Career Academy Computer Forensics Training - Advanced Digital Forensic Techniques [Eng] [2006]

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Career Academy Computer Forensics Training - Advanced Digital Forensic Techniques [Eng] [2006]

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Производитель: Career Academy
Год выпуска: 2006
Язык: английский

The dramatic increase in computer-related crime requires corporate security personnel and law enforcement agents to understand how to legally obtain electronic evidence stored in computers.

Electronic records such as computer network logs, e-mails, word processing files, and “.jpg” picture files increasingly provide the government and corporations with important (and sometimes essential) evidence in criminal and civil cases.

One of the purposes of this course is to provide law enforcement agents and corporate security personnel with systematic guidance that can help them understand some of the issues that arise when they seek electronic evidence in criminal and civil investigations.
Module 1 - Computer Forensic Investigative Theory
History of Digital Forensics
Digital Evidence
Three Main Aspects to Digital Evidence Reconstruction
“Attack” Guidelines for the Recovery of Digital Data
Demo - TimeStomping
Behavioral evidence analysis (BEA)
Equivocal forensic analysis (EFA)
Demo - Following the Clues from an Email Header
Important Questions Regarding the Victim's Cybertrail
Module 1 Review

Module 2 - Computer Forensic Laboratory Protocols
Peer Review
Admin Review
Annual Review
Lab Intake
Module 2 Review

Module 3 - Computer Forensic Processing Techniques
Goal of Digital Evidence Processing
Demo - Logical Review with FTK
Documenting and Identifying
Disassembling the Device
Disconnecting the Device
Document the Boot Sequence
Removing and Attaching the Storage Device to Duplicated System
Circumstances Preventing the Removal of Storage Devices
Write Protection via Hardware/Software
Geometry of a Storage Device
Host Protected Area (HPA)
Tools for Duplicating Evidence to Examiner's Storage Device
EnCase for Windows Acquisition Tool
Demo - Hashing and Duplicating a Drive
Preparing Duplication for Evidence Examination
Recording the Logical Drive Structure
Using “Sandra” and “WinHex”
File Allocation Tables
Logical Processes
Known Files
Reference Lists
Verify that File Headers Match Extensions
Demo - Introduction to FTK
“Regular Expressions”
Demo - Using Regular Expressions
File Signatures
Demo - Hex Workshop Analysis of Graphic Files
Module 3 Review

Module 4 - Crypto and Password Recovery
Demo - Stegonography
Concepts 1
Demo - Cracking a Windows Hashed Password
Concepts 2
File Protection
Options 1
Demo - Recovering Passwords from a Zip File
Options 2
Rainbow Tables
Demo - Brute Force/Dictionary Cracks with Lophtcrack
Demo - Password Cracking with Rainbow Tables
Module 4 Review

Module 5 - Specialized Artifact Recovery
Exam Preparation Stage
Windows File Date/Time Stamps
File Signatures
Image File Databases
Demo - Thumbs.DB
The Windows OS
Windows Operating Environment
Windows Registry
Windows Registry Hives 1
Demo - Registry Overview
Windows Registry Hives 2
Windows 98 Registry
Windows NT/2000/XP Registry
Windows Registry ID Numbers
Windows Alternate Data Streams
Demo - Alternate Data Streams
Windows Unique ID Numbers
Other ID’s
Historical Files 1
Demo - Real Index.dat
Historical Files 2
Demo - Review of Event Viewer
Historical Files 3
Demo - Historical Entries in the Registry
Historical Files 4
Windows Recycle Bin
Demo - INFO Files
Outlook E-Mail
Outlook 2k/Workgroup E-Mail
Outlook Express 4/5/6
Web E-Mail
Module 5 Review
Type: KLCP FLV File
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz mono 128Kbps [Audio]
Video: Flash Video 1 800x600 [Video]

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