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Illustrator CS WOW! Book / Illustrator CS - это великолепно!
Год: 2004
Автор: Sharon Steuer / Шэрон Стью
Жанр: Графика, дизайн
Издательство: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0-321-16892-5
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Нет
Количество страниц: 464
Описание: Designed to dazzle and inspire but not leave you in the dust, this beautifully designed volume lets you follow along as it dissects real-world projects from some of today's top Illustrator artists. In the process it teaches you how to use Illustrator in ever more creative ways for your own projects. Best-selling author and award-winning artist Sharon Steuer uses four-color pictures of real Illustrator projects to show what's possible and then employs simple, step-by-step instructions to explain the techniques that will produce those effects. You'll find comprehensive ground-up coverage of all of Illustrator CS' most important capabilities. Veteran users will be grateful to explore Illustrator CS' new features: powerful new tools for creating 3D graphics on the fly, a new Scribble Effect that lets you add a loose, hand-drawn look to your artwork, a redesigned text engine, enhanced PDF support, and more. On the CD, you'll find artwork from the book, technical documents, third-party software, clip art, and more.
Описание на русском: Данная книга предназначена как для начинающих, так и для опытных пользователей новой версии CS Illustrator. Книга состоит из пошаговых уроков, неуклонно развивающих возможности читателя. Для вживания в программу предназначена оригинальная методика "танца пальцев". В конце каждого урока представлены произведения всемирно известных дизайнеров и художников. Детально разбирается на основании материалов урока, как были созданы эти известные произведения. В книге представлены сотни художественных техник, ряд уникальных методик, подробно рассматриваются трехмерные эффекты, впервые появившиеся в версии CS Illustrator. Для опытного пользователя CS Illustrator эта книга будет служить энциклопедией художественных техник и рабочими примерами их применения на практике. Если Вы хотите стать известным дизайнером или художником, то эта книга для Вас.
xvi Important: Read me first!
xvii How to use this book
xx Preface: What's New in Illustrator CS?
Illustrator Basics
2 Introduction
2 Computer & System Requirements
2 Setting Up Your Page
5 Making Your Moves Easier
6 Working with Objects
8 Watch Your Cursor!
9 Bezier-Editing Tools
11 Geometric Objects
12 Selecting & Grouping Objects
14 Joining & Averaging
15 Working with Palettes
17 Graphing & Charting
19 Transformations
22 Working Smart
24 Changing Your Views
25 Zooming In & Out
26 Show/Hide Choices
28 Color in Illustrator
31 Saving as PDF
32 Image Formats
33 PostScript Printing & Exporting
35 Actions
36 Scripting and Variables
37 Data-driven graphics
The Zen of Illustrator
40 Introduction
42 Building Houses: Sequential Object Construction Exercises
48 A Classic Icon: Five Ways to Re-create Simple Shapes
50 Zen Scaling
52 Zen Rotation
53 Creating a Simple Object Using the Basic Tools
54 A Finger Dance: Turbo-charge with Illustrator's Power-keys
Drawing & Coloring
64 Introduction
64 Basic Drawing & Coloring
69 Expanding Your Drawing & Coloring Toolset
72 Pathfinder Palette
78 Simple Realism:
Realism from Geometry and Observation
81 Gallery: Mark Fox
82 Cutting & Joining:
Basic Path Construction with Pathfinders
86 Add & Expand:
More Pathfinder Palette Basics
88 Divide & Color:
Applying Pathfinder Divide & Subtract
90 Cubist Constructs:
Creative Experimentation with Pathfinders
92 Isometric Systems:
Arrow Keys, Constrain Angles & Formulas
94-95 Galleries: Rick Henkel, Kurt Hess, Jared Schneidman
96 Objective Colors:
Custom Labels for Making Quick Changes
98-105 Galleries: Jean Tuttle, Clarke Tate,
Christopher Burke, Dorothy Remington,
Karen Barranco, Filip Yip, Gary Ferster
106 Distort Dynamics:
Adding Character Dynamics with Transform
108 Distort Filter Flora:
Applying Distort Filters to Create Flowers
111 Gallery: Laurie Grace
112 Vector Photos: Pen and Eyedropper Technique
115 Gallery: Brad Hamann
116 Advanced Technique: Intricate Patterns:
Designing Complex Repeating Patterns
118 Gallery: Tiffany Larsen
Brushes & Symbols
120 Introduction
120 Brushes
123 Symbols
124 Symbols vs. Scatter Brushes
125 Gallery: Chris Bucheit
126 Ink Brush Strokes:
Making Naturalistic Pen and Ink Drawings
128-131 Galleries: Sharon Steuer, Lisa Jackmore,
Jen Alspach, Ellen Papciak-Rose
132 Preparing Art:
Adding Brushes to Existing Artwork
134 Pattern Brushes:
Creating Details with the Pattern Brush
136-139 Galleries: Bert Monroy, Shayne Davidson,
Steve Spindler, Jacqueline Mahannah
140 Building Brushes:
Building Brushes for Lettering
142 Advanced Technique: Map Techniques:
Simplifying Complex Image Creation
145 Gallery: Joe Lertola
146 Symbol Basics:
Creating and Working with Symbols
149 Gallery: Sandee Cohen & Sharon Steuer
150 Advanced Technique: Organic Creation:
Painting with Brushes, Symbols, and Mesh
by Sandee Cohen
156 Introduction
160 Controlling the Stacking Order of Objects
162 Making Selections using the Layers Palette
163 Gallery: David Nelson
164 Digitizing a Logo:
Controlling Your Illustrator Template
166 Tracing Details:
Tracing Intricate Details with the Pencil
168 Colors with Layers:
Coloring Black & White Images with Layers
170 Organizing Layers:
Managing Custom Layers and Sublayers
173 Gallery: Nancy Stahl
174 Nested Layers:
Organizing with Layers and Sublayers
176 Advanced Technique: Varied Perspective:
Analyzing Different Views of Perspective
180 Introduction
184 Working with Threaded Text
185 Wrapping Text Around Objects
185 Character and Paragraph Styles
186 Taking Advantage of OpenType
187 The Glyphs Palette
188 The Every-line Composer
188 More Type Functions (Type & Window menus)
189 Converting Type to Outlines
191 Using the Appearance Palette with Type
193 Exporting Illustrator Type
194 Custom Text Paths:
Trickling Type with Variations of Type Style
196 Stretching Type:
Fitting Type by Converting to Outline
198-199 Galleries: John Burns, Hornall Anderson
200 Masking Letters:
Masking Images with Letter Forms
201 Gallery: Gary Newman
202 Book Cover Design:
Illustrator as a Stand-alone Layout Tool
204 Brushed Type:
Applying Brushes to Letterforms
206-211 Galleries: Joachim Muller-Lance, Tim Girvin,
Jennifer Bartlett, Louis Fishauf, Ellen Papciak-Rose,
Bjorn Akselsen, Pattie Belle Hastings, Frank Jonen
212 Crunching Type:
Transforming Type with Warps & Envelopes
214 Advanced Technique: Offset Fills:
Covering a Pattern with an Offset Fill
216 Advanced Technique: Antiquing Type:
Applying Scribble in an Opacity Mask
218 Gallery: Steven Gordon
Blends, Gradients & Mesh
220 Blends
223 Gradients
225 Gallery: Rick Barry
226 Examining Blends:
Learning When to Use Gradients or Blends
228 Shades of Blends:
Creating Architectural Linear Shading
229-233 Galleries: Janet Good, Gary Ferster, Linda Eckstein,
Peter Cassell, Steven Stankiewicz
234 Unlocking Realism:
Creating Metallic Reflections with Blends
236-237 Galleries: Jared Schneidman, Andrea Kelley
238 Unified Gradients:
Redirecting Fills with the Gradient Tool
239-243 Galleries: Filip Yip, Hugh Whyte, Caryl Gorska,
Tim Webb
244 Rolling Mesh:
Converting Gradients to Mesh and Editing
246 Advanced Technique: Mastering Mesh:
Painting with Areas of Color Using Mesh
249-252 Galleries: Ma Zhi Liang, Yukio Miyamoto
Transparency & Appearances
254 Introduction
254 Basic Transparency
263 Appearances
264 The Finer Points of Appearances
266 Transparency 101:
Assigning Opacity to Default Brushes
268 Advanced Technique: Transparent Color:
Customizing Transparent Brushes & Layers
272 Basic Transparency:
Blending Modes, Opacity & Isolate Blending
274 Basic Highlights:
Making Highlights with Transparent Blends
275-277 Galleries: Nancy Stahl, Tiffany Larsen, Louis Fishauf
278 Basic Appearances:
Making and Applying Appearances
280 Floating Type:
Type Objects with Transparency & Effects
282 Advanced Technique: Tinting a Scan:
Using Transparency Effects & Simplify Path
284 Advanced Technique: It's a Knockout!:
See-through Objects with a Knockout Group
286 Advanced Technique: Opacity Masks 101:
Applying Glows and Using Opacity Masks
288-290 Galleries: Peter Cassell, Adam Z Lein
Live Effects & Graphic Styles
292 Introduction
292 Effects vs. Filters
293 Raster effects
293 3D Effects
298 Scribble Effect
298 Warps and Enveloping
300 Effect Pathfinders
301 Effect >Pathfinder > Hard Mix and Soft Mix
302 Graphic Styles in Illustrator
303 Gallery: Steven Gordon
304 Scratchboard Art:
Using Multiple Strokes, Effects, and Styles
306 Embossing Effects: Building an Embossed Graphic Style
308 Blurring The Lines:
Photorealism with Blends and Effects
311 Gallery: Ted Alspach
312 Warps & Envelopes:
Using Warping and Enveloping Effects
316 Quick & Easy 3D: Simple 3D techniques
318 3D Effects:
Extruding, Revolving, and Rotating Paths
321-325 Galleries: Robert Sharif, Trina Wai, Mordy Golding,
Tom Patterson, Joe Lertola
326 Scribble Basics:
Applying Scribble Effects to Artwork
328 Gallery: Todd Macadangdang
Advanced Techniques
330 Introduction
330 Clipping Masks
333 Mask Problem-Solving Strategies
334 Advanced Technique: Colorful Masking:
Fitting Blends into Custom Shapes
336 Advanced Technique: Reflective Masks:
Super-Realistic Reflection
338-341 Galleries: Bradley Neal, David Cater, Gary Ferster,
Greg Maxson
342 Advanced Technique: Glowing Starshine:
Blending Custom Colors to Form a Glow
343-347 Galleries: Kenneth Batelman, Alan James Weimer,
Marc LaMantia
348 Advanced Technique: Masking Opacity:
Making Transparency Irregular
350 Advanced Technique: Modeling Mesh:
Shaping and Forming Mesh Objects
353-356 Galleries: Javier Romero, Ann Paidrick, Yukio Miyamoto
Web & Animation
358 Introduction
358 Working in RGB in Illustrator
358 A few thoughts on RGB and CMYK color
359 Assigning URL'S and Slicing
361 Release to Layers
362 Export File Formats
364 SVG
365 Data-Driven Graphics
367 Gallery: Ivan Torres
368 Off in a Flash: Making Artwork for a Flash Animation
371 Gallery: Kevan Atteberry
372 Layering Frames: Turning Layered Artwork into Keyframes
374 Webward Ho!: Designing a Web Page in Illustrator
377 Gallery: Steven Gordon
378 Advanced Technique (Illustrator with Photoshop):
Making Waves: Transforming and Blending for Animation
Illustrator & Other Programs
382 Introduction
382 Placing Artwork in Illustrator
383 Illustrator & Other Programs
384 Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
385 Illustrator & Adobe InDesign
385 Illustrator, PDF & Adobe Acrobat
386 Illustrator & Adobe Streamline
386 Illustrator & 3D programs
387 Gallery: Bert Monroy
388 Illustrator with Photoshop: Software Relay:
An Illustrator-Photoshop Workflow
391 Gallery: Rob Magiera
392 Advanced Technique: Illustrator with Photoshop:
Shape Shifting: Exporting Paths to Shapes in Photoshop
394-407 Galleries: Judy Stead, Timothy Donaldson,
April Greiman, Lance Hidy, David Pounds, Ron Chan,
Louis Fishauf, Filip Yip, Chris Spollen, Bryan Christie,
Eliot Bergman, Tom Willcockson, Joe Jones
408 Artists Appendix
412 Resources Appendix
413 General Index





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