CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Wireless IUWNE 640-721

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CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Wireless IUWNE 640-721

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Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
It seems like the whole world is going wireless. After watching Michael Shannon's new CCNA Wireless training series you'll be ready to control wireless technology.
Michael's training is appropriate for anyone considering implementing a Cisco Wireless solution for their company, a partner, their customer, or their clients...even if its simply for a guest or lobby VLAN. In addition, anyone who needs to setup a wireless LAN for scenarios like a hotel, airport, retail site, or medical facility will find this training invaluable.
Soon you'll be ready to deploy your own stand-alone or LWAPP wireless LAN and use the CLI or graphical web-based tools to configure your solution. You'll also be well prepared for the CCNA Wireless exam and gain solid grounding towards respected Cisco CCNP Wireless certification.
By the time you're done you'll thoroughly understand the following topics about CCNA Wireless Certification:
  • Introduction to the CCNA Wireless Series
    Wireless LANs Defined
    Introduction to WLAN Principles (Part 1)
    Introduction to WLAN Principles (Part 2)
    RF Mathematics
    Antenna Communications
    Spread Spectrum Technologies and Media Access
    Wireless Regulation Bodies, Standards, and Certifications
    Cisco Unified Wireless Network Architecture
    Wireless Media Access (and VLANs)
    Discovery and Association, Operational Modes and Roaming
    Configuring the Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller
    Controller-Based Network Management
    Configuring Standalone Access Points
    Wireless Mobility Express
    Wireless Clients
    WLAN Security (Part 1)
    WLAN Security (Part 2)
    Cisco WCS Administration
  • WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting
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