Видео Mark Allen - 3-D Cash [фокусы,обучение, DVD5]

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Mark Allen - 3-D Cash
Страна: USA
Жанр: фокусы,обучение
Описание: 3D Cash by Mark Allen
Do you like to make your spectators' eyes pop out and their jaws drop If so, Mark Allen's 3-D Cash is for you! There have been many bill tricks in the past and a few new ones lately, but none match the power of 3-D Cash.
The work is so clean you might get imprisoned for money laundering! Every movement is motivated and all the sneaky work is completely disguised.
More than twenty years of careful consideration to every minute detail and the incorporation of several psychological principles are what make this wonderfully visual and deceptive money mystery so strong. The possible variations for presentations and performance styles are far greater with 3-D Cash than with most other bill effects. You can easily adapt this trick to be as entertaining and mysterious as you can be.
Picture this...You show the fronts and backs of four one dollar bills really. Then, in the fairest possible manner all four of the one's change to fives, and you then show the fronts and backs of all the bills again no kidding! When you're asked if you can turn them into hundreds, you do! Once again, you show the fronts and backs of all the bills!
Powerful, anytime, anywhere magic, with more bang for the buck in every sense of the word! Your spectators simply won't know what hit them.
The 3-D Cash DVD is packed with lots of ideas and subtle variations.
Качество: DVD5
Формат: DVD Video
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Аудио кодек: LPCM
Видео: mpgv, 720*480, 29.97, VBR
Аудио: lpcm, стерео, 48000 Гц, 16 бит





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