Bockaert V. - The 123 of Digital Imaging 4.0 [2007, EXE, ENG]

Обучающие материалы по созданию и обработки изображений
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Bockaert V. - The 123 of Digital Imaging 4.0 [2007, EXE, ENG]

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Vincent Bockaert - The 123 Of Digital Imaging 4.0
Автор: Vincent Bokaert
Год выпуска: 2007
ISBN: 978-981-05-7630-1
Оффициальный сайт:
Формат: EXE
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Версия: 4.0 (2 Марта 2007)
Количество страниц: 3,548
Язык: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Примечание: Поскольку русская версия данной книги в природе не существует, вся дальнейшая информация будет представления на английском языке. Я полагаю, что все интересующиеся разберутся без проблем.
Общее описание
The 123 of digital imaging combines several digital photography books into one comprehensive Interactive Learning Suite:
123di covers digital imaging via a three step workflow:
Understanding digital imaging and digital camera selection
Enhance your images in the "pixelroom"
[*]Manage, view, share, and print your images
123di is packed with more than 3,500 interactive screen-size pages filled with thousands of full color graphics and animations organized into 145 topics in 20 chapters. The practical content is highly cross-referenced with digital photography background theory.
Three Selectable User Levels
Starter sections are like "executive summaries". These brief introductions with simplified and synthesized content are ideal if the reader has little time and wants to keep it simple.
Essential sections get the reader up to speed quickly and are a must read for beginners. But even for advanced readers they are a nice refresher before diving into the advanced sections. Image editing tutorials in the essential sections are based on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, 3, 4, & 5.
[*]Advanced sections build on the essential sections and are more in-depth and detailed, and technical at times. Image editing tutorials in the advanced sections are based on Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, and CS2.
Ten Key Software Packages Covered
Adobe Photoshop Album 2, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, 3, 4 & 5, Adobe Photoshop 7, CS, & CS2, and Nikon Capture 4.4 & Capture NX 1.1 are featured with animated tutorials and unique interactive graphical user interfaces. Clicking on any menu item, tool, or palette in the interactive interfaces brings the user to the corresponding explanation page which also links to practical tutorials and theoretical background information within 123di. Many other software packages such as ACDSee9, PTGui, Photorescue, etc. are also briefly covered.
Unique Navigation
Besides reading 123di like a printed book, 123di offers many alternative ways to quickly find the information such as the above mentioned interactive graphical user interfaces, digital imaging workflow diagrams, index, before and after images, frequently asked digital imaging questions, interactive slide show, etc.
Complete Theory on Digital Photography
123di has extensive coverage on digital photography concepts such as resolution, compression, color bit depth, dynamic range, noise, focal length multiplier, sensor types, and many more. The inner workings of cameras, scanners, accessories, monitors, and printers are explained in detail. Detailed full color graphics, animations, interactive simulations and interactive calculators allow for an accelerated way of learning that gets the reader involved.
Buying Guides for Cameras, Scanners, Monitors, and Printers
Detailed buying guides for cameras, scanners, monitors, printers, and accessories help in the reader's buying decision process.
Practical Image Editing Techniques
Useful image editing techniques cover various approaches to create spectacular images and overcome limitations of the scene, the photographer, or the camera.
Color Management
Color management is featured throughout 123di to ensure consistent and accurate color during the entire workflow.
Working in RAW
123di has a comprehensive practical and theoretical coverage of working in RAW mode spanning more than 350 pages. Practical examples are based on Adobe Camera Raw for all Adobe Photoshop versions, and Nikon Capture 4.4, and Capture NX.
Step 1: Understanding Digital Imaging & Digital Camera Selection
Colors and Color Spaces
Color Filter Array
Sensor Types
Sensor and Pixel Sizes
Analog to Digital Conversion and Color Bit Depth
Evaluating Images Based on their Histograms
File Compression
File Types for Various Stages in the Workflow
RAW Images (see also Chapter 12)
Dynamic Range
Tonal Range
Pixel Quality and Artifacts
Focal Length and Field of View of Digital Cameras
Digital Zoom
Depth of Field of Digital Cameras
Aperture, Shutterspeed, Exposure, and Sensitivity of Digital Cameras
[*]Digital versus Conventional Workflow
Consumer, Prosumer, and Professional Photographers
Digital Compact versus Digital SLR Cameras
Digital Camera Features and Specifications
The Digital Camera Buying Decision Parameters
Memory and Image Transfer
Notebooks and Portable Hard Disks
Converters and Lenses
Step 2: Enhance Your Images in the Pixelroom
Desktops and Notebooks
Choosing Editing and Viewing Software
Configuring Adobe Photoshop
Color Management
[*]Image Enhancement Overview
Compression and File Types
[*]To Upsample or Not to Upsample?
Straightening Horizons
Rotations and Quality Loss Issues
[*]Creating Symmetry
Removing Chromatic Aberration
Removing Lens Distortions
Modifying Image Perspective
Increasing Depth of Field
Reducing Depth of Field
[*]Removing Vignetting
Auto Levels, Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Auto Smart Fix
Color Balance
White Balance
Converting to Black & White
Brightness and Contrast
[*]8 Bit versus 16 Bit Mode and 32 Bit Mode
Bringing Out Shadow Detail
Bringing Out Highlight Detail and Restoring Clipped Highlights
[*]Night Shots
Removing Red Eye
Removing Flash Reflections on Skin
Removing Tourists
Removing Cables
Removing Scratches and Dust
Removing Haze in Airplane Shots
Removing Noise
[*]Removing Backgrounds
Montage - Combining Elements from Several Images
Combining Exposure Bracketed Images
Creating Panoramas
Software Filter Effects
Adding 3D Effects
Adding Speed Effects
[*]Adding Motion Effects Through Animations
Introduction to RAW
Photoshop Elements Editor Camera Raw
Photoshop 7 Camera Raw
Photoshop CS2 Camera Raw
Photoshop CS3 Camera Raw
Nikon Capture Window, Tool Palettes, Quick Tools Palette, Menus
[*]Capture NX Window, U Point Technology and Control Points, Tool Palettes, Toolbar, Menu Bar
Step 3: Manage, View, Share & Print Your Images
Storage Media
[*]Data Recovery
LCD versus CRT Monitors
How to Select a Monitor
Calibration and Profiling of Monitors
[*]Creating Slide Shows, Screen Savers, and 3D Galleries
E-mail Sharing
[*]Online Sharing
Printing from Your Computer
Processing in Photo Finishing Labs
Creating Font Effects
Creating Greeting Cards and Wallpaper
[*]Publishing and CMYk Conversions
Number of SLIDE SHOW pages - 125
Number of STARTERpages - 94
Number of ESSENTIALpages - 1,320
Number of ADVANCEDpages - 1,061
Total Number of MAIN Pages - 2,600
Number of SUPPORTING Pages - 948
Total Number of Pages - 3,548
[*]Total Number of Topics - 145

Изменения в версии 4.0
Brand new interface for improved readability, searching, and bookmarking of the content
New navigation bar with “Add Bookmarks” and “View Bookmarks” buttons allowing the reader to add and organize an unlimited number of custom bookmarks
Search results and custom bookmarks windows can be floated or docked into the 123di window
Page layout, color scheme, and fonts are further optimized for reading on a computer.
Page numbers for easy reference
Improved search function works in the background while the user continues to read or navigate
Larger 1,024 x 768 viewing window
Extensive coverage of Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 & 5 from a digital photographer's perspective, including Elements Organizer 4 & 5, and Camera Raw 3.6. The content about Photoshop Album 2, Photoshop Elements 2 & 3, Photoshop 7 & CS & CS2 is still included and updated.
Chapter 12 - "Working in RAW mode" is updated for Adobe Camera Raw 3.6, Capture NX, and in depth RAW background information to get the most out of RAW images. The content of Nikon Capture 4.4, Camera RAW 2.x, and 1.x is still included.
New tutorials added, including a typical multi-step tutorial linking many techniques learned throughout 123di.
Expanded coverage on how to organize and back up images for the long term.
[*]Thousands of modifications and updates were made to the content and hundreds of pages were added to keep 123di fully updated with the latest technology changes.


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