GuitarZoom - Steve Stine's Guitar Solos Made Easy [2017, WEBRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

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GuitarZoom - Steve Stine's Guitar Solos Made Easy [2017, WEBRip, ENG] (Видеоурок)

Сообщение Stepan » 22 мар 2018, 22:30

Steve Stine's Guitar Solos Made Easy

Производитель: Guitar World
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Сайт производителя:
Автор: Steve Stine
Продолжительность: 07:28:57
Год выпуска: 2017
Язык: Английский
Перевод: Отсутствует
Описание: Как соло в "реальном мире" над рок, блюз, кантри, панк и металл песен. Так что вы можете сделать в одиночку комфортно в самых разных стилях.
Module 1

A quick and easy way to visualize notes on the fretboard. Which means, you’ll always know where to place your fingers when you’re soloing.
The secret to creating solos using static tone meandering. So you’re not stuck playing your solos in one position.
The three most critical techniques every serious guitarist needs to know. Bends, slides and vibrato. So your solos can truly sing.
How to build speed with tapping licks. So you can play mind-blowing arpeggios and runs.
Module 2
A secret chord chasing technique pros use. So you can play solos without hitting any “wrong” notes.
Why it’s critical to target the root in your solo.
The critical tension, release concept that makes creating vocal solos a snap.
How to merge chords and scales. Which means, you’ll be able to create smokin’ hot licks on-demand.
Module 3
How to create solos using multiple chords. So your solos don’t sound like a “boring scale.
A secret trick to instantly know what chords are generated from the major scale. So you can anticipate each chord and solo with confidence.
How to resolve your licks the “right” way. Which means, you’ll always sound like you know what you’re doing.
Module 4
All about melodic, single-string soloing. Which means, you’ll be able to play an awesome solo even if you break a few strings.
The difference between vertical and horizontal playing. So you can create out-of-the box licks on-the-fly.
How just one simple lick can be the starting point for a great solo. So you don’t waste time “thinking” too much and let things flow.
How to develop fluid phrasing. So you can play a solo that flows and makes a statement.
Module 5
When and why to use straight vs. shuffle rhythms. So you can effectively play both rock and blues solos.
How to play a simple 12-bar blues so you can start playing “authentic” blues fast!
Essential minor, Major and blues scales. Which means, you’ll have the chops to create effective improvisations.
Logical (music theory) vs. Illogical (rock-and-roll) songs and how to choose the right scale. So you can play a sweet sounding solo over any song.

Module 6

How the hybrid scale works and how to apply it. So you can spice up boring solos with red hot licks and endless variety.
How to play licks in different places across the fretboard. So you can use them in any key.
Easy ways to make use of music theory. So you don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t help your playing.
How to improvise a melodic solo for Rock and Roll songs. Which means, you’ll be able to bust out a solo that’s the perfect compliment to the rhythm section.
Module 7
How to solo in the “real world” over rock, blues, country, punk and metal songs. So you can solo comfortably in a variety of styles.
Steve’s secret “mountain” concept that makes creating powerful phrases easy.
What approach and scales work best for different playing situations. Which means, you’ll know when to lay back and go with the flow, as well as when to bust out a screaming lead.
Bonus 1! Secret Tricks for Singing Guitar Solos
This HD video bonus course by Steve Stine covers….
Bending, vibrato, sliding and other nuances that will make your solos sound “authentic.” It’s not simply about how to bend effectively. Instead, Steve will show you how to apply each technique in a musical sense, using the A minor pentatonic scale.
It will help you improvise killer solos from scratch that feature your own style and personality.
Bonus 2! Mastering the Pentatonic Path
This HD video bonus course by Steve Stine covers….
All 5 positions of the pentatonic scale, how to visualize them, how to connect them, and how to practice them effectively.
Steve will guide you every step of the way, so you' have the freedom to play solos over nearly any song across the fret-board.

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Формат: MP4
Аудио кодек: AAC
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