Видео Docc Hilford - How to Perform Impromptu Levitations (DVDrip) [2000 г., Обучающее видео, левитация, DVDRip]

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Docc Hilford - How to Perform Impromptu Levitations (DVDrip)[br][/br]Год выпуска: 2000
Страна: USA
Жанр: Обучающее видео, левитация
Продолжительность: 0:39:30[br][/br]Описание: Ever since David Blaine took the world by performing the Balducci Levitation on his Street Magic special, everyone has wanted to levitate. Well, Docc Hilford has made this very simple by putting out a video entitled "How to Perform Impromptu Levitation".[br][/br]In this video, Docc goes into the world of self-levitation by showing and explaining 7 levitations with very little or NO props whatsoever.[br][/br]The first levitation explained on the video is called the "Better Balducci". It is based on the Balducci levitation but in Docc's version you can go an extra 2-3 inches higher than usual. The second levitation on the video is entitled "Andruzzi Ascending". It is the same effect as Mike Bent's 'Zero Gravity" but without the extra added gimmick (if you own the manuscript you know what I'm talking about).[br][/br]Next is called "Maskelyn's Barstool". In this levitation, you rise and sit 2 to 3 feet above any chair or barstool. It looks really cool![br][/br]The fourth levitation is called "dracula rising". You can rise in the center of any room with spectators watching from the front or rear. It is done in candlelight and this makes it look very bizarre. Next is "Spirits in the Sky". This is a levitation that is done in complete darkness. You have spectators hold your arms and feet yet you fly to the ceiling and around the room. This is more of a seance type effect more than anything.[br][/br]The "Rue Morgue" is the 6th levitation explained on the tape. This looks almost like an impromptu Asrah, where your assistant lies on the floor and gets a cloth put over him/her. He/she then floats up under the cloth and then back down. Yet he/she doesn't disappear, this levitation is a real fooler that can be done any time.[br][/br]Finally is "Lighter than Air". This is Docc Hilford's favorite on the tape. A spectator becomes so light she is able to be lifted by the fingertips of four spectators and then begins to almost float away. This levitation could be it's own stage illusion. All the levitations could be combined to make one big levitation magic show if you wanted.[br][/br]От себя:Док Хилфорд научит исполнять 7 видов самолевитации, которые практически не требуют подготовки.
Некоторые можно показать экспромтом.[br][/br]Язык английский
Перевод отсутствует, но все понятно из видео
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