[Pluralsight.com / Lee Allen] CISSP® - Security and Risk Management [2016, ENG]

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[Pluralsight.com / Lee Allen] CISSP® - Security and Risk Management [2016, ENG]

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CISSP® - Security and Risk Management
ISC(2)'s CISSP examination is one of the most highly valued certifications in the information security profession. Take the first step towards gaining the knowledge needed to tackle the first domain of the CISSP.

Год выпуска: 04/2016
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: pluralsight.com/courses/cissp-security-risk-management
Автор: Lee Allen
Продолжительность: 4:02
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: If you are looking to begin your journey towards the highly respected CISSP credential, then you have come to the right place! This course covers a broad range of topics listed in ISC2's Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) - Security and Risk Management domain. In this course, you will learn the foundations of security and risk management, including topics such as cyber crime, legal and regulatory concerns, threat modeling, and much, much more. When you are finished with this course, you will have a good security and risk management foundation that will provide you with the context and knowledge needed to be successful in the information security profession.
Course Overview
1m 44s
Course Overview 1m 44s

5m 24s
Introduction 5m 24s

Fundamental Security Principles
35m 32s
Introduction 2m 8s
Security and Risk Management Fundamentals 3m 28s
Balancing Business and Security 2m 7s
The CIA Triad 9m 19s
Accountability and Assurance 4m 40s
Control Types 2m 42s
Delaying, Preventing, or Detecting Attacks 4m 45s
Due Care and Due Diligence 2m 10s
Ethics 3m 6s
Conclusion 1m 3s

Legal and Regulatory
13m 4s
Introduction 1m 11s
Legal Systems 1m 4s
Criminal and Civil Law 3m 0s
Administrative Law 2m 35s
Important Laws 4m 39s
Summary 0m 32s

Computer Crime
20m 13s
Introduction 0m 57s
Computers Can Be Used for EVIL 1m 35s
Some Hack Just Because They Can 2m 52s
It's All About the Money 2m 40s
Spies Are Real 2m 5s
Payback and Government Hackers 3m 8s
Theft, Vandalism, and Trespass 2m 17s
Fraud, Spam, and Slander 2m 53s
Conclusion 1m 43s

Intellectual Property
6m 3s
Introduction 0m 47s
Patents 2m 6s
Trademarks and Trade Secrets 1m 26s
Copyrights 1m 17s
Summary 0m 26s

16m 4s
Introduction 1m 24s
Privacy Matters 4m 47s
Privacy Law Examples 8m 57s
Conclusion 0m 56s

15m 1s
Introduction 0m 43s
Reasons for Licensing 1m 59s
License Types 0m 32s
Open Versus Closed Source Licensing 2m 23s
Commercial Versus Non-commercial Licensing 3m 20s
End User License Agreements 0m 34s
Free Software 1m 48s
Demo and Trial Licenses 1m 17s
Shareware 0m 54s
Academic Software Licensing 0m 46s
Summary 0m 41s

Trans-border Data Flow
8m 17s
Introduction 1m 1s
Trans-border Data Flow 4m 6s
Import and Export Controls 2m 12s
Summary 0m 56s

Security Awareness
15m 39s
Introduction 1m 12s
Develop a Culture of Security Awareness 4m 34s
Types of Security Awareness 2m 1s
Expected Impact of Training 2m 25s
Awareness Validation 4m 27s
Summary 0m 57s

Aligning Security to the Organization
16m 30s
Introduction 1m 15s
Governance 0m 57s
Roles and Responsibilities 7m 11s
Organizational Objectives 1m 33s
Security Goals 2m 57s
Security Mission 1m 37s
Conclusion 0m 58s

Creating Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Baselines
19m 6s
Introduction 0m 58s
Security Frameworks Introduction 3m 46s
Effective Policies and Procedures 3m 16s
Policy Sections 2m 51s
Procedures 3m 1s
Guidelines 1m 17s
Baselines 2m 29s
Summary 1m 25s

Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
11m 4s
Introduction 1m 9s
Business Continuity Process 1m 15s
Conducting a Business Impact Analysis 1m 0s
Disaster Recovery Planning vs. Business Continuity Planning 1m 42s
Testing Your Plans 1m 32s
Disaster Events 0m 40s
Recovering from Disaster 1m 6s
Disaster Recovery Controls 2m 1s
Conclusion 0m 34s

Threat Modeling
14m 10s
Introduction 1m 8s
Threat Modeling Overview 2m 9s
Threat Modeling Focus 2m 26s
Threat Model - Scoping 1m 27s
Reviewing the Architecture 1m 16s
Decomposing 0m 50s
Threat Identification using STRIDE 2m 26s
Defining and Documenting Countermeasures 0m 40s
Prioritization with DREAD 0m 42s
Summary 1m 1s

Risk Assessment Concepts
16m 52s
Introduction 1m 22s
Threats 2m 6s
Threat Source 1m 43s
Vulnerabilities 1m 15s
Risk 0m 27s
Risk Assessments 1m 38s
Risk Assessment Methodologies 1m 41s
Real World Threats and Vulnerabilities 1m 32s
Assessment Approach 0m 51s
Analysis Approach 0m 58s
Risk Acceptance and Assignment 1m 24s
Common Calculations 1m 3s
Conclusion 0m 47s

Countermeasure Selection Process
15m 8s
Introduction 1m 37s
What Is a Countermeasure? 1m 30s
Control Variations 1m 23s
Control Types 2m 34s
Control Considerations 1m 50s
Assessing Control Strength 1m 42s
Countermeasure Assurance 0m 35s
Example Countermeasures 2m 48s
Conclusion 1m 4s

13m 4s
Introduction 1m 43s
Risk Management Framework 0m 46s
Leveraging Frameworks 1m 8s
NIST Risk Management Framework RMF 4m 43s
FAIR 2m 23s
OCTAVE Allegro 1m 25s
Summary 0m 52s
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