Al Ward - Photoshop for right-brainers - the art of photomanipulation - 3rd edition [2009, PDF, ENG]

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Photoshop for right-brainers - the art of photomanipulation - 3rd edition
Год: 2009
Автор: Al Ward
Жанр: CG Photoshop
Издательство: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0-470-39701-5
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Интерактивное оглавление: Нет
Количество страниц: 291
Описание: Photoshop for Right-Brainers: The Art of Photo Manipulation, 3rd Edition, is a guide to using Photoshop CS4’s toolkit to unlock your own creativity, as I’ve used it to unlock mine. The Pause button in my brain evidently ceased working from overuse during my Navy days, and now there is no stopping the cartoons, dramas, and horror movies broadcasting in my head. l’ll wake on occasion with some incredible insight and be overcome with an urge to share this unrefined gem of intellectual acrobatics with my wife. She can barely contain her joy; you can see it in the way she smiles, nods, and says, “Would you like bacon for breakfast?” or “Stop jumping around and talking nonsense or you’ll scare the kids!”
For me, Photoshop CS4, as well as every other incarnation since Photoshop 4 so many years ago, has opened pathways for creativity that I had always known were in my head but that I had no way to translate to the real world. What originally attracted me to the program was not the capability to correct photographs but the power to warp photographs into something else. This journey started as an experiment in creating something from nothing (1 think the first effect that I tried to master was creating fire from thin air) and developed into a career based on corrections, distortions, and manipulations. Photoshop gives me the ability to take the critters in my head and make them a visual reality. Teaching the program and writing about those discoveries was an unexpected, but extremely appreciated, bonus. It’s sort of like writing a great (or even mediocre) novel; the novelist doesn’t simply shelve the reams of paper to read to himself from time to time but rather tries to put the book into print so others can appreciate the story. Photoshop is my typewriter, and the entities and scenes that form on my screen are the novel. I share it in hopes that someone out there in the big old world will appreciate it. More often than not people do; occasionally I’ll get an email asking me if I want bacon for breakfast. Some folks are just odd.
Tools for Building Your Masterpiece 1
Using Blending Modes 2
Blending Landscapes 2
Experimenting with Blending Modes 3
Extracting an Image from a Background 5
Removing Objects from Their
Background 6
A New Home 8
Working with Layer Masks 11
Dynamic Masking 12
Absurd Symmetry 15
Shades of Gray 18
Including Adjustment Layers 19
Correcting without Corrupting 19
Quick Cartoons 21
Displacement Mapping 22
Need Direction? Use a Map 22
A Peek into a Later Chapter 24
Discovering the Power of Blend If 26
Summary 29
Techniques for Embellishing Portraits 31
Enhancing Eye Color 32
Altering Eye Color 34
Altering Hair Color 36
Variation: Subtly Enhancing Highlights
and Natural Hair Color 38
Enhancing Lip Color 40
Whitening Teeth 43
Removing Acne and Blemishes 44
Erasing Wrinkles 48
Digital Liposuction 49
Digital Face-Lift 53
Summary 59
A Few Right-Brained Special Effects 61
Creating a Glass Sphere 62
Forming the Sphere 62
Enhancing with Light and Shadows 64
Including Imperfections 66
lntertwining Objects 67
Creating Patterns from Photos:
Victorian-Style Patterns 70
Time to Mask 72
Digitized Symmetry 74
Generating Metal Objects and Text 76
Heavy Metal Text 76
Quick and Painless Variations 78
Make It Shine 80
Generating Plastic or Class from
Scratch 82
Summary 87
Texture, Color, and Layer Effects 89
Using Apply Image: Whyl Love It 89
Enhancing Emotion 90
Applying aTechnical Background 93
Applying a Montage Effect 96
Adding Color to Black-and-White
Images 98
Method 1: Adding a Color Cast 98
Method 2: Re-creating the Hand-Tinted Look 102
Using Textures and Displacement Maps 106
Aged Paint on a Rough Surface 106
Adding Real-World Texture to Skin 111
Lightening, Darkening, and Coloring 115
Summary 117
Effects in the Real World 119
Symmetrical Landscaping 120
Symmetry in the Sky 120
Patterns in the Sky 124
Nature Patterns: Apply Image 126
Creating a Neon Reflection on Water 128
Blending the Photos into a
New Scene 131
Adding Liquid Transparency 133
Changing the Mood 134
From Calm to Creepy: The
Graveyard 135
Darkening Another Calm Scene 137
Summary 139
Animals 141
Comical Critter Alteration 141
Attack of the Giant Bug-in 3D! 146
Creature out of Place 151
Crossbreeding Species:
Human Lioness 155
Crossbreeding Species 2: Pegasus 159
Summary 163
Digital Alterations and Manipulations 165
Digital Woman 166
Beginning the Process 166
Adding the Logo 169
Common Images in Art 171
Enhanced Close-up: Macro Art 174
Summary 179
Going Beyond Canned Filters 181
Retro Photo: Aging 182
Creating Surface Cracks 186
Finishing It Up 187
Photo to Line Art: Sketching 188
Power of the Brush: Creating and
Painting with Custom Brushes 191
Painting with Flowers 191
Testing the Brush 193
Portrait to Painting: Artistic 195
Summary 199
People as Art: Digital Manipulation 201
Checkered Woman 202
Zebra-Woman 206
Cyborg: Digital Distortions 209
Preparing the Head 209
Relocating the Subject 212
Flesh to Stone 214
Summary 219
Digital Intensive:
Fast and Furious Projects 221
Project 1: Photorealistic Framing 222
Layering the Frame Elements 224
Project 2: Changing Photos into
Photoshop Presets 230
Project 3: Little Monsters 237
Parting Thoughts 239
Accessing Additional Resources 243
About the Companion CD 247





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