Видео CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCNA - Exam-Pack 640-816: ICND2 [2008 г.]

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CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA - Exam-Pack 640-816: ICND2
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Год выпуска: 2008

Описание: Cisco CCNA certification proves your professional worth. It tells prospective employers that you can handle the day-to-day work of running a a mid- to large-sized Cisco network.
The two-exam CCNA process covers lots of innovative features, which better reflect the skills and knowledge you’ll need on the job. Passing both exams is your first step towards higher-level Cisco certification.
CBT Nuggets Trainer Jeremy Cioara responded to Cisco’s second exam with a video series carefully mapped to that test.
Every mid- to large-sized business today uses VLANs. Jeremy’s training gives you all the information you need to design, configure and manage in a VLAN environment.
Jeremy also offers you a foundational understanding of OSPF, the most popular routing protocol in the world. And, by the time you’re done, he’ll have you performing some pretty snazzy NAT-configured stuff as well.
Here’s how one user described Jeremy’s training: "By the way Jeremy Cioara has to be by far one of the BEST Cisco Trainers I have ever had the privilege to learn from overall. He not only keeps your attention but his energy is contagious and he provides the information at a level where you grasp it rather easily."
- Review: Rebuilding the Small Office Network, Part 1
- Review: Rebuilding the Small Office Network, Part 2
- Review: Rebuilding the Small Office Network, Part 3
- Switch VLANs: Understanding VLANs (free video!)
- Switch VLANs: Understanding Trunks and VTP
- Switch VLANs: Configuring VLANs and VTP, Part 1
- Switch VLANs: Configuring VLANs and VTP, Part 2
- Switch STP: Understanding the Spanning-Tree Protocol
- Switch STP: Configuring Basic STP
- Switch STP: Enhancements to STP
- General Switching: Troubleshooting and Security Best Practices
- Subnetting: Understanding VLSM
- Routing Protocols: Distance Vector vs. Link State
- Routing Protocols: OSPF Concepts
- Routing Protocols: OSPF Configuration and Troubleshooting
- Routing Protocols: EIGRP Concepts and Configuration
- Access-Lists: The Rules of the ACL
- Access-Lists: Configuring ACLs
- Access-Lists: Configuring ACLs, Part 2
- NAT: Understanding the Three Styles of NAT
- NAT: Command-line NAT Configuration
- WAN Connections: Concepts of VPN Technology
- WAN Connections: Implementing PPP Authentication
- WAN Connections: Understanding Frame Relay
- WAN Connections: Configuring Frame Relay
- IPv6: Understanding Basic Concepts and Addressing
- IPv6: Configuring, Routing, and Interoperating
- Certification: Some Last Words for Test Takers
- Advanced TCP/IP: Working with Binary
- Advanced TCP/IP: IP Subnetting, Part 1
- Advanced TCP/IP: IP Subnetting, Part 2
- Advanced TCP/IP: IP Subnetting, Part 3
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Видео: Res: 800x600, Bitrate 40Kbps, Codec: Windows Media Video 9 Screen
Аудио: Windows Media Audio Voice 9





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