Gilberto Nájera-Gutiérrez - Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook [2016, PDF, ENG]

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Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Gilberto Nájera-Gutiérrez
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 9781784392918
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 296
Описание: Web applications are a huge point of attack for malicious hackers and a critical area for security professionals and penetration testers to lock down and secure. Kali Linux is a Linux-based penetration testing platform and operating system that provides a huge array of testing tools, many of which can be used specifically to execute web penetration testing.
This book will teach you, in the form step-by-step recipes, how to detect a wide array of vulnerabilities, exploit them to analyze their consequences, and ultimately buffer attackable surfaces so applications are more secure, for you and your users.
Starting from the setup of a testing laboratory, this book will give you the skills you need to cover every stage of a penetration test: from gathering information about the system and the application to identifying vulnerabilities through manual testing and the use of vulnerability scanners to both basic and advanced exploitation techniques that may lead to a full system compromise. Finally, we will put this into the context of OWASP and the top 10 web application vulnerabilities you are most likely to encounter, equipping you with the ability to combat them effectively. By the end of the book, you will have the required skills to identify, exploit, and prevent web application vulnerabilities.
What You Will Learn
- Set up a penetration testing laboratory in a secure way
- Find out what information is useful to gather when performing penetration tests and where to look for it
- Use crawlers and spiders to investigate an entire website in minutes
- Discover security vulnerabilities in web applications in the web browser and using command-line tools
- Improve your testing efficiency with the use of automated vulnerability scanners
- Exploit vulnerabilities that require a complex setup, run custom-made exploits, and prepare for extraordinary scenarios
- Set up Man in the Middle attacks and use them to identify and exploit security flaws within the communication between users and the web server
- Create a malicious site that will find and exploit vulnerabilities in the user's web browser
- Repair the most common web vulnerabilities and understand how to prevent them becoming a threat to a site's security
Table of Contents
1: Setting Up Kali Linux
2: Reconnaissance
3: Crawlers and Spiders
4: Finding Vulnerabilities
5: Automated Scanners
6: Exploitation – Low Hanging Fruits
7: Advanced Exploitation
8: Man in the Middle Attacks
9: Client-Side Attacks and Social Engineering
10: Mitigation of OWASP Top 10





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