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Ken Krenzel - Card Classics (Vol.1)[br][/br]Жанр: Фокусы, манипуляции
Продолжительность: 0:45:00; 0:45:48
Язык: Английский[br][/br]Описание: Harry Lorayne called Ken Krenzel's ideas, routines and original sleights 'lasting contributions to the art of card magic.' Ken Krenzel has been a respected innovator and leader in the field of sleight-of-hand magic for more than four decades and now shares some of his most powerful and carefully guarded secrets of card magic with you.[br][/br]In this 90-minute visit with Dr. Krenzel and host Gary Ouellet, you'll learn novel ideas, moves and routines guaranteed to warm the heart of any card magic enthusiast.[br][/br]Featured items include:[br][/br]Cutting Aces - An Ace turns up on the top of four piles of cards, even though the spectator did the cutting! No palming required![br][/br]Chopsticks - Two cards are inserted into the deck to trap a card between them. The card is noted and returned to the center, still clipped between the chopstick cards. Everything is squared yet the chosen card magically appears on top of the deck.[br][/br]Invisible Reverse - A great Krenzel stratagem that will enable you to secretly reverse one or more cards so they turn up in the middle of the deck.[br][/br]Natural Double Lift - Krenzel's work on this most essential sleight.[br][/br]Eerie Spinout - A card pivots out of the deck, apparently of its own volition. A spooky ending for any pick-a-card trick![br][/br]Three Plus Three - Three Card Monte Krenzel-style![br][/br]The Ultimate Tunnel - Two cards are inserted sideways into the deck face down yet when they emerge from the other side, one card is reversed while the back of the other has changed color![br][/br]The Haunted Pack - A new take on a classic of card magic. The performer's hand, while holding the deck, is inserted into a clear plastic bag, which is fasted to his wrist with a rubber band. A spectator is invited to peek at a card while the encased hand riffles through them. The deck, resting on the spectator's palm, then apparently cuts itself at the chosen card. A sure-fire closer![br][/br]P.S.
Язык англиский, перевода нет.[br][/br]Качество: VHSRip
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