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Photoshop CS6 for Photographers
Год выпуска: 2012
Производитель: Lynda.com
Автор: Chris Orwig
Продолжительность: 12:20 ч
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
In Photoshop CS6 for Photographers, author, photographer, and teacher Chris Orwig explores Photoshop from the perspective of the photographer.
The course details the features and techniques behind enhancing and retouching photos, preparing them for print and online publishing, and much more. Chris demonstrates how to make basic edits in Camera Raw, develop and save color profiles, work with layers and selections, tone and sharpen, and retouch images while retaining their natural character.
Chris also shares some creative tips and project ideas, such as converting a photo to black-and-white and enhancing a portrait with hand-painted masks. The course also covers workflow details, such as organizing images in Bridge and Mini Bridge, optimizing Photoshop preferences, and calibrating your monitor.
Topics include:
* Getting started with Bridge and Mini Bridge
* Setting up color and performance preferences
* Calibrating your monitor
* Improving images with the basic controls in Camera Raw
* Creating, aligning, and organizing layers
* Using masks for removing or blending images and for sharpening
* Working with vibrancy, hue, and saturation controls
* Enhancing color and tone with Levels
* Using Curves and masks to enhance brightness, color, and tone
* Mastering the art of blending modes
* Correcting and replacing color
* Burning and dodging
* Converting to black and white
Introduction 1m 43s
Welcome 58s
Using the exercise files 45s
1. Strategies for Learning 11m 49s
Ideas for how to learn Photoshop more effectively 4m 25s
Isolating what you've learned and taking quality notes 3m 53s
Getting creative and being ready to be surprised 3m 31s
2. Getting Started with Bridge and Mini Bridge 38m 57s
Customizing the Bridge workspace 4m 46s
Reviewing and evaluating your photos 4m 22s
Rating, ranking, and filtering photographs 5m 42s
Organizing photos with stacks 3m 55s
Grouping pictures together with collections 3m 56s
Adding metadata and keywords 4m 47s
Renaming images 1m 45s
Accessing the Photoshop tools from within Bridge 2m 28s
Working with Bridge and Photoshop 2m 40s
Working with Mini Bridge 4m 36s
3. Color Settings and Preferences 45m 29s
Setting up your color settings 3m 31s
Choosing preferences for the HUD color picker 3m 50s
Setting image interpolation preferences 3m 3s
Modifying zoom preferences 4m 20s
Changing HUD brush options 3m 41s
Customizing interface preferences 3m 30s
Opening up documents in tabs 4m 11s
Reviewing file-handling preferences 5m 4s
Setting performance preferences 4m 23s
Choosing cursor preferences 5m 14s
Reviewing guides and type preview preferences 4m 42s
4. Foundations of Color Management 21m 4s
Exploring two simple steps for more accurate color 2m 57s
Introducing color profiles 5m 17s
Opening and saving files with embedded profiles 7m 33s
Setting up your studio 1m 59s
A demonstration of monitor calibration 1m 46s
Finding color management resources 1m 32s
5. Getting Started with Photoshop 28m 34s
Introducing the Tools panel 4m 53s
Changing the view mode and working with panels 5m 33s
Opening and arranging multiple documents 6m 31s
Combining, saving, and closing multiple documents 5m 17s
Creating custom keyboard shortcuts 5m 11s
Working with a Wacom tablet 1m 9s
6. Understanding Digital Images 18m 24s
The foundation of digital imaging: pixels and bit depth 6m 12s
Introducing image resizing 3m 42s
Resizing images effectively 3m 48s
Resizing and straightening with the Crop tool 2m 28s
Creative tip: sizing images correctly 2m 14s
7. Working in Camera Raw 41m 56s
What is Camera Raw? 2m 47s
Accessing the Camera Raw preferences 3m 16s
Improving your images with the basic controls 7m 0s
Correcting color and white balance 4m 44s
Processing multiple images at once 5m 56s
Utilizing the Crop tool to recompose your pictures 5m 28s
Creating dramatic black-and-white conversions 5m 34s
Reducing noise and making tack-sharp photos 7m 11s
8. Utilizing Layers 32m 55s
Introducing layers 2m 22s
Understanding layers and layer transparency 1m 29s
Working with layer opacity 3m 29s
Aligning layers 1m 32s
Creating new layers 4m 53s
Organizing layers 2m 31s
Filtering and finding layers 2m 8s
Adding layer style effects 5m 28s
Creating a clipping mask 6m 50s
Targeting and moving layers 2m 13s
9. Making Selections 33m 22s
Making selections with the marquee tools 4m 50s
Using the three lasso tools 4m 56s
Selecting with the Magic Wand tool 5m 43s
Working with the Quick Select tool 7m 21s
Selecting based on color with the Color Range controls 7m 13s
Correcting skin tones with Color Range 3m 19s
10. Using the Masking Panel 23m 2s
Introducing masking 1m 14s
Painting away the contents of a layer with a mask 3m 59s
Using a selection to build a mask 3m 3s
Removing a subject from the background with a mask 6m 37s
Using a mask to selectively sharpen an image 3m 58s
Making selections with Quick Mask 4m 11s
11. Adding Custom Borders 13m 42s
Creating a custom border using selections and masks 5m 4s
Painting custom border effects 3m 34s
Using prebuilt borders 4m 13s
Exploring the PhotoFrame plug-in 51s
12. Improving Your Images with Adjustments 11m 49s
Adding brightness and contrast 3m 3s
Using hue and saturation and the Target Adjustment tool 5m 34s
Working with vibrancy and saturation 3m 12s
13. Using Levels to Correct and Enhance 14m 36s
Working with auto levels 3m 36s
Enhancing color and tone with levels 4m 12s
Painting in adjustments with levels and masking 4m 10s
Creative tip: checking in 2m 38s
14. Making Color and Tone Adjustments with Curves 29m 50s
Introducing the Curves dialog box 3m 12s
Using auto curves and adjustments to enhance an image 4m 17s
Changing brightness with curves and masks 3m 59s
Using curves and masks to improve tone and color 4m 56s
Making advanced selections and masks 3m 53s
Enhancing a portrait with hand-painted masks 5m 53s
Using, modifying, and saving curves presets 3m 40s
15. The Art of Blending Modes 20m 12s
Introducing the magic of blend modes 6m 33s
Blending multiple images together 3m 50s
Using blending modes to remove white or black 2m 8s
Improving exposure, contrast, and color with blending 5m 37s
Using blending shortcuts 2m 4s
16. Correcting Color 10m 26s
Working with color correction in Camera Raw 1m 21s
Correcting color with the eyedroppers 3m 11s
Correcting color and tone with the eyedroppers 5m 54s
17. Enhancing Colors 36m 1s
Using a Replace Color adjustment 4m 14s
Using Replace Color, Hue/Saturation, and masks 5m 32s
Replacing color with advanced masking 7m 14s
Selecting and modifying color with the Hue/Saturation eyedroppers 2m 30s
Using Color Balance to create vivid color 4m 3s
Modifying color with Selective Color 5m 3s
Changing color with Photo Filter 4m 4s
Making creative color changes with Color Lookup 1m 44s
Creative tip: shoot more 1m 37s
18. Burning and Dodging 35m 13s
The modern equivalent of a traditional technique 1m 40s
Introducing two burn and dodge techniques 7m 22s
Burning and dodging with the Brush and Gradient tools 4m 18s
Dodging and reducing shadows in a portrait 6m 0s
Using selections, masks, and curves to change tonality 7m 21s
Improving a black-and-white landscape 8m 32s
19. Converting to Black and White 16m 9s
The power of black and white 4m 14s
Converting a portrait to black and white 4m 6s
Converting a landscape to black and white 4m 23s
Adding grain and tone to a black-and-white image 3m 26s
20. Working with Filters 31m 57s
Introducing Smart Filters 3m 36s
Applying Smart Filters 6m 20s
Creating a soft contrast effect 6m 38s
Changing focus with the Blur Gallery 3m 40s
Working with Tilt-Shift Blur 3m 52s
Creating a realistic lens flare 2m 45s
Adding light with the Lighting Effects filter 5m 6s
21. Removing Noise 12m 33s
Using the Noise Reduction filter 3m 46s
Exploring advanced noise reduction using channels 2m 49s
Masking in noise reduction to a specific area 2m 1s
Reducing noise with Surface Blur 3m 57s
22. Basic Image Cleanup 48m 30s
Cleaning before you enhance 1m 2s
Introducing the healing and cloning tools 7m 22s
Cleaning up the background of an image 6m 21s
Basic portrait retouching 3m 15s
Brightening shadows under the eyes 4m 53s
Brightening the eyes 2m 30s
Retouching selected areas 5m 27s
Using Content-Aware Fill to remove distractions 5m 34s
Moving a subject with the Content-Aware Move tool 7m 54s
Changing shape and dimension with Liquify 4m 12s
23. Correcting Distortion and Perspective 24m 2s
Using the Lens Correction filter 6m 52s
Reducing exaggerated distortion 5m 16s
Applying Free Transform to correct perspective 3m 49s
Correcting distortion with the Perspective Crop tool 3m 45s
Using Puppet Warp to correct perspective 4m 20s
24. Combining Multiple Images 26m 48s
Combining two photos with movement 4m 12s
Using two frames for a group photo 4m 57s
Creating a panoramic photo from multiple frames 3m 37s
Correcting distortion with the Adaptive Wide Angle correction 7m 34s
Cropping, filling in the gaps, and making final panographic adjustments 6m 28s
25. Sharpening Your Images 27m 24s
Working with Smart Sharpen 6m 17s
Using Unsharpen Mask 4m 49s
High Pass sharpening an image 4m 47s
Selectively sharpening the in-focus areas of an image 3m 35s
Selective sharpening with hand-drawn masks 7m 56s
26. Getting Your Images Online 22m 44s
Preparing images for the web and email 4m 38s
Sharpening for the web 3m 5s
Using Save for Web to create an optimized JPEG 4m 26s
Exporting images to Facebook or Flickr 4m 46s
Creating a web gallery 5m 49s
27. Desktop Printing 26m 6s
Desktop printing recommendations 2m 46s
Creating a PDF layout and contact sheets 5m 56s
Using a soft proof to visualize the print 8m 0s
Adjusting printer settings 3m 43s
Customizing the Print dialog box options 5m 41s
28. Working with Video 32m 4s
Opening up a video file in Photoshop 7m 7s
Editing a video clip and adding text 5m 15s
Using adjustment layers and adding an audio track 4m 47s
Creating a project with multiple clips 4m 55s
Adding a cross-dissolve fade and creating custom shortcuts 4m 43s
Customizing the workspace to review your project 3m 2s
Exporting a project 2m 15s
Conclusion 3m 4s
Exploring additional resources and ways to keep in touch 2m 29s
Goodbye 35s
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