[O'Reilly Media / Infinite Skills / David R. Miller] CISSP Certification Training - Domain 8 Training Video [2016, ENG]

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[O'Reilly Media / Infinite Skills / David R. Miller] CISSP Certification Training - Domain 8 Training Video [2016, ENG]

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CISSP Certification Training - Domain 8 Training Video

Год выпуска: 07/2016
Производитель: O'Reilly Media / Infinite Skills
Сайт производителя: oreilly.com, infiniteskills.com/training/cissp-certification-training-domain-8.html
Автор: David R. Miller
Продолжительность: 2:30
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Presented by security ace David R. Miller, this course covers what you will need to know to pass the CISSP Domain 8 - Software Development Security exam. Domain 8 focuses on the challenges of securing software applications from malicious attack. The course starts with a look at the various types of applications and identifies the risks within their architecture.
It goes on to examine the software development life cycle, offering several highly recommended models for enhancing security during the phases of the life cycle and within the applications themselves. Specific risks, countermeasures, and controls are covered along with a description of the testing strategies used to ensure more secure applications.* Learn what is required to pass Domain 8 of the 2015 CISSP Certification Course
* Understand the security risks inherent within the architecture of the different forms of applications
* Review the security dangers associated with the different SDLC methodologies
* Explore buffer overflow and injection risks, and how to protect against them
* Master the controls used to secure the computing environment and the SDLC
* Gain insight regarding the testing strategies used to secure software applications
01. Application Architecture
0101 Application Architecture Introduction
0102 Application Architecture Review

02. The Software Development Lifecycle And Related Development Models
0201 The Software Development Lifecycle
0202 CMM, SDL, And OWASP
0203 Waterfall, Spiral, And Prototyping
0204 Agile Development Platforms And DevOps

03. Risks Within Software
0301 Risks Within Software
0302 Buffer Overflow And Injection

04. Controls To Secure Software Development
0401 Development Environment, Version Control, And Security Controls
0402 Stack Canary, NX Memory, And Garbage Collection
0403 Sandboxing
0404 Input, Process, And Output Controls
0405 Software Development Controls Summary

05. Testing Software
0501 Code And Software Testing
0502 Web Application Testing

06. Wrap Up
0601 Wrap Up
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