefront of music.

One Session Allergy Elimination - Anne King
Participants will learn: how to prepare the client via the Pretalk, why you need a written client agreement, how and why you offer a money back guarantee , the actual process, the importance of follow-up suggestions, how to use a client worksheet during the session and post session client instructions.

Pain Management - Michael R Eslinger, Captain, USN, Retired
This presentation offers the information and materials for the learner to develop a turn key program for court mandated anger management. It begins with the theme of Change the Mind - Change the Brain - Change the Behavior. This program talks the learner through sessions 1-4 which includes the roll of sleep deprivation and self talk. Sample downloads of the materials and letter used to contact judges, lawyers and probation officers are included.

Parts Therapy - Jamie Feldman
Our subconscious is protective, and through the mechanism the subconscious sets up these specific "parts" to deal with trauma or the special needs the individual may require. It is the nature of the mind to be subdivided into an indeterminate number of sub-personalities or parts.

Pre Talk - Jamie Feldman
The importance of a proper pre-talk can't be over emphasized. The pre talk is what sets the stage and generates the expectations as it educates the client about what hypnosis is and isn't. In this short video, Jamie Feldman discusses and demonstrates excellent form and content to be used in your practice.

Reframe Disease - Jim Duncan
In this program, IMDHA Diplomate, James Duncan, will guide participants through key components of creating an atmosphere of well-being within the mind of the client through reframing of health concepts. Learn to: create a predisposition for the client wellness; how to avoid common detrimental thought and language; create belief that improvement has already occurred for the client; use humor and acceptance to motivate change. Maximize rejection of implied negative suggestion.

Reframing and Anchoring Techniques - Katherine Zimmerman
It has been said that your success in hypnosis is directly related to your ability to help your clients reframe their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. In this lecture Katherine demonstrates anchoring techniques to release negative emotions and to reframe them into healthy, positive and beneficial ones. She teaches you how to do these same techniques with your clients.

Returning Vets: Dealing with PTSD - Charlene Ackerman
When it seems like there is nowhere else to go with the session due to extremely intense emotions, the Silencer technique allows the hypnotist to continue and achieve success.

Richard Rumble Interviews the Wizard (Dr. Al Krasher) - Richard Rumble
The success of the entire client session depends on the pre-talk. This interview with The Wizard shows you how to set your session up for success from Hello.

Self Confidence - Richard Rumble
Join Richard Rumble in a 45 min. discussion on building self confidence in yourself as well as how to teach self confidence to your clients. Self confidence is one of the driving factors in what makes a person a success in life. In this class, Mr. Rumble will discuss his own techniques for building self confidence in himself as a child.

Session Enhancements: The Trance Master's World of Induction and Hypnotic Enhancements - John Cerbone
A must have mix of Demos and Insider Hypnotic Secrets as taught by The Trance-Master, John Cerbone. Learn induction methods, sample Speed Trance Inductions (Speed, Rapid, Instant, verbal) and hypnotic enhancement techniques.

So, You're Interested in Hypnosis, Now What? - Patti Scott
Hypnosis seems to be a topic of conversation everywhere today. You see it on T.V., in movies, even in the doctor's office. But what exactly is this thing called "hypnosis", how do you find a qualified Hypnotherapist, and where can you get trained in hypnosis? This seminar will answer these questions and explain the what's and how's about hypnosis and why it is so effective for changing behaviors and habits

Solving the Smoking Puzzle - Garrett G. Buttel, M.A.,BCH
This lecture reveals the tricky combination of causes that keeps many smokers locked in.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis - Richard Neves
Be sure to grab my in-depth and detailed handouts -FREE- at the HypnoSummit booth 101 before this lecture. It's the complete guide you need to make the most of my course and will answer questions before you think of them.

Street Hypnosis - Sean Michael Andrews
Street hypnosis is gaining popularity around the world. Two years ago this exciting activity was virtually unknown, but now there are hundreds of videos posted on the internet of hypnotists (amateur and professional) performing street hypnosis. So why would a clinical hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist for that matter want to engage in this activity.

Stress Management - Norm Caldwell
Stress is a natural part of our lives. It is a primitive survival instinct, signaling the body to be put on a partial or full alert. The central nervous system responds. It produces certain hormones preparing the body. This process is called the fight or flight reaction! Things have certainly changed in our society. Today, you settle disputes by negotiation -- not fighting. You can't fight or run.

Symbols of Transformation, Voyager Tarot - James Wanless, Ph.D.
In this fast-paced and complete video lecture, learn how to use and "read" contemporary Tarot as an intuitive and proactive tool for transformation in all areas of life. In this holistic map of the human psyche, you will experience how to apply Archetypes (our greatest inner resources), how to do the "Ring of Magic" Reading for Manifestation, and the Question and Answer way of insight.

Tapping the Teen Market - Katherine Zimmerman
Do you suffer from anxiety and fear when you think about working with teens? Let me reframe this group for you! Teens are excellent trance subjects, have no fears about hypnosis and benefit immensely from this modality. Like adults, teenagers need hypnotherapy for stress reduction, to improve athletic performance, overcome insomnia and improve self-esteem.

Techniques You Can Use on Monday - Paul Durbin
Hypnotic techniques and protocols developed by others and myself which I found to be very successful during my over 25-years as the Clinical Hypnotherapist at Methodist Hospital in New Orleans (Methodist Hospital has been closed since Katrina). "Hand to Face for Therapy" for releasing problems without having to find the source, ideomotor responses, triple sensitizing events, desensitization, stop smoking protocol, pain control lecture, discussion and demonstrations.

Teenage Hypnosis - Nathan Thomas
Are you a teenager or young adult trying to become the best hypnotist you can be, but encountering mishaps, difficulty and a lot of trouble? Teenage hypnotist Nathan Thomas will teach you how to easily become a brilliant and successful hypnotist, and how to deal with all the hang ups faced by the young and teenage hypnotists of today.

The Art of Listening - Kathy Moore
Kathy Moore, MBA, She has been involved in the human potential movement for over two decades. Kathy combines work experience in a wide range of business settings (journalism, sales management, marketing research and teaching) with hypnosis.

The Elman Induction - Sean Michael Andrews
The induction named for its creator, the Elman Induction is widely regarded as the induction every hypnotists should know. Sean Michael Andrews explains and demonstrates how elegantly this inductions incorporates deepeners, convincers, and a profound depth in a short period of time

The Interlife, Life Between Lives?? - Georginna Cannon
Discovering Your Interlife A one hour presentation/demonstration by the author of Discovering Your Interlife - which was called by Brit Elders - a very powerful important work.

The Magic of Healing with Sound - Peter Blum
Tribal societies around the globe have always used sound in their ceremonies as a direct link between humanity and the divine. The ancient mystery schools all taught their students the use of sound as a creative and healing force.

The New World of Self Hypnosis - Carm Blacconiere
Teaching self-hypnosis has changed in the last forty years. Join in and find out some of the new approaches to teaching and learning self-hypnosis. People today have more information about hypnosis and still they have a lot of misconceptions and expectations which need to be explained.

The Shift - Richard Sutphen
Life as we know it is coming to an end, as we rapidly move toward a transitional event or cleansing that will take place prior to 2012. In the least, the vibrational rate of our planet is shifting, which is substantiated by science. Plus the ice is melting, the poles are shifting, and the financial world is destabilizing as we more toward "zero point."

The Urban Shaman - Gary de Rodriguez
HNLP is the evolution of NLP by incorporating an emphasis toward the humanistic quality each one of us process to evolve our lives and fulfill our destinies. Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology is the study of how our Mind creates reality through our thinking.

Understanding Addictions - Scott Sandland
Is addiction a disease? Can a hypnotist help a person overcome past behaviors and consistently make healthy decisions? With his experience working with the addicted population, Scott shares his insights and raises new questions about the nature of addiction.

Understanding Motivational Strategies - Scott Sandland
Scott explains the fundamentals of subconscious motivational strategies. Scott discusses their differences, strengths and weakness of each, and how to effectively recognize and utilize them in yourself and others.

Unstuff Yourself - Nancie Barwick
The "Stuff" we all have, the residue of our emotions throughout our lives, has a profound effect on our Wellness. Dr. Nancie Barwick, herself a survivor of a disabling medical condition, has discovered how this works and what we can do about it. This lecture is based on the information in Dr. Barwick's book, Unstuff Yourself: Finding Joy on the Road to Wellness.

Using a Child's Imagination For Change - Del Morrell
When it comes to working with children and pre-teens, how effective is hypnosis and other hypnotic processes? What are the issues children face and how can you, as a therapist or teacher, be the most effective in reaching them? This talk is designed to answer such questions.
Using Light and Sound to Expand your Practice - Patrick Porter
Have you ever wanted an edge when working with professional athletes, cancer centers, addiction centers, or over nineteen other types of personal improvement providers? In this presentation I will be sharing some of the networking secrets that have helped me partner with 1,034 professional facilities around the world. I will also be sharing with you how the technology of light and sound is revolutionizing the field of hypnosis!

Using Submodalities for Change - Richard Neves
Be sure to grab my in-depth and detailed handouts -FREE- at the HypnoSummit booth 101 before this lecture. It's the complete guide you need to make the most of my course and will answer questions before you think of them.

Verbal First Aid: To Calm, Promote healing, Relieve Pain and Save Lives - Judith Simon Prager
A child falls and is hurt, a partner comes home with a frightening diagnosis, an elderly parent clutches his heart, the car in front of you swerves and crashes. Would you know what to say to make the difference between panic and calm, pain and comfort, even life and death? When people are in fear, pain, or crisis.

Vibrational Healing - Patti Conklin
In addition to demonstrating, she teaches various vibrational balancing techniques to improve health and wellness, which the participants can use for the rest of their lives

What Kind of Colleague R U? - Reg Blackwood
Conflict is often identified as a major contributor to workplace stress. This presentation is packed with information and advice about dealing with difficult people in the workplace, identifying the preferred work styles of team members and effectively motivating those around you.
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