[Pluralsight.com / Brandon Carroll] Security Concepts for CCNA Security (210-260) IINS [2016, ENG]

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[Pluralsight.com / Brandon Carroll] Security Concepts for CCNA Security (210-260) IINS [2016, ENG]

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Security Concepts for CCNA Security (210-260) IINS

Год выпуска: 01/2016
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: pluralsight.com/courses/security-concepts-ccna-security-210-260-iins
Автор: Brandon Carroll
Продолжительность: 3:25
Степень сложности: средняя
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: This course covers the fundamentals of network security. Is designed to take you through not only the fundamentals of security but also some of the most common threats that are seen in our networks today. In this course, you'll also learn fundamentals of cryptography and also look at a brief history of crypto. You'll also learn about various network security devices and how they're used in our network topologies today.
Course Introduction and CCNA Security Overview
10m 43s
Course Introduction 1m 44s
Course Overview 4m 23s
CCNA Security Overview 4m 36s

Common Security Principles
43m 55s
Module Overview 1m 12s
Confidentiality 4m 43s
Integrity 6m 25s
Availability 2m 47s
SIEM Technology 9m 55s
Security Terms 8m 58s
Common Security Zones 5m 58s
Module Summary 3m 52s

Common Security Threats
1h 0m
Common Security Threats Module Overview 1m 15s
DoS and DDoS 14m 15s
Spoofing 8m 5s
Reflection and Amplification Attacks 6m 57s
Social Engineering 10m 42s
Attacks on Passwords 1m 54s
Reconnaissance Attacks 1m 19s
Buffer Overflows 2m 3s
MITM Attacks 4m 27s
Malware 2m 52s
Data Loss 2m 38s
Tools Used to Hack 4m 20s

Cryptography Concepts
49m 26s
Module Introduction 0m 43s
Cryptography Overview 2m 14s
History of Cryptography: Substitution Ciphers 3m 6s
History of Cryptography: Viginere and Hebern 2m 22s
History of Cryptography: The Engigma Machine 3m 53s
Hash Algorithms 3m 55s
Crypto Authentication with Hashes 4m 50s
Comparing Hash Algorithms 1m 44s
How Encryption Works 5m 3s
Cryptanalysis 5m 23s
Encryption and Keys 6m 27s
Digital Signatures 8m 11s
Module Summary 1m 29s

Network Topologies
33m 17s
Network Topologies Introduction 1m 9s
Firewall Overview 5m 58s
IPS Overview 5m 24s
Content Security Overview 6m 21s
Remote Access VPN Overview 4m 53s
DMVPN Overview 3m 42s
Endpoint Security Overview 4m 55s
Network Topologies Summary 0m 50s

Course Summary
7m 5s
Course Summary 7m 5s
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Brandon has over 13 years experience as a Cisco Instructor and has taught hundreds of students in the areas of Routing and Switching, Security, Wireless, Voice, and Data Center. Brandon loves technology and is a an avid blogger, spends time assisting students in the Cisco Learning Network. He holds the CCIE in Security (#23837).
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