NetMasterClass Catalyst QoS

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NetMasterClass Catalyst QoS

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Производитель: NetMasterClass
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Video-on-Demand presentations (total video length: 100 minutes)
Introduction to Catalyst QoS (12 min)Catalyst Platform Feature Comparison
Overview of the Differentiated Services Model
Default, EF and AF PHBs
Marking at Layer 2
Cisco Marking Recommendations
Classification and Marking Using the Modular QoS CLI (12 min)Class-map matching options
Policy-map options
Applying the Policy
Verify with Show Commands
VLAN-Based Quality of Service (15 min)Applying Policies to Trunks
Applying Policies to SVIs
Per-Port Per-Vlan Hierarchical Policies
Use Trust to Control Marking (18 min)Implement a Trust Boundary
Trust CoS and Set the default CoS value
Trust DSCP
Create a DSCP Mutation Map
Implement DSCP Transparency
Conditional Trust
Mapping Between Layers
Trust with Non-IP Traffic
Policing on the Catalyst 3560 (14 min)Set an SRR-Queue Bandwidth Limit
Use Class-Based Policing
Calculating the Burst Size
Configure the Policed-DSCP Map
Use an Aggregate Policer
Queueing on the Catalyst 3560 (27 min)Default Queue-Maps
Basic Output Scheduling
Shaping Traffic on the 3560
Create a Priority Queue
The SRR-Queue Bandwidth Command
Map Traffic to Queues
Configure Buffer Depth
Congestion Avoidance with WTD
Implement a LAN QoS Design
Видео кодек: Windows Media
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Аудио: 0x000a 22050Hz mono 20Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
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