Sagar Patel - Mudbox 2013 Cookbook [2012, PDF, ENG]

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Mudbox 2013 Cookbook
Год: 2012
Автор: Sagar Patel
Жанр: CG 3D Graphics
Издательство: PacktPub
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 260
Описание: "Mudbox 2013 Cookbook" covers a variety of techniques that can be used to bring your imagination to life. You will be able to create detailed characters and environments like the ones found in games, movies, and on television. Each recipe is one more building block towards digitally sculpting your ideas into reality.
"Mudbox 2013 Cookbook" is written in recipes so that you can refer back to it whenever you seek help. The advanced techniques described in this book cover the whole spectrum of Mudbox's capabilities. With this book you will learn the foundational techniques in using Mudbox as well as more advanced ones
"Mudbox 2013 Cookbook" will guide the reader step by step through the process of creating brushes, sculpting, 3d painting, lighting assets, extracting normal maps, and many other techniques. If a recipe is too advanced for you then you can visit the suggested recipes listed at the end of the recipe to learn supporting techniques. Supporting images are used for readers who understand things more visually. Each recipe is rated for difficulty so that you can find techniques that line up with your skill level. Once you complete the beginner and intermediate recipes you will be able to move on to the more advanced recipes.
Chapter 1: Ready? Set... 7
Introduction 7
Installing Mudbox 2013 documentation 8
Setting up hotkeys 10
Increasing the resolution on your model 12
Bookmarking the camera view 17
Downloading and enabling stamps, stencils, and base meshes
from the Internet 19
Adding and adjusting your image planes 22
Sculpting on different subdivision levels effectively 25
Recording a movie while you work in Mudbox 26
Setting up colors and other preferences 30
Setting up your Wacom tablet 37
Working in expert mode 39
Chapter 2: Heads Up 43
Introduction 43
Revealing the wireframe for edge location 43
Setting up a basic three point lighting scheme 45
Organizing your tabs for smoother navigation 52
Locking down the camera for reference matching 53
Creating a stone tile by adjusting brush properties 55
Using the object list to manage multiple objects 61
Setting up layers for easily adjusting sculpt details 65
Setting up stamps, stencils, and image planes using image browser 67
Table of Contents
Chapter 3: Broad Strokes 69
Introduction 69
Creating a concrete damage brush 69
Customizing your brush and adding it to your tool tab 75
Creating your own Imprint brush for adding presculpted details 76
Using the Freeze brush to get hard edges and isolate your sculpting 80
Using the Fill brush for detailing corners and crevices 83
Matching a reference silhouette using the Grab tool 86
Chapter 4: Fine Tooth Comb 89
Introduction 89
Creating a zipper using a custom stamp 90
Creating a custom stencil from a stone wall carving 93
Creating a rock wall that tiles seamlessly in all directions 99
Tricks for painting with stencils 103
Tricks for painting with stamps 112
Adding a stencil or stamp to your toolbox 115
Creating a custom rock stamp 117
Chapter 5: Get In and Get Out 121
Introduction 121
Flattening to UV space 121
Deleting the highest level of resolution on your model 125
Blocking out a rough Mayan pyramid using a displacement map 127
Importing, exporting, and working with multiple objects
within Mudbox 2013 132
Creating a terrain 134
Chapter 6: Shine On 139
Introduction 139
Creating a Blinn material 139
Using a simple Blinn material 141
Using Lit Sphere to mimic other materials 143
Creating a gold bar 146
Creating a glass sculpture 150
Chapter 7: Time to Paint 153
Introduction 153
Painting a rock texture using projections 153
Painting out seams on a rock using the Clone brush 157
Painting a rock Specular map 159
Painting a rock Bump map 163
Adding text to a cape using Flatten UV mode 166
Adding dirt to a cape using a layer as a mask 170
Table of Contents
Chapter 8: Ready for My Closeup 173
Introduction 173
Creating a light 173
Creating a three-point lighting preset 176
Lighting an indoor scene with a simple light setup 179
Enhancing your scene with viewport filters 183
Creating a rock normal map with a normal map filter 188
Creating a turntable 192
Chapter 9: One Step Forward 195
Introduction 195
Posing a lamp cord by adding joints to your mesh 196
Posing multiple objects at the same time 200
Adjusting joint pivots and painting weights 203
Creating a human rig by importing joints 209
Chapter 10: Get Baked 211
Introduction 211
Extracting sculpt information as a normal map 211
Extracting an ambient occlusion map 221
Adding grunge inside crevices using the Dry Brush 227
Extracting and using a vector displacement map for sculpting 230
Index 239
Файлы с примерами из этой книги можно скачать с официальной страницы издательства https://www.packtpub.com/game-development/mudbox-2013-cookbook





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