Metal Method & Sellfy - Dan Mumm Neo: Classical Ultimate Bundles [2015, WEBRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Metal Method & Sellfy - Dan Mumm Neo: Classical Ultimate Bundles [2015, WEBRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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Dan Mumm Neo: Classical Ultimate Bundle

Производитель: Metal Method & Sellfy
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Автор: Dan Mumm
Продолжительность: 03:13:31
Сайт производителя:
Год выпуска: 2015
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
Описание: F ваш новичок в нео-классическом пуск с помощью функции Sweep подборочные аппараты Fundamentals, затем переходите к волноваться коснитесь Механические узлы и агрегаты, затем см. если вы можете получить через взглянуть за пределы. Если это ваш вероятно хороший перейти на с некоторыми из этих нео-классических мастеров коллекций.
Dan Mumm's Ultimate Neo-Classical Collection - 52 Songs, 38 Tabs, 36 Backing Tracks
A massive collection of Dan Mumm's music, guitar tabs and backing tracks. Altogether this collection includes 52 unique songs, 38 unique tabs in both Guitar Pro and PDF formats, and 36 unique backing tracks in mp3 format. One full gig of Neo-Classical shred epicness!
Dan Mumm's Ultimate Collection includes the following (for more information on each product, click the link beside the title):
* The Beethoven Collection:
(Songs, Tabs and Backing Tracks)
Symphony No. 5
"Tempest Sonata" 3rd Movement
"Fur Elise"
"Moonlight Sonata" 3rd Movement
"Sonata Pathetique"
* The Bach Collection:
(Songs, Tabs and Backing Tracks)
Toccata and Fugue in Dm
Concerto in Am BWV 1041 I. Allegro
Invention No. 13
Concerto for Two Violins in Dm BWV 1043 I. Vivace
Concerto in Cm BWV 1060 III. Allegro
Concerto in Dm BWV 1052 I. Allegro
Minuet in G (2010)
(Bonus - TAB only) Partita No. 3 in E Major
* The Vivaldi Collection:
(Songs, Tabs and Backing Tracks)
  • Concerto in Gm RV 578
    Concerto in Am RV 356
    The Four Seasons - La Primavera (Spring)
    Concerto in Dm RV 565 I. Allegro
    Concerto in Dm RV 565 II. Allegro
    Concerto in Dm RV 565 III. Largo e Spiccato
    Concerto in Dm RV 565 IV. Allegro
    L'estro Armonico Opus 3 No. 10 RV 580
    * The Mozart Collection:
    (Songs, Tabs and Backing Tracks)
    Ein Kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music)
    Sonata in C Maj K 545
    Turkish March (Rondo Alla Turca)
    Sonata in Bb Maj K 281
    The Marriage of Figaro Overture K 492 (Le Nozze di Figaro)
    PlusMendelssohn's Violin Concerto in Em
    * The "A Glimpse Beyond" Complete Package:
    Both the original and remastered versions of Dan Mumm's 12 song debut studio album "A Glimpse Beyond" including the entire TAB book and Backing track collection.
    * "Peering Through the Lens of Time" 2015 album in standard Mp3:
    Dan Mumm's epic new 15 song album
    * "Peering Through the Lens of Time" 2015 album in HQ Flac format:
    * "No Illusions" 2013 EP:
    Concerto In A-minor (Vivaldi)
    Ein Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)
    Concerto In A-minor (Bach)
    La Poule (Rameau)
    Prelude In C#-minor (Rachmaninoff)
    Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)
    Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement (Beethoven)
    A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar
    More than just learning an amazing song
    Dan Mumm teaches his masterpiece “A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar” and how to apply many of the techniques he's explained in previous programs.
    You can get some idea of the massive amount of information that Dan shares with you in this lesson by checking out the DVDs program guide. This guide lists the exact location for each technique and exercise and explains what is taught throughout the lesson. There are also chapter points at each of these locations for navigation.
    Learn Dan Mumm’s original song “A Glimpse Beyond” part by part, note by note, shred by shred. With over 50 exercises covering a wide variety of techniques including, shred patterns, sweep arpeggios, two handed tapping, arpeggio sequences, and an assortment of Neo-Classical style patterns. In this program Dan continues to break down the techniques behind modal shred patterns. This program explains the basic building necessary to construct your own shred patterns to fit your own style and playing needs.
    In this program Dan also demonstrates how to apply sequence patterns to arpeggios in a chord progression. Used correctly, this information will allow you to create an infinite variety of arpeggio based leads and riffs from a single chord progression. Dan also takes the time to demonstrate his techniques to perfect the pitch of bending. A seemingly elementary fundamental that is often overlooked or rushed through with poor results. The goal here is to give you the edge that professional guitarists have with even basic techniques.
    Not only does Dan demonstrate each part broken down into smaller parts for easier learning and memorization, he also includes small sections of the backing track to go along with each complete part of the song. And once you have completed the program, you will enjoy playing along with the backing track included in the video. Subtitles explain which exercise goes with which part. There’s also an mp3 backing track included to load into your mp3 player.
    A Glimpse Shred Guitar Includes:
    The entire “A Glimpse Beyond” compostion
    Bend / Bend with vibrato
    Backing Tracks
    Shred Patterns
    Anchoring Demonstration
    3 Note Sequences
    Doubled Arpeggios
    Harmonic Minor Shred
    Locrian Minor Shred
    Ascending Modal Shred
    Backing Track with Titles to show how to piece it together
    Guitar-Pro files to play along at any speed
    Program Guide
    Tab Booklet for printing in PDF format
    All lesson materials are “on disk” or included in the download bundle. If you’re new to our “on disk” technology please check out the following: Tab Instructions
    Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar
    The fastest way to elevate your guitar playing ability is to step outside the box. By that I mean, if you're a rock player, add some blues, or jazz, or any other distinctive genre of music. In Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar we're going to explore the world of classical music as written for metal guitar.
    In this program, Dan Mumm teaches you a variety of excerpts from popular Classical pieces that he has adapted for Metal guitar. Beyond the enjoyment you should get from learning these recognizable melodies and passages, Dan’s goal is to help guitarists break down mental boundaries and increase their overall playing and learning capabilities. This program is meant for all levels of intermediate players. Still, it should prove useful and enjoyable to even advanced players.
    The most important aspect of this lesson is its focus on fundamental lead guitar skills – often overlooked aspects of playing that are crucial for reaching your potential. Players who have a goal of mastering lead guitar typically focus a great deal of practice time on mastering flashy techniques. Each time the player becomes aware of a new technique, they approach that new technique almost as if they are mastering a new instrument. But in truth, all guitar techniques are connected, and an approach to practice that takes this into account is incredibly effective. That is what is taught in this program.
    Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar
    The most effective way to master these exercises is to work on one segment at a time. Many guitarists are impatient and as a result, accumulate a rather sloppy repertoire of many different techniques or songs – but have mastered none. It may seem like focusing on one thing at a time would give you a limited repertoire, but in truth, once you’ve mastered one song or technique, each subsequent one will be exponentially easier to learn. Before you know it, you’ll be at a level of skill where you can easily master one or more new and complex songs per day. But if you don’t take the first step, dedicating enough time to one song or technique to master it, you’ll never reach that level of skill.
    Two of the most powerful tools you can have are patience and discipline. Taking the time to acquire and sharpen these tools is a necessary step to mastering the guitar. There’s just no way around it. But if that idea seems discouraging or disappointing, just remember that those feelings will be short lived. Disillusionment precedes enlightenment. If you commit to it and stick with it, before you know it, those feelings will be replaced by satisfaction and enjoyment.
    Classical Masterpieces for Metal Guitar includes 40 exercises, printable tab, and Guitar Pro files. Guitar Pro allows you to practice while watching animated tab at any tempo. We also include a written transcript of this program.
    Fret Touch Mechanics
    Dan Mumm teaches more than just 8 finger tapping and other shred techniques. In this video he explains how to use scales and modes to create your own shred patterns and sequences.
    Guitar Lesson DVD — 8 Finger Tapping and more
    He even has a very simple method for mastering modes and scales by reducing all of this complex information into three simple 3 note patterns. Master these three patterns using the suggested fingering and you can shred through any lead. This technique is so obvious yet most guitarists have never reduced it to these three simple building blocks.
    Sweep Pick Fundamentals
    Like any other technique, sweep picking can be mastered by first practicing the fundamentals. Dan Mumm takes a step back from his ground breaking program Sweep Pick Mechanics to explain these funamentals. That’s right, this is the prequel to Sweep Pick Mechanics! Dan decided to back up a few steps emphasize the basics. He begins with simple two string sweeps and gradually builds step-by-step until you’ll be ripping through four string arps, sweep progressions and more.
    Sweep Picking Doesn’t Need to be Difficult…
    With this new program, Dan makes sweep picking accessible to a broad range of late beginner to intermediate players. This program starts with fundamental sweep patterns. Instead of increasing in difficulty, it demonstrates how intricate shapes can be made by combining simple ones. Dan’s goal with this program is to teach you the building blocks of sweep pick arpeggios. Once you understand the basic structure you will be able to construct your own sweeps with ease.
    Dan takes the time to explain and demonstrate the picking and fretting hand techniques in detail. These include proper string muting technique as well as the rolling barre and other fundamentals.
    About this Lesson
    It’s not a long lesson. It actually clocks in at only 22 minutes but don’t let the brevity fool you. It’s packed with 35 exercises that will take you through all of the steps from novice to expert. Even so, Dan never quite brings out all of the fire power. He saves that for Sweep Pick Mechanics. Dan explains in the program, “See how easy it is to do 2 string sweeps? To do 4 string sweeps you just do the exact same movement on 2 more strings.” You’re finally going to master this technique.
    One thing that I like about this lesson is, he shows how versatile sweep picking can be. It’s not just about neo-classical shred. He’ll show you sweeps that work in other genres.
    Sweep Pick Mechanics
    Sweep Pick Mechanics is a comprehensive guide to sweep picking. It covers basic to advanced techniques taught on an interactive DVD and digital download. Players who are new to sweep arpeggios will achieve perfect technique with each note sounding clear and audible at even lightning fast speeds.
    For advanced players, this course will greatly increase your vocabulary of patterns. Sweep Pick Mechanics allows you to find the right sweep pattern for every situation. This course also goes into non-arpeggio sweep patterns that can be used to build sequences that suit any guitar playing style.
    This isn’t just for neoclassical shred masters. You’ll find that this wealth of arpeggio shapes is an invaluable tool. It will increase your understanding of the relationship of notes across the fretboard. Adding these patterns to your playing style will greatly increase your ability to write and improvise creative melodies and melodic solos.
    It’s necessary to understand these sweep pick arpeggio shapes to reach that next skill level. This is true regardless of your preferred playing style.
    Sweep Pick Mechanics explains 3 string sweep pick patterns, 4 string sweep pick patterns, as well as 5 and 6 string sweep patterns. This includes hybrid patterns, non-arpeggio patterns, tapping patterns, and sweep “songs.” With over 60 exercises and patterns you will have material to study for years to come. Sweep Pick Mechanics includes printable tab, diagrams, and other lesson materials. It also comes with optional Guitar Pro 6 tab. To play along with lesson exercises at any speed you must purchase the Guitar Pro 6 software separately. Click Here for More Information about Guitar Pro
    Sweep Pick Mechanics is the perfect companion for Dan’s other programs: Fret Touch Mechanics and A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar. Download Sweep Pick Mechanics now and get started today.

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