Видео TTC VIDEO - High School - Предметы средней школы в урезанном виде [Лекции, DVDRip]

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TTC VIDEO - High School
Страна: США
Жанр: Лекции
Продолжительность: 30 лекций по 30 минут
Издательство: The Teaching Company
Язык: английский

Описание: Данная сборка в урезанном размере составлена из следующих раздач:
High School - Algebra I \ Средняя школа - Алгебра I
High School - Algebra II \ Средняя школа - Алгебра II
High School - Basic Math \ Средняя школа - Начальная математика
High School - Chemistry \ Средняя школа - Химия
High School - Geometry \ Начальная школа - Геометрия
The Teaching Company
The Teaching Company was founded in 1990 by Thomas M. Rollins, former Chief Counsel of the United States Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources.
Years earlier, as a Harvard Law School student, Rollins had an unforgettable experience that opened his eyes to the extraordinary power of a great lecturer captured on tape.
Rollins was facing an important exam in the Federal Rules of Evidence but was not well prepared. He managed to obtain videotapes of 10 one-hour lectures by a noted authority on the subject, Professor Irving Younger.
"I dreaded what seemed certain to be boring," Rollins says. "I thought that few subjects could be as dull as the Federal Rules of Evidence. But I had no other way out."
Rollins planted himself in front of the TV and played all 10 hours nearly non-stop. The lectures, he says, "were outrageously insightful, funny, and thorough." Watching Professor Younger's lectures was one of Rollins's best experiences as a student.
Rollins made an "A" in the course. And he never forgot the unique power of recorded lectures by a great teacher.
After many years of government service, Rollins founded The Teaching Company in 1990 to ignite people's passion for lifelong learning by offering great courses taught by great professors.
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