Книга Clemm A. - Network Management Fundamentals [2006, PDF, ENG]

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Cisco Press - Network Management Fundamentals
Год выпуска: 2006
Автор: Alexander Clemm
Жанр: Cisco Guide
Издательство: Cisco Press
ISBN: 1-58720-137-2
Формат: PDF
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Количество страниц: 532
Описание: This book is intended as an introduction and guide to network management for anyone interested in the topic, whether that person has only a basic understanding of networking technology and is only casually interested in the subject, or whether that person is an experienced networking professional looking to expand his or her core competencies. The book tries to avoid overloading the reader with unnecessary complexity and details that would distract from these fundamentals and key concepts, yet provide a solid technical foundation for the practitioner.
The target audience includes network operators, development engineers, test engineers, operations planners, project managers, and product managers who need to deal with network management in some way as part of their jobs. It also includes executives who need to understand the impact of network management on their organization, as well as engineering students who want to round off a networking curriculum.
The emphasis in this book lies on fundamentals and general principles in network management rather than technical details and “how-to” instructions. Accordingly, if you are interested in the details of a particular management protocol or in the specifics of a particular management application, this is not the right book for you. If, on the other hand, you want to understand the foundations of network management and how management technology really works, this book should prove useful to you.
Part I Network Management: An Overview 3
Chapter 1 Setting the Stage 5
Chapter 2 On the Job with a Network Manager 47
Chapter 3 The Basic Ingredients of Network Management 75
Part II Management Perspectives 101
Chapter 4 The Dimensions of Management 103
Chapter 5 Management Functions and Reference Models: Getting Organized 129
Part III Management Building Blocks 169
Chapter 6 Management Information: What Management Conversations Are
All About 171
Chapter 7 Management Communication Patterns: Rules of Conversation 209
Chapter 8 Common Management Protocols: Languages of Management 249
Chapter 9 Management Organization: Dividing the Labor 293
Part IV Applied Network Management 329
Chapter 10 Management Integration: Putting the Pieces Together 331
Chapter 11 Service Level Management: Knowing What You Pay For 373
Chapter 12 Management Metrics: Assessing Management Impact and
Effectiveness 407
Part V Appendixes 433
Appendix A Answers to Chapter Reviews 435
Appendix B Further Reading 463
Glossary 475
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