Sai Yamanoor, Srihari Yamanoor - Raspberry Pi Mechatronics Projects [2015, PDF/ePub, ENG]

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Sai Yamanoor, Srihari Yamanoor - Raspberry Pi Mechatronics Projects [2015, PDF/ePub, ENG]

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Raspberry Pi Mechatronics Projects

Год: 2015
Автор: Sai Yamanoor, Srihari Yamanoor
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 9781849696227
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF/ePub
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 250
Описание: A mechatronic system is an integration of mechanical and electronic systems designed to simplify or automate a repetitive task. The Raspberry Pi is one such low cost, low power consuming, miniature computer that can act as the brain for different types of applications.
Through 12 accessible and well-demonstrated projects, you will learn how to effectively identify and leverage the best components for your design. Beginning with a simple example of interfacing the Pi with an Arduino, you will delve into more complex projects. From a Weasley weather clock to a line-following robot, a pet monitor to a fun arcade game, you will implement powerful and entertaining projects to master the Raspberry Pi in and out.
1: Hello World
A quick introduction to the Raspberry Pi
Where can I buy a Raspberry Pi?
Mission briefing
Hunting and gathering
Setting up the GPIO
GPIO programming using Python
Electrical output of our program
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

2: A Raspberry WebIDE Example
Mission briefing
Installation, features, and usage of the Occidentalis operating system from Adafruit
Setup of a remote login into the Raspberry Pi
Installation of the Raspberry Pi WebIDE
Python development on the WebIDE
Test and debugging examples using the WebIDE
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

3: The Arduino Raspberry Pi Interface
Mission briefing
Installing the Arduino IDE
Programming the Arduino using the Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi AlaMode
The Weasley weather clock
Controlling the stepper using the Arduino
Controlling the RGB LED Strip using the Arduino
I2C Communication using the Arduino (optional)
Serial port communication with the Raspberry Pi
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

4: Christmas Light Sequencer
Mission briefing
Interface the devices to the Raspberry Pi
Setting up the digitally addressable RGB matrix
Interface of an audio device
Installing the web server
Interfacing the web server
Mission accomplished

5: Internet of Things Example – An E-mail Alert Water Fountain
Mission briefing
Installation of the Flask framework
Controlling RGB LEDs from a web page
Setup of the e-mail alerts in the fountain
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

6: Raspberry Pi as a Personal Assistant
Mission briefing
Setting up the e-mail feed parser
Setting up the parser for reminders and events
Designing an enclosure design for the personal assistant
Setting up the assembly for the dish monitor
Setting up sensors for the key alert system
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenges

7: Raspberry Pi-based Line Following Robot
Mission briefing
Assembly of the Pi Plate for the line following robot
Sensor selection, interface, and data interpretation
Implementation of line following logic based on sensor data
Testing the motor driver circuit
Preparation of the line following course
Designing the chassis for the line following robot
A step-by-step assembly of the robot
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

8: Connect Four Desktop Game using Raspberry Pi
Mission briefing
Hello world example with the pygame
Getting started with the Connect Four game (UI and sound effects)
Interfacing game inputs using the PiFace module
A brief description of the Connect Four Game AI
Marquee design and control (optional)
Setup of the switches using a cardboard box
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

9: The Raspberry Pi-enabled Pet/Wildlife Monitor
Mission briefing
Installing and testing the python-twisted framework
Setting up and testing Spark Core to interact with appliances
Installing and testing the Google Coder project on the Raspberry Pi
A brief overview of a bird feeder that triggers a camera
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

10: Raspberry Pi Personal Health Monitor
Mission briefing
Setting up a web server to record health parameters
A simple exercise tool using the Raspberry Pi
Setting up an e-mail feed parser to refill a prescription as well as remind the user about an upcoming doctor's appointment
A simple tool that reminds a person to take his/her pills
Mission accomplished
Hotshot challenge

11: Home Automation using Raspberry Pi
Mission briefing
A simple example that controls limited indoor and outdoor lighting in the evening
A customary web server example
Turning on a lawn sprinkler only when there is no rain forecast!
Mission accomplished

12: Using a Raspberry Pi for Science and Education
Mission briefing
Improving your vocabulary using the Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi and Khan Academy
Building a science fair exhibit using the Raspberry Pi
Hotshot challenge

13: Tips and Tricks
Mission briefing
Setting up Raspberry Pi as a development platform
Remotely logging in the Raspberry Pi from anywhere on the Internet
Problems that might be encountered while using Raspberry Pi
Cool add-on hardware sources developed for the Raspberry Pi platform
Project ideas that can be implemented over a weekend
Useful resources for the Raspberry Pi
Mission accomplished
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