Creative ESSENCE Series - Essence. The Face. DVD Companion [2007, DVD, ENG]

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Издательство: ESSENCE – The Face
Год выпуска: 2007
Серия: Creative ESSENCE Series
Язык: английский
Описание: ESSENCE: The Face is the first book in the new 'Creative ESSENCE Series'. Designed for artists with a mid-to-advanced understanding of 3D character creation, the book starts with the photo shoot of model Monika and draws on the methods of six professionals to create a digital model from beginning to end.
Working as a team each artist develops a piece of the 3D character puzzle to show you how lifelike characters are created in a production environment. The Face encompasses reference photography, modeling, UV mapping, texturing and rendering to create a digital double that would be at home in a next-gen game or HD movie.
The DVD includes:
• Monika Models in 0.5K, 2K and 9K resolutions
• 2K base head meshes for Monika and a generic human
• A set of nine morph targets (.obj) for varying age, sex, and ethnicity.
• A file containing the Monika head model with the Poor Man's SSS skin shader network described in Paul Fedor's "Under The Skin" chapter.
• Two UV maps highly optimized for the entire head offering high-quality renders for detailed texture.
• Ultra-high-resolution (4K) baked textures as developed in the book.
• A comprehensive set of ultra-high-resolution (4K) photographs divided into no-makeup and makeup sets as shot by 3D.SK
• DirectX shader tool set as demonstrated in the book including Photo merge direct shader tools presented as a 3ds Max file for demonstration purposes and able to be configured to any 3D application supporting DirectX shaders.
• Demonstration versions of:
FaceGen from Singular Inversions.
Shader FX from Lumonix.
FX Composer from NVIDIA.
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