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Course Title: OpenVMS System and Network Node Management I
Год выпуска: 1999
Автор: Compaq Computer Corporation
Жанр: Учебная литература
Издательство: Compaq Computer Corporation
Формат: PDF
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Количество страниц: 700
Описание: Course Title: OpenVMS System and Network Node Management I
This course teaches how to perform day-to-day system management tasks on an established system.
OpenVMS System and Network Node Management I is designed to provide introductory training for
the system manager of an established VAX or Alpha computer or OpenVMS Cluster system running
the OpenVMS operating system. This system may be part of a larger network or cluster.
Module 1--Understanding the System Management Environment
System Configurations
Single-Processor Configurations
Tightly Coupled Multiprocessor Configurations
OpenVMS Cluster Systems
Loosely Coupled Network Configurations
Comparison of Multiple Processor Configurations
OpenVMS Cluster Systems
Ethernet OpenVMS Cluster System Configuration
Connection Manager
Device Names in an OpenVMS Cluster System
Network Configurations
Network Concepts
Network Management
OpenVMS Software Concepts
Programs, Images, and Utilities
System Files, Directories, and Logical Names
System File and Directory Protection
Module 2--Developing Command Procedures
Accessing Local and Global Symbol Tables
Local and Global Symbols
Terminating a Command Procedure
Using Symbols in Command Lines
Automatic Symbol Substitution
Forcing Symbol Substitution
Writing Command Procedures That Perform Terminal I/O
Logical Names Used in Terminal I/O
Using Help for Command Procedures
Displaying Information at the Terminal
Getting Information from the User
Using Symbols as Variables and Parameters
Using Symbols as Variables
Using Symbols as Parameters for Command Procedures
Controlling Flow of Execution
Flow Control Commands
Testing for Conditions
Transferring Control Within a Command Procedure
Transferring Control Outside of a Command Procedure
Iterative Command Procedures
Redirecting Input and Output
Redefining SYS$OUTPUT
Redefining SYS$INPUT
Using Lexical Functions
Lexical Functions
Manipulating Character Strings
Obtaining and Manipulating Data
Writing Command Procedures That Perform I/O
Opening a File
Writing to a File
Reading from a File
Closing a File
Handling File I/O Errors
Error Conditions and Ctrl/Y
Detecting Errors in Command Procedures
Handling Errors in Command Procedures
Handling Ctrl/Y Interrupts
Module 3--Managing System Users
Using the Authorize Utility to List User Accounts
Adding a User to the System
Planning the User's Account
Adding the UAF Record
Establishing a Disk Quota
Creating a Default Directory
Testing the New Account
Using an Automated Procedure to Add a User
Using OpenVMS Management Tools for Windows NT to Add a User Account
Common Errors in Adding a User
Removing a User Account
Preventing the User from Logging In
Removing Disk Files from the User Directories
Removing Entries from the Quota File
Removing Mail Information
Removing the UAF Record
Managing and Monitoring User Processes
Setting User Limits and Privileges
Specifying Login Command Procedures
Controlling Processes
Using the SYSMAN Utility to Manage Processes on Other Nodes
Managing the Use of Disk Space
Purging Old Versions of Files
Setting a Version Limit on Directories
Monitoring Disk Space
Managing Disk Quotas
Module 4--Maintaining Queues
OpenVMS Queues
Generic and Execution Queues
Batch and Output Queues
Queue Manager
Priority of Jobs in a Queue
Monitoring Queue Status
Tailoring the SHOW QUEUE Command
Monitoring Job Status
Stopping a Queue
Pausing a Queue
Orderly Shutdown of a Queue
Immediate Shutdown of a Queue
Closing a Queue
Shutting Down All Queues on a Single Node
Shutting Down Queues on All Nodes in an OpenVMS Cluster
Starting Queues
Starting the Queue Manager
Starting Additional Queue Managers
Starting a Queue
Changing the Characteristics of a Queue
Changing Queue Characteristics
Limiting Job Sizes
Managing Jobs in a Queue
Aborting and Requeuing Jobs on Output Queues
Moving a Job to a Different Queue
Merging Queues
Changing the Characteristics of a Job
OpenVMS Management Tools for Windows NT (OMT)
Module 5--Performing Backups and Restores
Backup Terminology
Planning Backups
BACKUP Command
Making Backups of a Disk to Tape
Preparing Disks and Tapes for Backups
Making a Full Backup
Making an Incremental Backup
Using Command Procedures for Backups
Nightly Image Backup
Nightly Incremental Backup
Restoring Files from Backup Copies
Using the BACKUP Command to Restore Files
Restoring All Files on a Disk
Restoring Files from an Incremental Backup
Restoring Specific Files
Restoring a Directory Tree
Listing the Contents of a Save Set
Using BACKUP to List Contents of Save Sets
Module 6--Shutting Down and Starting Up an OpenVMS System
Shutting Down an OpenVMS System
Orderly Shutdown Using SHUTDOWN.COM
Emergency Shutdown
Starting Up and OpenVMS System
Startup Command Procedures
Booting Satellite Nodes
Checking the Status of Boot Service
Enabling Boot Service
Disabling Boot Service
OpenVMS system and network node managers
To perform day-to-day system management tasks on an established system, a system and network node
manager should be able to:
* Demonstrate an understanding of the system management environment
* Develop command procedures
* Manage system users
* Maintain queues
* Back up files and disks
* Shut down and start up an OpenVMS system
Basic OpenVMS user skills.
Delivery Requirements for Instructor-Led Training
A VAX or Alpha system running Version 7.2 or a higher version of the OpenVMS operating system
OpenVMS V7.2
Projection unit for use with laptop
Each Student:
A terminal for each student.
OpenVMS V7.2 or higher
Доп. информация: to be continued...





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