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Mel Mellers - Tickling The Mind (Vol 1,2)[br][/br]Страна: США
Язык: Английский
Жанр: Фокусы
Продолжительность: 01:27:01 + 01:45:54[br][/br]Описание: Are you short of new ideas and presentational concepts for your magic? Well, they're finally here in this brand new must-have DVD for all magicians![br][/br]Welcome to the Mel Mellers Project, a mammoth 2 DVD set that takes you into the world of one of Europe's leading corporate cabaret magicians.[br][/br]With great magic and hilarious comedy, Mel presents 16 (yes, that's right - 16) routines complete with presentational ploys and gags that you will use! There is simply no filler on these DVDs.[br][/br]Volume 1
    MASS HYPHOSIS - Convince your audience that you can make them see what you want them to see in a brilliant routine using a standard prop that you probably already own.
    5 MINUTES AND ONE BALLOON - A brilliant balloon bending routine that YOU WILL USE.
    BIRTHDAY REVELATION - Guess an audience member's birthday in this superb presentation that will cost pennies to make up!
    PHOBIA - Mel's routine for the Needle Thru Balloon. Complete with all the gags and "bits of business" that make this routine play BIG!
    ROPERTAINMENT - Mel's signature rope routine. Five minutes of great comedy and magic combined. You'll simply love this routine.
    BUSINESS CARDS WARM-UP - A simply brilliant "super memory" test in which the magician proves that he has remembered ALL of the telephone numbers on nearly 1,000 business cards. GREAT MAGIC AND A SUPERB PLOT.
    ON A ROLL - Mel's brilliant comedy banknote routine. Over five minutes long, with hilarious comedy and some great magic along the way.
  • SHIRT PREDICTION - A superb comedy mind-reading plot that ends with the magician nearly losing his shirt... literally!
Volume 2
    THE MEL MELLER'S CARDS ACROSS - Mel's hilarious take on this classic trick. POWERFUL MAGIC AND OH, SO SIMPLE TO DO. Probably the easiest version ever!
    HOLIDAY DESTINATION - A superb piece in which the magician correctly guesses exactly where three audience members would like to go on holiday. Make this up for only a few pennies and have a routine that plays big in every way.
    HOUSE NUMBER PREDICTION - A comedy mind-reading piece that plays big and packs lots of laughs. Using just a pen and pad you correctly guess a spectator's home number!
    SEEING WITH THE FINGERTIPS - A brilliant presentation of the Blindfold routine, complete with gags and hits of business. A presentation that will have your audience talking long after the show!
    ATTRACTING A CROWD - Mel's unique plot and complete routine for The Misers Dream.
    MEET ME IN YOUR DREAMS - Mel's original plot for a standard prop. Throw away your presentation for The Invisible Deck and get a BIGGER and BETTER reaction than ever before. Finally, a logical presentation with an incredibly strong finish.
    BREAKING THE LAW - A rope and hoop routine that will not only amaze, but also have them laughing out loud. Brilliant thinking!
  • THINKING OH YOUR FEET - A truly great routine for the "Story Deck" plot. Written by Mel, complete with all the gags and subtleties. Worth the price of the DVDs to any working magician
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