Видео Bill Malone - Here I Go Again! - vol.1-3 [2007 г., Фокусы, DVDRip]

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Bill Malone - Here I Go Again! - vol.1-3
Год выпуска: 2007
Страна: США
Жанр: Фокусы
Продолжительность: 01:38:48 + 01:50:24 + 01:50:52
Язык: Английский
Описание: Сбылась мечта идиота )) С помощью товарищей fedrv и raz00, за что им ОГРОМНОЕ спасибо, были найдены все части этого семинара, и я рад представить вам его "во всей красе".
Встречайте - Билл Мэллоун! Это опять он, в его неподражаемой манере, с новыми фокусами и шутками . Обожаю этого чела, вот уж кто умеет "держать" публику... И если Леннарт Грин - бог в плане владения картами, то Мэллоун - в плане владения зрителями Те, кто видел - поймут.
В общем, не будем разводить долгих вступлений, а лучше сразу к делу (а желающие могут почитать аннотацию на английском).
Да, по поводу качества. Качество везде отличное, хотя все части брались из разных мест: первая - из осла, вторая и третья - с рапиды.
L&L Publishing is proud to again present one of the funniest magicians on the planet, Bill Malone, in "Here I Go Again!" Bill needs no introduction to the magic world and is still one of the busiest magicians in corporate entertainment today!
His first DVD set, "On the Loose," is regarded as one of the finest collections ever released. Once again, from the shuffled mind of Bill Malone, comes more of the most entertaining magic ever caught on DVD. With everything from self-working effects to advanced sleight of hand, this incredibly funny series offers something for everyone.
Here he shares it all—the presentations, the secrets, the tips and touches that come from years of experience, plus discussions on business that will help bring your magic career to a different level! Sit back, relax and get ready to blast off! As Bill says: "Here I go again!"
Содержание первой части:
#77Autographed Baby Gag! - A great opening for any stand-up act! Bill gives this comedy routine a clever twist!
A Small Card Trick! - A very visual close-up version of the Diminishing Cards!
Marlo’s Miracle Ace Cutting! - A sure-fire ending for Ed Marlo's legendary Ace cutting routine.
Jumping, Changing and Vanishing Aces! - Enjoy Bill's version of Larry Jennings' "Slap Aces."
Shuffling Off the Spots! - Bill's "All Backs and Faces" routine, a nice interlude to perform anytime, anywhere, with any deck.
Lightning Fast Triumph! - (Marlo’s Simple Triumph) This version of Triumph will take you by surprise!
Rub-a-Dub-Dub / Cups and Balls - (With Special Thanks to Phil Willmarth) Worth the whole price of the set! Jack Bateman's classic Cups and Balls poem with a knock-out finale by Lance Pierce!
Bonus Tricks:
Bill's Trademark Cards from Mouth - At last, Bill reveals the real work on the Cards from Mouth!
Jack In a Box - A quickie using just one card and the card box.

Bill's Tips:

Taking It to the Next Level
Situating Yourself in the Right Place
Secrets to Increase Your Quick Wit Abilities
Содержание второй части:
#77Thinking Man's Sponge Ball Routine! - A sponge ball routine you will use! Bill's performed this routine for over 25 years!
Marlo's Color-Changing Deck Routine! - Bill's presentation and touches on another Marlo masterpiece!
Mind-Reading Magician! - Bill's presentation and thoughts on the Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama!
Keeping My Money Safe! - S.A.N.D.Y. This is an absolutely unbelievable Coins Across by Bill's friend, Dave Neighbors. This routine is a killer!
Dealing A Good Hand! - Bill's handling of the famous Marlo-Gardner Poker Deal!
The Six-Card Trick! - "Sorry for the Delay" - A Joe Riding effect with touches and additions by Bill and his old friend from the New York Magic Lounge, Terry Vecky!
Bonus Tricks
Ravelli's Waterfall Shuffle - Ron Wohl's brilliant false shuffle from the late 1960s!
Steve Forte's "No Look Aces" - From "The Man" himself! Steve allowed Bill to share this great visual Ace cutting demonstration!
Bill's Tips
Putting Together a Stand-Up Show
My Trade Show Pitch
Drilling a Good Show Into Your Head
Following Up With Your Clients
Содержание третьей части:
#77The Old Rope Trick! - Bill's friend, comedy magician Rich Purpura, shares one of his opening effects—a cut and restored rope that never restores.
Those Scary Cannibal Cards! - Bill's incredibly entertaining "Cannibal Card" routine!
Shipwrecked! - Bill's presentation of Daryl's now famous "Diamond Bar" routine!
Ernie's Sex Test! - Ernie Spence, the number one bar magician in Chicago, gives us this hilarious routine. Bill performed this throughout his bar magic days.
Which One's Missing? - An easy-to-do trick that packs a huge punch with adults and children.
A Tribute to Johnny Carson! - Bill's "Cards To Pocket" routine.
Hands-Off Memory Test! - A three-phase routine using the Aronson Stack!
Come Back Jack! - Bill's prize-winning handling and presentation of the Homing Card plot!
Bonus Tricks:
Collins/Lewis Vanishing Aces! - A true classic, Michael Skinner-style.
Bill's Tips
Restaurant Magic— The Owner's Point of View!
How Much Should You Charge
Dealing with Meeting Planners
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