Видео Dan and Dave The System-слейтинг(флориши) [2006 г., слейтинг, DVDRip]

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Dan and Dave The System-слейтинг(флориши)
Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: США
Жанр: слейтинг
Продолжительность: 02:30:00
Описание: The System is definitely the best flourishing DVD I've ever bought. The cuts are so smooth and rythmatic. The style of the layout the DVD has with the repeating, angles, and speeds. The look and feel makes you feel like some sort of spy or something. The short film is awesome. The extras are hilarious including the outtakes and testimonials. The editing in superb --- outstanding job on the molecule section. I've watched the beginning at least 10 times now. This is definitely a staple for anyone holding a deck of cards. This extraordinary DVD has inspired me to start my own cuts, and practice until I perfect every cut I know. Before this DVD I was having mixed thoughts about getting out of flourishing and magic. This DVD 180-ed everything and boosted my interest in the search for more.
I would just like to say thank you Dan and Dave for making the best damn DVD out there. Period.
Written by webosplash from North Carolina
I just got The System and watched every outtake, or extra feature first. Then I got to watching Pasteboard Animations, and finished to the Archive section. I completed watching every section of the DVD except the eastereggs. Now whenever I walk around with my deck of cards, Instead of doing the sybil out of boredom, I actually just do the simple moves incorporated into a lot of the cuts on The System.
I've made tons of new cuts just with these simple ideas.
The Teaching:
The teaching is basically slow motioned versioned of the real cut that loops over and over. I found this style different but still easy to learn from. There are also two angels so you can see most of the things you need to see to learn it.
That is the main part of the DVD, there is also Pasteboard Animations, which is orally taught, this is also good to learn from, I found it quite easy and from what I've heard others say they did as well. So the teaching is great!
The Extras:
Some really good and quite funny content here. You'll love this section!
Teaching - 9/10 = I found it really easy to understand and learn the content. GREAT!!!
Quality in General - 10/0 = I think it was super done. Especially the newer ones (Second edition if you would like to call them that, but not test one) will be amazing!! The tests were amazing, and I would have rated those ten, these ones will be even better.
The moves - 10/10 = LOVED THEM!! Really amazing, and I'm so happy I can do some of them now.
In General:
AMAZING I really liked it. Sooo happy I got it and really good of the Twins to sign it . I love the teaching loved PA (Pasteboard Animations). The Eastereggs where a nice idea as well. The Vault is cool too, as it's always being updated.
Rating - 10/10 = If you could do more than 10 I would . Go buy it if you haven't already!!! It's amazing!!
Written by Chris Kendall from England
Well, I never really thanked Dan and Dave enough for The System, I thought it would be a good DVD with some cool moves to it and that would be it.
But its taken me so much further, I am creating new flourishes every other day, it gave me a new style which I have made unique with my magic, to which The System helped boosted my creativity in.
Even when doing flourishes and making up material, I look back at the DVD and know that I can do better so I then know that I need to improve.
Many people claim that these other Magic and Flourish DVD's are the best, well I believe that The System holds the title of best Magic/Flourish DVD, and will do so until something just as big (a sequel) comes along.
From buying the DVD, I dug out my password for my account here at Dan and Dave, This forum is now the only forum that I always open up when I log onto a computer.
Everyday is a different day when I pick up my cards.
And it is all thanks to, Dan and Dave Buck. Thank you so much.
Written by Tom Hutley from England
HO.... LEE... CRAP!!!! THIS DVD is SO JAM PACKED of stuff, it's CRAZY!! How many flourishes are ON this puppy!! It's SICK! We watched every flourish one at a time, and was FLOURED when we saw the Madonna variations, and when it hit 00.327.0000, we were like, "DUDE!! THE CUT IS STILL GOING!!! HE'S NOT STOPPING!!!!" HAHAHA, man, that was the best!!
The cuts themselves are very creative, in my opinion. Yes, they do look like variations of sybils or two-handed packet cuts and transfers, but the flare and "twirliness" that each cut has is so addictive to watch!! I watch myself do them and I just want to keep watching my hands going over the motions!! My personal favorites are Mary Jane and 00.327.0000.
Okay, hopefully you guys won't wince when I say this, only cuz I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible: I'm spoiled. Spoiled by Ellusionist's anal and meticulous teaching, and spoiled by De'vo's multi-angular views. Sure, D&D's DVD has multiple angles, but they're all from the front of the performer. I thought it would have been much better to have at least one set of angles from the angle of where the performer would manipulate the cards, like a reverse angle of the Top View of where WE would see it as we perform the flourishes. This way, we could actually see where each thumb and pink would go, AND how it would look like when the cuts go into the motions as we're doing them. Having the cuts taught at how a spectator would see it makes learning a tad bit more difficult, but definitely not impossible! I'm just lazy and spoiled by other card DVDs.
This DVD is JAM PACKED FULL of stuff! Like, it's got stuff overflowing at the seems! Each menu is well designed, and each easteregg (the ones that I could find!) are fun to watch.
I give this a solid 8.5 out of 10. Reason? The lack of having any info on where to put which pinky where and how to rotate this packet and how to compensate for different thumb sizes and blah blah blah... you know what I mean. I just like having things taught to me at EVERY single angle.
This DVD is a MUST for any card magician. These flourishes will bring the crowds to you; so then you could knock them dead in the tracks with your magic! GET IT NOW!!!!
Written by Tomasi Akimeta
Это полноценный лицензионный DVD диск братьев.Куча флоришей, с разных ракурсов и разной скоростью.
Кроме видео есть книги(тоже братьев) в формате PDF.
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: DVD Video
Видео кодек: DivX
Аудио: PCM 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps





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