Yarmosh K. - App Savvy. Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want [2010, PDF, ENG]

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App Savvy. Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want
Год: 2010
Автор: Ken Yarmosh
Жанр: Практическое пособие
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
ISBN: 1449389767
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 352
Описание: How can you make your iPad or iPhone app stand out in the highly competitive App Store? While many books simply explore the technical aspects of iPad and iPhone app design and development, App Savvy also focuses on the business, product, and marketing elements critical to pursuing, completing, and selling your app -- the ingredients for turning a great idea into a genuinely successful product.
Whether you're a designer, developer, entrepreneur, or just someone with a unique idea, App Savvy explains every step in the process, with guidelines for planning a solid concept, engaging customers early and often, developing your app, and launching it with a bang. Author Ken Yarmosh details a proven process for developing successful apps, and presents numerous interviews with the App Store's most prominent publishers.
- Learn about the App Store and how Apple's mobile devices function
- Follow guidelines for vetting and researching app ideas
- Validate your ideas with customers -- and create an app they’ll be passionate about
- Assemble your development team, understand costs, and establish a workable process
- Build your marketing plan while you develop your application
- Test your working app extensively before submitting it to the App Store
- Assess your app's performance and keep potential buyers engaged and enthusiastic
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 You Have an App Idea...Now What?
- The “New” App Store
- Evaluating Your Idea
- Interviews
- Recap
Chapter 2 Finding Your Inner App
- Getting Familiar with Apple Devices
- Approaching App Innovation
- Interviews
- Recap
Chapter 3 From Idea to Concept
- Customers Are the Key
- Creating a Concept App
- Interviews
- Recap
- Development
Chapter 4 For Hire: Identifying Help
- Your App Team
- Finding Resources
- Interviews
- Recap
Chapter 5 Getting a Working App
- The Development Process
- Your App’s Roadmap
- Design and Development
- Managing Your App’s Progress
- Interviews
- Recap
Chapter 6 Making Your App Better Before It Reaches the App Store
Installing Your App
- Going Beta
- Quality Assurance and Feedback
- Interviews
- Recap
- Launch
Chapter 7 Preparing for the App Store Submission
- Finishing Development
- iTunes Connect
- Interviews
- Recap
Chapter 8 Building Your Marketing Crescendo
- Changing Your Marketing Mindset
- Your Marketing Crescendo
- Launching Your App (Phase 5)
- Interviews
- Recap
Chapter 9 Measuring Success and Future Development
- Into the App Store
- Keeping Customers Engaged
- Assessing Your App’s Future
- Interviews
- Recap
- Appendix Afterword
- When Mobile Is No Longer the Exception
Tips and Tools
Appendix Tips and Tools
iOS Developer Program
Additional Resources
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