Dan Radez - OpenStack Essentials [2015, PDF/EPUB/AZW3, ENG] + Code

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Dan Radez - OpenStack Essentials [2015, PDF/EPUB/AZW3, ENG] + Code

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OpenStack Essentials

Год: 2015
Автор: Dan Radez
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78398-709-2
Язык: Английский
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 182

An OpenStack cloud is a complex jungle of components that can speed up managing a virtualization platform. Applications that are built for this platform are resilient to failure and convenient to scale. OpenStack allows administrators and developers to consolidate and control pools of compute, networking, and storage resources, with a centralized dashboard and administration panel to enable the large-scale development of cloud services.

Begin by exploring and unravelling the internal architecture of the OpenStack cloud components. After installing the RDO distribution, you will be guided through each component via hands-on exercises, learning more about monitoring and troubleshooting the cluster. By the end of the book, you'll have the confidence to install, configure, and administer an OpenStack cloud.

This is a practical and comprehensive tutorial on sorting out the complexity of an OpenStack cloud.
Chapter 1: Architecture and Component Overview

OpenStack architecture
Chapter 2: RDO Installation
Installing RDO using Packstack
Preparing nodes for installation
Installing Packstack and generating an answer file
Chapter 3: Identity Management
Services and endpoints
Hierarchy of users, tenants, and roles
Creating a user
Creating a tenant
Granting a role
Logging in with the new user
Interacting with Keystone in the dashboard
Endpoints in the dashboard
Chapter 4: Image Management
Glance as a registry of images
Downloading and registering an image
Using the web interface
Building an image
Chapter 5: Network Management
Networking and Neutron
Network fabric
Open vSwitch configuration
GRE tunnels
VXLAN tunnels
Creating a network
Web interface management
External network access
Preparing a network
Creating an external network
Web interface external network setup
Chapter 6: Instance Management
Managing flavors
Managing key pairs
Launching an instance
Managing floating IP addresses
Managing security groups
Communicating with the instance
Launching an instance using the web interface
Chapter 7: Block Storage
Use case
Creating and using block storage
Attaching the block storage to an instance
Managing Cinder volumes in the web interface
Backing storage
Cinder types
GlusterFS setup
Chapter 8: Object Storage
Use case
Architecture of a Swift cluster
Creating and using object storage
Object file management in the web interface
Using object storage on an instance
Ring files
Creating ring files
Chapter 9: Telemetry
Understanding the data store
Definitions of Ceilometer's configuration terms
Graphing the data
Chapter 10: Orchestration
About orchestration
Writing templates
The AWS CloudFormation format
The Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) format
Launching a stack
Autoscaling instances with Heat
LBaaS setup
Web interface
Chapter 11: Scaling Horizontally
Scaling compute nodes
Installing more control and networking
Scaling control and network services
Load-balancing keystone
Additional Keystone tuning
Glance load balancing
Scaling other services
High availability
Highly available database and message bus
Chapter 12: Monitoring
Monitoring defined
Installing Nagios
Adding Nagios host checks
Nagios commands
Monitoring methods
Non-OpenStack service checks
Monitoring control services
Monitoring network services
Monitoring compute services
Chapter 13: Troubleshooting
The debug command line option
Tail the server logs
Troubleshooting Keystone and authentication
Troubleshooting Glance image management
Troubleshooting Neutron networking
Troubleshooting Nova launching instances
Troubleshooting post-boot metadata
Troubleshooting console access
Troubleshooting Cinder block storage
Troubleshooting Swift object storage
Troubleshooting Ceilometer Telemetry
Troubleshooting Heat orchestration
Getting more help
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