Stefan Grossman Guitar Workshop - Country Blues Guitar In Open Tunings taught by Stefan Grossman [2003, Обучающее видео,

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Stefan Grossman Guitar Workshop - Country Blues Guitar In Open Tunings taught by Stefan Grossman [2003, Обучающее видео,

Сообщение Stepan » 23 мар 2018, 22:39

Country Blues Guitar in Open Tunings taught by Stefan Grossman
Год выпуска: 2003
Страна: USA
Язык: английский
Жанр: Обучающее видео, открытый строй
Продолжительность: 1:40:26
Описание: Open tunings have always been an integral part of the Country Blues Guitar tradition. In this approach the guitar is tuned to a full chord. Most blues players began playing the guitar in an open tuning as it made playing much easier yet gave the guitar a much stronger and richer sound. For a minimum of effort you can produce a maximum of sound, rhythm and music.
The most popular Country Blues tunings were the Open G tuning, also called Spanish tuning and the Open D tuning, also called Vestapol tuning. Also used by a few Delta guitarists such as Skip James and Bukka White was the Crossnote tuning where your guitar is tuned to an Open Em chord. In this lesson we will explore all three tunings with seven exciting fingerstyle blues arrangements. Also discussed are Delta blues ideas in Open G tuning as well as applying bottleneck techniques in an open tuning setting.
Each tune is taught phrase by phrase and then played slowly on a split-screen. A detailed tab/music booklet is included.

Стефан Гроссман демонстрирует несколько песен, сыгранных в открытом строе. Всего рассматривается три разновидности открытого строя (выделены подчёркиванием). Также на диске есть архивные записи, в том числе немолодой женщины по имени Элизабет Коттен, которая играла на гитаре, держа её "вверх ногами" (басовые струны снизу).

Три строя:Open D - DADF#AD
[*]Open Em (cross-note tuning) - EBEGBD
Содержание:Opening Credits & Open D tuning (7:42)
'Vestapol' (14:37)
Left Hand Vibrato & Bottleneck Blues (2:56)
Elizabeth Cotten performs 'Vestapol' (1:30)
'John Henry' (9:42)
Jesse Fuller performs 'John Henry' (3:03)
Furry Lewis performs 'John Henry' (2:50)
'If You Don't Want Me' (4:09)
Open G tuning (5:37)
'Working On The New Railroad' (9:12)
Bottleneck playing in Open G tuning (3:00)
'Special Rider Blues' (13:57)
Delta Blues in Open G tuning & Cross-note tuning (4:47)
Medley (Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues & I'm So Glad) (2:56)
'Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues' (3:34)
'I'm So Glad' (6:54)
Skip James performs 'I'm So Glad' (1:52)
[*]Conclusion & End Credits (1:59)

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео: XviD MPEG-4, 640×480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, ~934 kbps avg, 0.101 bit/pixel
Аудио: MP3, 48 kHz, Joint Stereo, 128.00 kbps (CBR)

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