Georgenes C. - How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS3. The Art of Design and Animation [2007, PDF, ENG]

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How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS3: The Art of Design and Animation
Год выпуска: 2007
Автор: Chris Georgenes
Жанр: Компьютерная литература
Издательство: Focal Press
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Количество страниц: 281
Описание: If you have ever stared at a blank stage wondering how to make your ideas into reality, this is how its done. I consider each example a best practice of how to use Flash CS Professional.
Justin Everett-Church, Sr. Product Manager Flash Player, Adobe Systems
Chris Georgenes' gorgeously designed book contains many short, practical tutorials that both Flash animators and web designers will want to thumb through to learn the tricks of the trade, so they can really impress their clients."
Stefan Gruenwedel, Sr. Editor, Developer Center, Adobe Systems
This is a not-to-be-missed chance to get secrets from one of the foremost authorities on Flash animation. His techniques for animating characters are essential for anyone dreaming of creating a cartoon or animated feature.
Craig Goodman, Executive Editor, Developer Center, Adobe Systems
This is a must-have Flash book. Whether you consider yourself more a Flash designer or developer, you'll want to run home and try out the concepts and techniques in this beautifully presented book.
Tim Statler, Flash developer, Adobe Systems
A valuable resource loaded with helpful tips and hints for Flash users at all skill levels. It is filled with practical how-to examples for artists and animators, presented in a clear step-by-step manner with illustrations documenting each step along the way.
Jim Ver Hague, Professor Emeritus, Computer Graphics Design, Rochester Institute of Technology
Table of Contents
1. Design Styles
• Drawing with basic shapes
• The brush tool
• Mixing colors
• Using gradients
• Adding texture
• The pen tool
• Trace bitmap
• Cell style shading
• Realism with gradients
• Interlude: The new Flash interface
2. Transformation and Distortion
• Distorting bitmaps
• The Envelope tool
• Warping
• Card flip
• Squash and stretch
• Interlude: Being subtle
3. Masking
• Rotating globe
• Flag waving
• Iris transition
• Handwriting
• Spotlight
• Focus
• Interlude: A moment of clarity
4. Motion tips & tricks
• Basic shadow
• Drop shadow
• Perspective shadow
• Blur filter
• Flying text
• Combining effects
• Blur filter
• Selective blurring
• Background blurring
• Interlude: Learning to be simple
5. Character animation
• 2.5D basics
• 2.5D advanced
• 2.5D monkey
• Lip syncing (swap method)
• Lip syncing (nested method)
• To sync or not to sync
• Bitmap animation (Jib Jab Media)
• PSD Importer (Jib Jab Media)
• Motion guides (Jib Jab Media)
• Hinging body parts
• Closing the gaps
• Walk cycle (basic)
• Walk cycle (advanced)
• Anticipation
• Interlude:How did I get here?
6. Flash to video
• Document setup
• Title and action safety
• Safe colors
• Keeping it all in sync
• Quicktime Exporter
• SWF2Video
• Interlude: Graphics tablets
7. Animation examples
• Bouncing ball 9squash and stretch)
• Wavy line
• Orbit
• Scroll
• Vertigo
• Rvad
• Page turn
• Smoke
• Fire
• Rain
• Fireworks
• Star Wars text
• Scrolling background
• Soft reveal
• TV static
• Superbusy text effect
• 3D column
• Filter effects
• Conveyor belt
• Interlude:
8. Working with sound
• Recording sounds
• Sound effect resources
• Preparing sounds
• Sound events
• Editing sound in Flash
• Controlling sound with actionScript
• Sounds and scenes
• Interlude:
9. FLV Video
• Preparing FLV files
• Importing into Flash
• Media Component
• Rotoscoping
• Image sequence
• Interlude:
10. Interactivity
• Buttons
• Pause/start
• Looping timelines
• Jumping to frames
• Loading external content
• Interlude:
11. Flashlite
• Flashlite player
• Flashlite screensaver
• Flashlite wallpaper
• Interlude:
12. Extending Flash
• JSFL introduction
• Autocolor (Dave Logan)
• Animslider Pro (Warren Fuller)
• iK’ Motion (Newpixel)
• Flash Camera
• Interlude: The new Flash interface





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