[O'Reilly Media / Infinite Skills] Amazon Web Services - Virtual Private Cloud Training Video [2015, ENG]

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[O'Reilly Media / Infinite Skills] Amazon Web Services - Virtual Private Cloud Training Video [2015, ENG]

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Amazon Web Services - Virtual Private Cloud Training Video

Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: O'Reilly Media / Infinite Skills
Сайт производителя: oreilly.com
Автор: Jon Gallagher
Продолжительность: 2:30
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: In this Amazon Web Services - Virtual Private Cloud training course, expert author Jon Gallagher will teach you how build your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This course is designed for users that are already familiar with Amazon Web Services.
You will start by learning the basics of VPC, including how to build your VPC. From there, Jon teaches you about the components of a VPC, including subnets, gateways, and VPC endpoints. This video tutorial also covers security in the VPC, going over security groups, Network Access Control Logic (NACLs), and VPC flow logs. You will also learn how to run your EC2 instances in the VPC, create fault-tolerant VPN connections, and connect to other VPCs using VPC peering. Finally, you will learn about troubleshooting, including connectivity problems to EC2 instances, security group gotchas, and soft limits gotchas.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of configuring and managing your own Amazon VPC.
01. Introduction
0101 What Is Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud - VPC?
0102 What To Expect And About The Author

02. The Basics Of VPC
0201 The Two Different VPCs - The Default VPC And The Ones You Create
0202 The Default VPC - How Amazon Organizes And Protects Your Stuff
0203 Build Your VPC - The Hard Way
0204 Build Your VPC - The Easy Way - Part 1
0205 Build Your VPC - The Easy Way - Part 2

03. Going Deeper In The VPC - The Components Of A VPC
0301 The Base Level VPC
0302 Subnets
0303 Gateways
0304 VPC Endpoints - Accessing AWS Resources From The VPC

04. Security In The VPC
0401 Security Groups
0402 Security Groups - Deep Dive
0403 Network Access Control Logic - NACLs Overview
0404 VPC Flow Logs - Part 1
0405 VPC Flow Logs - Part 2
0406 VPC Flow Logs - Part 3

05. Running Your EC2 Instances In The VPC
0501 Configuring Your EC2 Instance To Run In A VPC
0502 EC2 - Advanced Networking

06. VPC Connectivity
0601 Creating Fault-Tolerant VPN Connections
0602 Connecting To Other VPCs Using VPC Peering
0603 Using Direct Connect

07. Troubleshooting
0701 Correcting Problems Connecting To AWS Services
0702 Connectivity Problems To EC2 Instances
0703 Connectivity Problems Using VPN
0704 Connectivity Problems Using VPC Peering
0705 Soft Limits Gotchas
0706 Security Group Gotchas
0707 The VPC Troubleshooting Checklist

08. Conclusion
0801 Review
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