[Apple] Matt Neuburg - Programming iOS 7, 4th Edition [2013, PDF, ENG]

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[Apple] Matt Neuburg - Programming iOS 7, 4th Edition [2013, PDF, ENG]

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Programming iOS 7, 4th Edition
Год: 2013
Автор: Matt Neuburg
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
ISBN: 978-1-4493-7234-7
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 847
If you’re grounded in the basics of Objective-C and Xcode, this practical guide takes you through the components you need for building your own iOS apps. With examples from real apps and programming situations, you’ll learn how to create views, manipulate view controllers, and use iOS frameworks for adding features such as audio and video.Learn how to create, arrange, draw, layer, and animate views—and make them respond to touch
Use view controllers to manage multiple screens of material in a way that’s understandable to users
Explore UIKit interface widgets in-depth, such as scroll views, table views, text, web views, and controls
Delve into Cocoa frameworks for sensors, maps, location, sound, and video
Access user libraries: music, photos, address book, and calendar
[*]Examine additional topics including files, threading, and networkingNew iOS 7 topics covered include asset catalogs, snapshots, template images, keyframe and spring view animation, motion effects, tint color, fullscreen views and bar underlapping, background downloading and app refresh, Text Kit, Dynamic Type, speech synthesis, and many others. Example projects are available on GitHub.
Want to brush up on the basics? Pick up iOS 7 Programming Fundamentals to learn about Objective-C, Xcode, and Cocoa language features such as notifications, delegation, memory management, and key-value coding. Together with Programming iOS 7, you’ll gain a solid, rigorous, and practical understanding of iOS 7 development.

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    [b]Chapter 1 : Views[/b]
        The Window
        Experimenting With Views
        Subview and Superview
        Visibility and Opacity
        Bounds and Center
    [b]Chapter 2 : Drawing[/b]
        UIImage and UIImageView
        Graphics Contexts
        UIImage Drawing
        CGImage Drawing
        CIFilter and CIImage
        Drawing a UIView
        Graphics Context Settings
        Paths and Shapes
        Colors and Patterns
        Graphics Context Transforms
        Points and Pixels
        Content Mode
    [b]Chapter 3 : Layers[/b]
        View and Layer
        Layers and Sublayers
        Drawing in a Layer
        Shadows, Borders, and Masks
        Layer Efficiency
        Layers and Key–Value Coding
    [b]Chapter 4 : Animation[/b]
        Drawing, Animation, and Threading
        UIImageView and UIImage Animation
        View Animation
        Implicit Layer Animation
        Core Animation
        Emitter Layers
        CIFilter Transitions
        UIKit Dynamics
        Motion Effects
        Animation and Autolayout
    [b]Chapter 5 : Touches[/b]
        Touch Events and Views
        Receiving Touches
        Restricting Touches
        Interpreting Touches
        Gesture Recognizers
        Touch Delivery
    [b]Chapter 6 : View Controllers[/b]
        View Controller Responsibilities
        View Controller Hierarchy
        View Controller Creation
        How a View Controller Gets Its View
        View Resizing and the Status Bar
        Presented View Controller
        Tab Bar Controllers
        Navigation Controllers
        Custom Transition Animations
        Page View Controller
        Container View Controllers
        View Controller Lifetime Events
        View Controller Memory Management
        State Restoration
    [b]Chapter 7 : Scroll Views[/b]
        Creating a Scroll View in Code
        Using a Content View
        Scroll View in a Nib
        Scroll View Delegate
        Scroll View Touches
        Floating Scroll View Subviews
        Scroll View Performance
    [b]Chapter 8 : Table Views and Collection Views[/b]
        Table View Cells
        Table View Data
        Table View Cell Selection
        Table View Scrolling and Layout
        Table View State Restoration
        Table View Searching
        Table View Editing
        Table View Menus
        Collection Views
    [b]Chapter 9 : Popovers and Split Views[/b]
        Preparing a Popover
        Summoning and Dismissing a Popover
        Popovers and Presented Views
        Automatic Popovers
        Split Views
    [b]Chapter 10 : Text[/b]
        Attributed Strings
        Text Fields
        Text Views
        Text Kit
    [b]Chapter 11 : Web Views[/b]
        Web View Content
        Paginated Web Views
        Web View State Restoration
        Communicating with a Web View
    [b]Chapter 12 : Controls and Other Views[/b]
        Tint Color
        Appearance Proxy
    [b]Chapter 13 : Modal Dialogs[/b]
        Alert View
        Action Sheet
        Dialog Alternatives
        Local Notifications
        Activity View
[b]Some Frameworks[/b]
    [b]Chapter 14 : Audio[/b]
        System Sounds
        Audio Session
        Audio Player
        Remote Control of Your Sound
        Playing Sound in the Background
        Further Topics in Sound
    [b]Chapter 15 : Video[/b]
        Introduction to AV Foundation
    [b]Chapter 16 : Music Library[/b]
        Exploring the Music Library
        Music Player
        Playing Songs With AV Foundation
        Music Picker
    [b]Chapter 17 : Photo Library and Image Capture[/b]
        Choosing From the Photo Library
        Assets Library Framework
        Using the Camera
        Customizing the Image Capture Interface
        Image Capture With AV Foundation
    [b]Chapter 18 : Address Book[/b]
        Address Book Database
        Address Book Interface
    [b]Chapter 19 : Calendar[/b]
        Calendar Database
        Calendar Interface
    [b]Chapter 20 : Mail and Messages[/b]
        Mail Message
        Text Message
        Twitter Post
    [b]Chapter 21 : Maps[/b]
        Displaying a Map
        Map Kit and Current Location
        Communicating With the Maps App
        Geocoding, Searching, and Directions
    [b]Chapter 22 : Sensors[/b]
        Core Location
        Acceleration and Attitude
[b]Final Topics[/b]
    [b]Chapter 23 : Persistent Storage[/b]
        The Sandbox
        Basic File Operations
        Saving and Reading Files
        User Defaults
        File Sharing
        Document Types
        Handing Off a Document
        Document Architecture
        Core Data
        Image File Formats
    [b]Chapter 24 : Basic Networking[/b]
        HTTP Requests
        Background App Refresh
        In-App Purchases
    [b]Chapter 25 : Threads[/b]
        Main Thread
        Why Threading Is Hard
        Three Ways of Threading
        Threads and App Backgrounding
    [b]Chapter 26 : Undo[/b]
        Undo Manager
        Undo Interface
[b]Appendix Application Lifetime Events[/b]
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