[Ask Video] Native Instruments 215: NI Body Parts The Finger and Mouth [2013, ENG]

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[Ask Video] Native Instruments 215: NI Body Parts The Finger and Mouth [2013, ENG]

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Ask Video - Native Instruments 215: NI Body Parts The Finger and Mouth

Год выпуска: 2013
Производитель: Ask Video
Сайт производителя: http://www.askvideo.com/course/native-i ... th[b]Автор[/b]: G.W. Childs IV
Продолжительность: 01:47:00
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский

Описание: Finger, разработанный Tim Exile от Native Instruments, основан на технологии Reaktor. Этот плагин дает широкий спектр эффектов и модуляций в реальном времени! Mouth, вокодер от NI, созданный тем же конструктором, превращает любой аудио клип: барабаны, звуковые эффекты или любое другое аудио, в кашу пюре из мелодических и гармонических фраз.

Native Instruments loves body parts – and so does GW Childs – so that’s why we asked him to create a course on The Finger & The Mouth! Learn to get the most out of your NI Body Parts in this tasty, 40 tutorial, 2-for-1 course.
The Finger, designed by Tim Exile, is Native Instruments' intense, point-'n-play FX processor. Based on Reaktor technology, this plugin brings a wide array of FX and modulations right to your finger tips – all in realtime! The Mouth, NI’s vocoder on steroids by the same designer, turns any audio clip: drums, sound effects or whatever, into a mess of mashed-up melodic and harmonic phrases.
In this doctoral course GW reveals the inner workings of both of these NI synths. You learn their basic functionality and controls. But then, like the sonic surgeon he is, Dr. Childs gives you the biological breakdown of the massive features and effects that are locked up in these amazingly creative expressive body parts!
So get your digital digits ready to dance and vibrate up your virtual vocal chords as you dive into the the depths of these amazing Reaktor instruments. Turn down the lights, sit back and get ready to master your Body Parts in this incredibly deep 40-tutorial collection!
01. Introduction (02:10)
02. Setup Reaktor FX (01:54)
03. The Finger in Action (01:54)
04. Assigning Keys to Effects (01:44)
05. Twisters (02:29)
06. Velocity (02:21)
07. Mod Wheel (01:59)
08. Envelope (03:54)
09. Copy Past INIT (02:07)
10. First Patch (01:25)
11. Looping 1 (03:55)
12. Envelope Loop (03:02)
13. Loop forward Backward (02:25)
14. Global Envelope (02:07)
15. Wavetables (03:16)
16. Filter Based Effects (03:52)
17. Delay Based Effects (04:10)
18. Granular Effects (03:22)
19. Waveshaping Effects (04:12)
20. Modulation (02:36)
21. Conclusion Finger (01:50)
22. The Mouth Intro (01:55)
23. Mixer (01:52)
24. Sub Presets- FX (02:40)
25. Vocoder and Sub Presets (04:07)
26. Pitch Mode (03:11)
27. MIDI Control (01:43)
28. Harmony Section (02:39)
29. Synth and Sub Preset (02:28)
30. Performance Controls (04:43)
31. Input Sub Presets (02:59)
32. Harmony Performance Controls (02:13)
33. Harmonies on Separate Tracks (01:35)
34. MIDI Out from the Mouth (01:45)
35. Rhythm Device and Beat Mode (02:19)
36. Mouth Synth 1 (02:53)
37. Synth 2 (01:51)
38. Mouth Beat Box (03:15)
39. Mouth Clips (04:36)
40. The Mouth Conclusion (01:22)
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