[Pluralsight.com / Jared Demott] Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits [2016, ENG]

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[Pluralsight.com / Jared Demott] Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits [2016, ENG]

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Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits
Cyber-crime is rampant, and it's only getting worse. This hands-on course will show you how to analyze the most difficult cyber intrusions so that you can understand and better protect your data from exploit kits, an advanced form of malware.

Год выпуска: 06/2016
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: pluralsight.com/courses/malware-advanced-analysis-combating-exploit-kits
Автор: Jared Demott
Продолжительность: 2:23
Сложность: высокая
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Cyber-criminals are innovating faster than ever, and the cyber-crime industry caused the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars last year across the US and Europe alone. In this course, Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits, you'll learn the skills you need to pull apart and analyze exploit kits (an advanced form of malware) with Dr. DeMott. First, you'll explore the tools and techniques you'll be using as well as analyze events collected by Bromium micro-VMs. Next, you'll work on unraveling the exploit kits--figuring out which ones were used, what they look like, how to decrypt them, and how to detect them in "the wild." Finally, you'll learn how to conduct safe dynamic analysis of these exploit kits, detect CNC communication, and share your analyses so that these problems can be remedied. By the end of this course, you'll not only have a better understanding of what exploit kits are and how to detect them, but you'll be able to analyze how they work and report them so that your data is safer than ever from cyber-crime.
Course Overview
1m 19s
Course Overview 1m 19s

16m 15s
Introduction to Malware 1m 32s
Demo: Analyzing a Bromium Alert 8m 10s
Security Tool Follow-up 5m 46s
First Malware Analysis Lab 0m 45s

Recognizing the Exploit Vector
15m 19s
Recognizing Exploit Vector Intro 3m 28s
How to Find the Exploit in a Malware Attack 8m 49s
Exploit Finding Demo 2m 46s
Exploit Finding Lab 1 0m 15s

Unraveling Exploit Obfuscation
13m 15s
Intro and Why to Script 4m 24s
Continued Deobfuscation 5m 57s
Deobfuscation Demo 2m 25s
Deobfuscation Lab 1 0m 28s

Circumventing Exploit Kit Encryption
11m 1s
Module Overview and Homework Review 1m 53s
Exploit Kit Details 4m 23s
Deobfuscation 2 4m 6s
Deobfuscation Lab 2 0m 39s

Understanding Moving Target Communications
8m 16s
Module Goals and Assignment Review 1m 18s
DGAs and More 3m 20s
Non-DGA EKs 1m 44s
Begining EK Detection Lab 1m 52s

Detecting Angler in the Wild
9m 20s
How to Find More Samples 1m 50s
Malware Detection 2m 4s
YARA 2m 29s
YARA Examples and Lab 2m 56s

Performing Safe Dynamic Analysis
13m 8s
Malware Analysis Goals 3m 59s
Another Sample 2m 57s
Dynamic Analysis Walk-through 4m 55s
Sandbox Assignment 1m 15s

Analyzing Files Statically
13m 3s
File Analysis Tools and Techniques 3m 54s
Demo: How to Use the tools 4m 37s
More Tool Details 3m 30s
Assignment: Run and Report 1m 2s

Reversing Malware with Debugging Tools
18m 3s
Static or Dynamic Analysis? 0m 56s
Demo: Extract Malware with IDA Debugger 5m 43s
More on how to Choose an Approach 4m 56s
Debug Details and Assignment 6m 26s

Reversing Malware with IDA pro
15m 38s
Demo and Lesson Plan 0m 57s
Reversing Demo 6m 51s
Goals and Cyclic Recap 3m 34s
Reversing Details and Assignment 4m 14s

Customizing Reports: From Researchers to CISOs
8m 43s
Intro and Recap 1m 23s
How to Report Treat Data 6m 47s
Summary and Assignment 0m 32s
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