Advanced Policy Course EDU-JUN-POL Revision 6.b [2004, DjVu, ENG]

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[Juniper Networks] Advanced Policy Course EDU-JUN-POL Revision 6.b
#77Год: 2004
Автор: Juniper Networks
Жанр: Course
Издательство: Juniper Networks
Язык: Английский
Формат: DjVu
Качество: Отсканированные страницы + слой распознанного текста
Количество страниц: Student Guide 402 + Lab Guide 420
Описание: About this Course
This course provides a detailed examination of the Junos OS policy framework. The course begins with a quick review of policy basics and then quickly moves to advanced topics. It provides detailed discussions of load balancing, policy evaluation, and route creation. How routing policies affect the interior gateway protocols as well as multicast routing are examined. The complexities of implementing and using policies in relation to BGP are then explored. The discussion centers on the default behavior of the basic BGP attributes and their response to policy controls. Most course modules provide examples and use policies that are relevant in real-world networks. Students then implement those examples in the accompanying labs.
This is an intensive, hands-on, four-day course, with students participating in a variety of configuration and troubleshooting scenarios. Each student team controls its own router and participates in building large, multifunctional networks. Students that complete this course should be proficient in controlling the dissemination of routing information and route modification in Junos OS.
Intended Audience
The primary audience for this course includes personnel who are responsible for the provisioning, deployment, and troubleshooting of Juniper Networks M-series and T-series router-based networks.
Course Level
This is an advanced-level course.
Students should be able to configure basic RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP networks without assistance. Students should have knowledge of the Junos Internet software policy syntax to the extent covered in the Configuring Juniper Networks Routers course.
Student Guide:

Lab Guide:

Course Contents
Day 1
Module 0: Course Introduction
Module 1: Policy Creation
Policy Creation
Policy Construction
Modifying Existing Policies
Viewing and Testing Policies
Lab 1: Network Connectivity Check
Lab 2: Advanced Policy Creation
Module 2: Route Tables, Configured Routes, and Route Filters
Routing Tables
Aggregate Routes
Generated Routes
Route Filters
Lab 3: Routes and Route Filters
Module 3: Load Balancing
Junos OS Load Balancing
Load-Balancing Policies
BGP Load Balancing
Lab 4: Load-Balancing Routes
Module 4: Policy Processing
Policy Chains
Prefix Lists
Policy Expressions
Lab 5: Altering the Policy Defaults–Policy Subroutines
Lab 6: Altering the Policy Defaults–Policy Expressions
Day 2
Module 5: Class of Service
Forwarding Class Override
Forwarding Using CoS
Lab 7: Class-Based Forwarding
Module 6: Interior Gateway Protocols
Routing Information Protocol
Open Shortest Path First Protocol
Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System Protocol
Lab 8: Interior Gateway Protocols
Module 7: Multicast Policies
PIM Spares Mode
Controlling PIM Joins
Controlling Source Active Messages
Multicast Scoping
Lab 9: Multicast Policies
Day 3
Module 8: Border Gateway Protocol
BGP Operation
BGP Next-Hop Attribute
Lab 10: Border Gateway Protocol
Module 9: BGP Attributes: Origin and Multiple Exit Discriminator
BGP Origin Attribute
BGP MED Attribute
Lab 11: BGP Attributes–Origin and MED
Module 10: BGP Attributes: AS Path
Modifying AS–Path Information
AS-Path Regular Expressions
Null AS-Path Information
Lab 12: BGP Attributes–AS Path
Day 4
Module 11: BGP Attributes: Local Preference
Local Preference
Local Preference Examples
Lab 13: BGP Attributes–Local Preference
Module 12: BGP Attributes: Communities
Well-Known Community Values
Community Configurations
Regular Expressions
Extended Communities
Lab 14: BGP Attributes–Communities
Module 13: BGP Route Damping
Route Flap and Damping Overview
Route Damping Parameters
Damping Configuration and Analysis
Lab 15: BGP Damping





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