netmasterclass (Видео-уроки по IGP:OSPF,RIP,EIGRP) CCIE:R&S Self-Paced Lesson IGP [2009 г.]

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netmasterclass (Видео-уроки по IGP:OSPF,RIP,EIGRP) CCIE:R&S Self-Paced Lesson IGP [2009 г.]

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(Видео-уроки по IGP:OSPF,RIP,EIGRP) CCIE:R&S Self-Paced Lesson IGP
Производитель: NetMasterClass
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: The Interior Gateway Protocols Class-on-Demand includes the following:
This self-paced Lesson Module provides a set of three complementary learning resources:
Almost seven hours of video on demand instruction on IGP Routing Protocols
Supplementary "Spot-the-Issues" soft assessment quizzes
Two hands-on labs focused on the subject of configuring IGP Routing Protocols.
The centerpiece of this Lesson Module is the IGP Routing Protocols video on demand instruction. The following split screen format of each Video on Demand module provides the powerful learning experience of looking over a CCIE�s shoulder while he both configures and explains the operation of IGP Routing Protocols
Lesson Module Objectives
Upon completion of this self-paced Lesson Module, you should be able to formulate well defined mental simulations to perform the following IGP Routing Protocol tasks with the customary minimally described parameters commonly found in CCIE Level tasks.
Formulate an End-to-End Opening Moves Strategy for topics up to Route Redistribution
Configure OSPF
Configure EIGRP
Configure RIPv2
Configure Route Redistribution
Lesson Module Prerequisites
Following are the prerequisites for using this Lesson Module
A CCNP level of understanding of the IGP Routing Protocols as well as:
The ability to perform the configuration basics to implement IGP Protocols
Be able to perform basic Route Redistribution tasks
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Видео: 712x680 30fps
Аудио: 44khz 192kbps
Opening Moves and Introduction to IGP
Formulating an Opening Moves Strategy (15 min)
Opening Moves for IGPs (16 min)
Opening Moves for Redistribution (14 min)
Creating a Task Tracking Worksheet (9 min)
Introduction to IGPs (10 min)
OSPF Enabling Moves (22 min)
OSPF Network Types (36 min)
OSPF Metrics (20 min)
OSPF Authentication (25 min)
OSPF Summarization and Default Routes (13 min)
EIGRP Enabling Moves (22 min)
EIGRP Metrics and Variance (18 min)
EIGRP Query Control (27 min)
EIGRP Summarization (10 min)
EIGRP Authentication (22 min)
RIPv2 Enabling Commands (15 min)
RIPv2 Enhanced Features (10 min)
RIPv2 Filtering Updates (12 min)
RIPv2 Authentication (13 min)
Redistribution Basics (17 min)
Advanced Redistribution (17 min)
Controlling Redistribution (25 min)
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