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Course Title: TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
Год выпуска: 1999
Автор: Compaq Computer Corporation
Жанр: Учебно-методическая литература
Издательство: Compaq Computer Corporation
Формат: PDF
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Количество страниц: 700
Описание: Course Title: TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
The .PDF files for this course should be used for a lecture-lab in a classroom with an instructor and lab equipment. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader V3 or V4 to read the .PDF files.
This version replaces the EY-T142E-LO.001 version of this course.
5 days
This course is designed for computer professionals interested in understanding and administering the TCP/IP environment within OpenVMS.
This course is designed to provide the student with the information and experience needed to
function in a networked environment focused on the TCP/IP protocols. After presenting
introductory information on protocols and standards, the course covers the components and services within TCP/IP. The central protocols of TCP/IP are examined with emphasis on their purpose. That is, what need do they fulfill in the big picture of node-to-node communication? The course introduces user- and administrator-level programs through hands-on lab exercises. Students also examine static and dynamic routing through a series of labs.
1. Network Overview
-Network Concepts
-IP Addresses
-Subnet Masks
2. TCP/IP Commands
-User Services
3. Installing and Configuring TCP/IP Services
4. Protocols
-Data Link Protocol
-IP Header Fields
-TCP Header Fields
5. Network File System (NFS)
-NFS Concepts
-NFS Implementation
-NFS Server File Systems
-Container File System
-NFS Management Commands
-Proxy Accounts
-Client Configuration
-Client Data Manipulation
-Server Configuration
-Server Data Manipulation
6. Serial Lines
-Serial Connections
-SLIP Encapsulation
-PPP Encapsulation
-Setting Up SLIP
7. Routing
-Routing Introduction
-Routing Table
-Static Routing
-Dynamic Routing
-Configuring Dynamic Routing
8. DNS and BIND
-Load Broker and Metric Server
9. Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)
-BOOTP Concepts
-BOOTP Server
-BOOTP Client
-Server Configuration
-Server Data Files
10. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
-DHCP Concepts
-Advantages of Using DHCP
-DHCP Configuration Files
-Using the DHCP GUI
-DHCP Cluster Failover
11. Network Time Protocol (NTP)
-NTP Concepts
-NTP Internet Time Sources
-NTP Configuration Options
-NTP Support Files
-NTP Commands
-Trace of NTP Communication
12. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
-SNMP Concepts
-Log Files and Command Procedures
-SNMP Configuration
-Using SNMP Utilities
-Tracing SNMP Protocol Interactions
13. Remote Printing
-Remote Printing Options
-LPR/LPD Local Configuration
-LPR/LPD Remote Configuration
-Tracing Print Packets
-PC-NFS Overview
14. Troubleshooting
-Troubleshooting Options
-Configuration Troubleshooting
-Network Troubleshooting
-Performance Tuning
15. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
-SMTP Concepts
-Configuring SMTP
-Using Telnet to Test SMTP
-POP and MIME Concepts
OpenVMS system managers and network administrators.
Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
-Describe TCP/IP as implemented on OpenVMS.
-Discuss IP addresses and masks.
-Use TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS user and management commands.
-Install and configure TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS.
-Manage NFS on an OpenVMS system.
-Configure and troubleshoot static and dynamic routing.
-Manage BIND on an OpenVMS system.
-Discuss the BOOTP, DHCP, NTP, SNMP, and SMTP protocols.
-Configure remote printing.
-Troubleshoot TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS.
This course does not cover the following:
-UNIX network administration.
-Network internals.
Students should be familiar with basic networking concepts and have system management level
experience with OpenVMS.
-The lab should have at least four machines, at least two of which should
be running the latest version of OpenVMS.
-The best setup is one machine for each student or 12 computers running
the latest version of OpenVMS with one Tru64 UNIX system in the mix.
-Systems should be connected through Ethernet and should not be
connected to an outside network.
-Installation media should be available.
-Serial line hardware and adapters should be available but not connected.
-Students should have access to the system account and a nonprivileged
Course Files:
Student Guide: TCP-OVMS-SG-PDF.ZIP
File: Contents:
01_sg_cover.pdf Cover graphic; includes copyright page
02_toc.pdf Table of Contents
03_dpref.pdf Preface, including course description
04_m1dno.pdf Network Overview
05_m2dcomm.pdf TCP/IP Commands
06_m3dinst.pdf Installing and Configuring TCP/IP Services
07_m4dprot.pdf Protocols
08_m5dnfs.pdf Network File System (NFS)
09_m6dserl.pdf Serial Lines
10_m7drout.pdf Routing
11_m8ddns.pdf DNS and BIND
12_m9dbootp.pdf Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)
13_m10ddhcp.pdf Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
14_m11dntp.pdf Network Time Protocol (NTP)
15_m12dsnmp.pdf Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
16_m13drpri.pdf Remote Printing
17_m14dtrbl.pdf Troubleshooting
18_m15dsmtp.pdf Simple Mail Transfer Protocl (SMTP)
aa_adbmt.pdf Appendix A, Binary Mask Templates
ab_bdnsl.pdf Appendix B, NSLOOKUP Internal Commands
ac_cdaddr.pdf Appendix C, Additional Routing
ad_ddww.pdf Appendix D, Wire World
tcp_sg_book.pdf Entire Student Guide
Instructor Guide: TCP-OVMS-IG-PDF.ZIP
File: Contents:
01-ig-cover.pdf Cover graphic; includes copyright page
02-toc.pdf Table of Contents
03_m1dig1_ins.pdf Preface, including course description
04_m2ig1_ins.pdf Instructor notes, including time to teach
tcp_ig_book.pdf Entire Instructor Guide
File: Contents:
01-labs-cover.pdf Cover graphic; includes copyright page
02-labs-toc.pdf Table of Contents
03_lab_exer.pdf Lab Exercises
04_lab_sol.pdf Lab Solutions
tcp_lab_book.pdf Entire Lab Guide
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